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Preset Tutorial Part3


PART 2: Preset Tutorial Part2 by FlyWheel68

Have a question/problem? Ask me and Ill post it here. Someone else might have the same problem. But otherwise I believe my tutorial is pretty straight forward.

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Fur Texture © CoyoteMange / Tearless Mod
3D wolf nose © 3lectricBlu3Daw9
Claws © T-i-g-g
Model and FeralHeart © KovuLKD
Tutorial © FlyWheel68
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© 2012 - 2021 FlyWheel68
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xXLostInsanityXx's avatar
Excuse me.
This tutorial is very helpful. ^.^
I just can't figure out why I can't see my preset before I export it.
Is that normal.
Or did I do something wrong.
I saved them all as png. Files
And did the material file stuff correctly. For what I can see. >.<

-I don't mind for a late reply-
FlyWheel68's avatar
No, you should be able to see it before you export. FeralHeart is glitchy sometimes with me as well. If you know you've done everything right then exit out of feralheart and then go back to the preset maker again. If you still have problems try moving it to a different preset folder.
xXLostInsanityXx's avatar
Viirsahvot's avatar
I know I ask to many questions, but I have everything correct but, it wont show on the tools Preset Maker I used file 1 to put it all in, what should I do, if it won't let me export or see it in FH?
FlyWheel68's avatar
Try putting it into another preset folder and see if that works. Make sure you change the coding too.
Viirsahvot's avatar
I first had it in preset 12 that didn't work then preset 1 and now 5 what should I do?
FlyWheel68's avatar
I'm not sure what is wrong then. I can't really see what you're doing.
Viirsahvot's avatar
I will try and take a picture to show you what I mean.
Viirsahvot's avatar
I have found out, that when I try to export it, it shows up as a yellow and black or white, with the texture pack but no markings or anything like that when I made my preset. I am really wanting to use it but, I can't export FlyWheel I really do need your help when your available. 
grav3wolf's avatar
Hello there :3

Big fan of yours'~

I made a preset today, and I found that going to my character, clicking 'use preset' and finding the preset I exported is not there. Like the tutorial says. Is there any way I can find a way to fix this?

If so, please reply. 
I understand you are busy, so a delayed reply is perfectly fine. 
Have a great day,
FlyWheel68's avatar
Meh, sometimes FH can be glitchy. It sometimes does that to me too. Try restarting, then create a character again. Is it exporting ok? Do you see the .fhp file in your "presets" folder?
grav3wolf's avatar
Thank you for replying :3

Hm... No, it is not. It also does not open the tab where it mentions the exporting process.
FlyWheel68's avatar
Do you see the preset before you export it? If not, it might be a material file coding problem. If you do see it keep trying to export. Im not sure what would be wrong at that point.
grav3wolf's avatar
I do see the preset, everything is there; except the fact that going back to my regular character creator, the preset does not come up on the preset list.
Thank you for your time
FlyWheel68's avatar
Hmm, I'm not sure what is wrong then.
grav3wolf's avatar
Thank you for your time anyway.. I think it's just my first-time 'luck' and all. I'll figure it out.
Cupids-Antlers's avatar
It will not let me export it but if it's blank it will allow me, I tried restarting but the same result happened. Anything you can tell me to help?
FlyWheel68's avatar
I have no idea what's wrong, I never had that happen before.
Blizzardos's avatar
Everytime I try exporting it just shows a blank lion :/ What's wrong?
FlyWheel68's avatar
When you go to preset maker can you see your preset then? Or is it after you export it's white?
Blizzardos's avatar
I can't see it at all
FlyWheel68's avatar
It's probably a coding error. Do you know if your material file is correct?
Blizzardos's avatar
I believe it is :P How do I know if it's wrong?
FlyWheel68's avatar
I wouldn't know unless I see it. It could be a number of things. Try downloading the file from my first tutorial and follow the instructions there. You don't have to use my texture, just copy and paste the material file.
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