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Trick of the Night: Page 442

By flyteck
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Anise doesn't really get how constellations work (which honestly - some of them are WEIRD) but stars are always nice!
Also - BG from the previous page for those interested! LMK if you'd like one without the constellation lines too!


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Oof communication is hard when one doesn’t understand the other

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This makes me sleepy in a good way.
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It is soooo hard to point out constellations someone hasn't seen before.

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I’ve heard humans described as beings of pure pattern recognition. We see patterns in everything (sometimes even if it’s not really there).

Anise is definitely seeing an example of that trait. XD

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*A c t i v a t i n g h y d r a u l i c y a w n*

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Certainly can't argue with pretty. And with the ambiance of the wind blowing through the grass and Kricketune playing in the distance, it's probably gorgeous.

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Very relatable! xD

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Humans do make up some weird stuff sometimes. Can’t blame her lol
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Same idk about the stars and such :/
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