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Trick of the Night: Page 369

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Nocturnal forest animal with thick, dark fur + long exposure to hot sun = not ideal
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Alright, the binge reading has come to an end. Looking forward to seeing how the comic continues.

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GambitAndRikaHobbyist Traditional Artist

oof all that fur and dark to in that sun x.x

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WolpifoxHobbyist General Artist

Why didn´t she say something? :(

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Oh no :( Pokeball time for anise!

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I don't think they can carry her...a Zoroark is pretty heavy

Pokeball incoming? ...or help?

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TheBiggestNerdNew Deviant

Yeh I was thinking they were going to have that conversation too.

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Page 258...

Alex: Let it take her easy for a bit though.

Louis: Of course...

Also Louis: Lets walk for hours in the sun without any breaks.

How long are they walking already, and how far is the nearest forest or other shadows away?

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Break out the shears!

Snip! Snip!

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time to break out the balls.

that sounds bad no hold on

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Asuna21500Hobbyist Digital Artist


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Luna6294Hobbyist General Artist
Anise!! T^T
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heyitshardyStudent Digital Artist

give her a luxury ball its what she deserves

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There is no shade to be had. Its either pokeball or watch her cook to death...

On the plus side this neatly solves the issue of pokemon registration, now she cannot be kidnapped... dognapped... poke'napped? Stolen? Taken from them. Yes.

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TheSeraphim-BlueStudent Digital Artist

What’s wrong is you got a big black dog walking for ages in the sun

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Poor bb, all that fur and sun don't help :l

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Welp. Leaving anise in the sun for any longer is not a good idea... sooooo....

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GenevieveMeuniereHobbyist General Artist

I think we get the Pokeball now >__>

I just want to say I'm super happy you still work on this project with so much energy and love Thank mew!

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