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Fox Spirit

By Flyttamouse
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This one's an illustration for a CCG that's currently in development. I just had the words 'Fox Spirit' to go on and this is what I came up with...something like a Kitsune or Chinese fox fairy only more celtic.
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It's beautiful, I wish I had eyes like that too :D
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Mm, yes, foxy eyes....
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I love her hair and the shape of her face, wonderful work !
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This is soooooooo creative and wonderful! Your artwork is divine! I love her eyes, they are stunning. Beautiful work!
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This is beautiful! Very unique too. You have a lovely style. What I like most about this is the colors. Great job :)
CaroleHumphreys's avatar
Her hair and eyes are gorgeous. You've coloured this so beautifully.
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That's cool. This one's really great. I love how foxy her eyes are. The colours are great (but your colours always are) and the woods in the background with the pawprints makes it storybook pretty.

Flyttamouse, I know you live in the UK, but are you ethnically Celtic?
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Glad you like it! Sadly I'm not ethnically Celtic...not unless I try very hard. I can dredge up the odd celtic ancestor but I'm basically boringly English.
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Aww, me too. I'm everything the UK has to offer except Celtic. I'm Irish though, and Ireland has a Celtic background. But I'm only barely Irish anyway. Nope, I'm mostly English. ... And French. And German. And Polish. Yep, very European. I guess that's why my ancestors moved to Canada. That way I could just be Canadian.

I don't think English is all that boring. At least you probably have one of those cool British accents and use English as a language! Not some poor butchered grunts and squeals like it is here. : shudders : American English...

Yes, well, back to your drawing (since that's what these comments are for, though I always seem to forget it). You could've fooled me, your Celtic knots are all so natural and flow-y... I mean, they look like Celtic knots, but they don't look like you forced your hand to draw them.
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Cool. I dread to think what my pics would look like if they were archetypally English...maybe like Lowry! (Actually I like some of Lowry's work...his less matchsticky stuff...)
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