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Seems like a totally perfect solution with no possible drawbacks or future reprocussions to me, idk what the fuss is

ALSO I'm getting my wisdom teeth out Friday, everybody wish me luck ;o; Never had any kind of surgery before so I'm kinda scared.
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Piplup-LuvHobbyist Digital Artist

I'm sure she'll understand that he did it because she would have died otherwise.

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ShadOBabeHobbyist General Artist

To be fair to him, he just doesn't want her to DIE. So hopefully Anise can reel in the inevitable freakout long enough to grasp that. And pokeballs can be destroyed, so I'd give her the option.

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Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude, don't do it :l

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Fangx-ShadoWolfHobbyist General Artist

Hm, tbh this would be good to do for the future. i mean Alex had good points and Louis could sit down and explain to her that having a pokeball around is good to prevent anymore captures and makes sure to bring up Tiana's case to get the point across plus he could recall her as needed though he shouldn't say that part for reasons :")

Anise: *angry tear filled eyes* Why the hell did you betray me?!

Louis: *Yelps but stands his ground with angry tears as well* I did it cuz i care and you were gonna die if i didn't! yer heavy and i have twig arms!

Anise: ...Wat? *Is stunned and confused puppy*

Mini weirdness aside, good luck and i hope things go well and that yer recovery won't suck either :3

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jewelswirlixStudent General Artist
I haven’t been here for months and holy moly! Anise is gravely wounded!
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EonDragon20Hobbyist Digital Artist

I've gotten my wisdom teeth removed. It's really not that bad--you'll be sore for a week or two, and you'll have to be careful what you eat. I think they should give you antibiotics to take as well, but I might be mis-remembering. At any rate, soups and soft foods will be your friend for a little bit.

Buuuut I know from experience that hearing that probably won't make you any less nervous. Just take my word for it--you'll look back on your anxiety over it and laugh at yourself. I know I did xD

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Best of luck

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I hope you are recovering well. (My teeth were vertical for yanking, took me out for a week.)

But danged, this is a nasty choice of matters, to save a life...

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TrueStarMinerHobbyist Writer

Good luck, don't say anything stupid while under amnesics!

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You mean anesthetics? XD
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TrueStarMinerHobbyist Writer

Shut up, I know I'm bad at spelling ( ̄ヘ ̄;)

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good luck!

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Do it!
Do it now!
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Schrodinger cat.

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empyrean-dreamerHobbyist General Artist

Good luck! Both to you and to the characters in that difficult situation. ^^

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Using a Pokeball on a Pokemon that doesn't want it... what could possibly go wrong?

At least he's showing some backbone.

And good luck! :D

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XxBlue-FlarexXHobbyist Traditional Artist

Good luck on your wisdom teeth! I got mine removed last summer, and it actually wasn't as bad as I expected. I took the pain medication they prescribed and some ibuprofen, and that was enough so it didn't hurt. It's just a little uncomfortable, but not too bad. Sleeping on your back instead of your side sucks, and you feel hungry all the time since you can't eat solid food for a few days. Oh, and rinsing with salt water is kind of gross. But like I said, it's mostly just uncomfortable. It wasn’t really that painful, at least for me.

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As someone who has gotten their wisdom teeth removed (all 4 of them) in one surgery, let me inform you that your mouth is going to hurt a lot after the surgery and likely the day afterwards. Your mouth will bleed a lot in the places where your wisdom teeth used to be, so your doctor will likely have you keep balls of gauze in both sized of your mouth to soak up the blood and you'll also have to replace it occasionally. Lastly, it is most ideal to stick with soft foods like rice and soup for the first few days in order to go easy on your teeth.
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XxBlue-FlarexXHobbyist Traditional Artist

Doesn't everyone get them out in one surgery? Or can you do it two at a time? I got all four out at once and just assumed that so did everyone else.

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I only had three removed back when I was in high school and then a few years later, i had a pain in my mouth and with x rays learned that my last wisdom tooth was twisting around my back molar and had to get both of them taken out

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I heard some people only get two of their wisdom teeth removed (top ones or bottom ones).
XxBlue-FlarexX's avatar
XxBlue-FlarexXHobbyist Traditional Artist

Oh, like only two grow in? I heard that too. I also heard that six can grow in instead of four. Or do you mean that all four grow in and they only get two removed?

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I mean all 4 grow in, but some people only remove 2 of them.
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