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I do not frame as a profession, if anything I paint.
But as a painter I make a plea: when you bring a painting to the framer, choose wisely and follow the framer's suggestions.

There's nothing worse than a badly framed painting (from a too thin frame to a wrong coloured one): is like having Scarlet Johansson dressed with a grandma nightgown, with orthopaedic slippers and no makeup.
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I still don’t know how it happened, but through a friend’s friend’s friend, I got invited to a ornithological exhibition of both paintings and specimens. Yeah!

I still don’t have great info about it, excluding the period (end of May – June 2014), so stay tuned for updates. 


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Since last 25th June, I am a mom :w00t: : our daughter Elettra finally came into our lives and we're both on cloud nine!!!

I still have to get used to the feeling of being a mom, together with getting used to the screaming little banshee I procreated ;)
The sensations are overwhelming: I look at my baby's face and I see my grandpa's eyebrows, my father in law's chin, my husband eyes and my mom's nose. We really made her from scratch and the power of this thought leaves me completely floored...

What will she be like? Will she be patient like her dad or an earthquake like me? Will she like reading like her dad? Will she love brushes&colours like her mom? Good questions, all of them with no answer for the time being.
But I am pretty sure that Elettra will grow up submerged by her parents love...


... and by a lot of coloured pencils, notepads, brushes, pigments in every shape :P

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I apologise for the long absence, but the last few months have been quite an hectic period. Last October my husband and I discovered that we were expecting :w00t: : while he just happily lulled himself in his new daddy-to-be clothes, I was overwhelmed by hormones and their side effects. SLEEP, a lot of sleep! Until the end of 2011 I couldn't carry on with open eyes after 9-9.30 pm and weekends were dedicated to all the work piled up during the week because of my drowsiness. ;)

My autumn exhibition went rather well considering that we had an almost flood (during the weekend between 4th-6th November it rained that most of the roads in western Piedmont were closed): on the whole I received a lot of visitors and also quite a lot of compliments. Unfortunately I didn't sell that much, but I earned enough to pay for the show expenses.
For all the curious people out there, here more info and the related gallery:…

And now? Well I cannot stop painting (hell, no!), but definitely my artistic activity will slow down, at first due to pregnancy downsides, then after due the half metre that will change our lives :cuddle: .

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2011 has been so far very productive for my pencils&brushes: beyond the heaps of pieces I keep on painting, in a bit more than a month I'll have my second solo show of the year.
As I wrote some times ago in my journal… , I found a small little church in Cavour in which setting my exhibition with the help of a local wiring plant firm, Fiorenzato Impianti. And since the town of Cavour lies in the shade of its lone peak, I chose to title the show "In the shadow of the Rock".
The exhibition will be held during Tuttomele (lit. Allapples), a crop fair dedicated to Cavour's most famous product, apples, of course: the fair reaches in 2011 its 32th edition and gathers crowds of visitors from a wide part of Piedmont, the region where I live.
I really hope that all this visibility will pay somehow. ;)

More info here:  
Italian -…
English -…

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One thousand visits! :squee:

Thank you, thank you, thank you all!

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Some random things that happened recently.

I finally managed to translate into English my whole artistic website! :squee:
Though it still needs a thorough proofread, here you have the result:…
Ah, any suggestion is gladly accepted!

I am terribly close to reach the 1.000 visit threshold! :eager:
A huge thank you to Spiritfingers who was my fist watcher and the first to "educate" me in the group system. :thanks:

Less than one week and then on 9th August my hubby and me are flying to the emerald isle for a complete tour of both Eire and Ulster. I am really looking forward to it and I am sure I will find a lot of inspiration over there :)

The day is approaching fast and next saturday I will be 32.  OHDEARIAMOLD.
The only two positive outcomes are presents and my joint celebration with mom, who was also born on 6th August ;)

Take care you all,

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Hi there!

I often ask myself what is proper here in DeviantArt as far as faves, comments and llamas are concerned.
Should I thank for a fave? Should I comment back to other posts? Should I reciprocate a llama?

Well, I ignore whether it is ethically correct or not, but I chose to follow this rules.

