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Trick of the Night - Cover



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Note to readers; this isn't a nuzlocke, or based on any existing storyline/game or in any existing region. It's basically just a story that involves pokemon and takes place in that world. There's going to be some violence, (mostly) mild language, and minimal religious stuff.

------- (everything below here is just me rambling)

Since I've started working on the comic for real I thought I'd post the cover! This will end up being the volume one cover depending how I divide stuff; that's not fully planned yet.

I'm planning to update once or twice a week (probably only once when school starts up), which is hopefully enough pace-wise. As for when I'll start posting pages, that'll be announced when the chapter cover goes up. I'm going on vacation later this week so it'll probably be some time after then.

I'm going to try my absolute best to keep updates running smoothly; I'm making a big page buffer first, and there are going to be scheduled breaks for thumbnailing at every chapter. If all goes well there won't be any unplanned breaks.

My computer has been stupid (lost a whole page already |D) but I got a new one... unfortunately, having some issues with adobe so it doesn't have photoshop just yet. Once that gets installed I should have a fast, reliable computer that doesn't crash and corrupt files XP

EDIT: just fixed some stuff on the cover because it already looks old to me //sweats
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you're art style is really nice, I like it :) and a new comic for me to get into :D