1. I do not thank for faves, but I ALWAYS give a peek to the givers' galleries, in order to satisfy my voyeuristic curiosity. Though I fave too, I prefer giving a comment: it's a bit more personal and it shows more appreciation to the artist's work. One thing is a dropping a line, which implies a bit more 'effort', one thing is getting the easy way out just by dragging the image… ;)
2. I always reply to every comment I receive, let it be on the journal, on the main page or to a deviation of mine. The same applies to DeviantWatches (not that I received many of them…:P).
And of course, a sneak peek to the givers' galleries is compulsory! :)
3. I still do not know how to behave with llamas, considering that some deviants are compulsive llamas collectors and play a lot on the reciprocity rule (I give you, SO you give me), without caring for the receiving ends' work.
In the past I gave some llama badges to artists I like, but generally I tend to ignore the whole system.

Just to know, what do you do?

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I'm on a roll!

I've just been accepted by the Carmagnola town hall as a participant in a community exhibition next June and at the same time I've just got involved in another one scheduled for November. Will I manage everything?

The first show – Cittarte (a pun between città/town and arte/art) – reached this year its third edition: it consists of a group of different artists' openings scattered through a period of 11 weeks, each weekend a different painter. The first exhibition is planned for the next weekend, then the festival will progress up to June, when I close Cittarte 2011 on Friday 17th, Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th  June. Soon I have to begin to frame my paintings, while at the moment I'm entertaining myself with invitations and exhibition order. 
More info here… (community site) and here… Both links Italian only. Here the advertisement (I'm the third from left in the first row)… .

The other exhibition will be thoroughly self promoted. I decided to 'rent' a little church in Cavour (my husband's home place) for the local apple fair (first 9 days of November 2011) and use that space as a private art gallery. Though details are not defined yet, yesterday afternoon I went with a friend of mine who's electrician to check for the lights: there's a lot of work to do, but I hope that 7 months will be enough.

More news soon.

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The more I try to search for the secret ingredient of a beautiful painting the more I fail. If DeviantArt is an indication of what happens on a larger scale, I find myself wondering how many paintings I truly love are neglected by the mass while others to me insignificant are widely praised.

I'm now on the brink of a new exhibition and, though I don't paint to sell but for myself only, I would like to compensate a bit all the expenses (frames, leaflets, refreshments and so on) through selling. And so the main question is: which paintings are best fit to catch the visitors' eyes?
My husband doesn't want to have a word on that, hiding behind the "lack of artistic skill" excuse. My parents, mom in particularly, say that I need to 'lower' my standards to meet the mass. As if it were easy: how do I meet the mass?

I looked at my sold paintings of the past, trying to find the key of it all and these are my conclusions:
- It's not true that 'uncute" animals are not desired. I sold a spider and a ramshorn snail: cute indeed!
- Flowers are not always the solution (too many flower painters around resulting in an over exposition to roses, dandelions and other weeds);
- Primary colour associations sometimes may be to much, especially when put in a muted tone sitting room.

As always I'll try to follow the muse, hoping to find some patronage around…

Ah, any suggestion of yours is greatly appreciated. :)

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I am weary.

Due to this year's calendar, Xmas and New year's Eve give us no pause, being 'simple' weekends and, as always, as soon as the year approches its end everybody goes into a "have it finished" frenzy. Both at work and outside we are overburied with duties "best before 31/12"... My husband and me are both quite tired and we both try to explain our clients that the world will keep on spinning even next year and that things may be done also in january... Sigh, in vain.

We are really looking forward to our upcoming holiday in Friuli-Venezia Giulia (… ) between 3/01-8/01 to relax ourselves a bit...

I am extremely productive as far as brushes are concerned: I'm aiming to finish my first tryptic, a butterfly trio with collage and acrylics, and I'm halfway through it.
Some days more and even the last butterfly will appear on this pages!

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Just before the Xmas frenzy started, on 9/12 and 11/12 I managed to have Cambridge's Certificate of Proficiency in English, a pretty tough exam to pass. With the hope of passing it, as soon as I finished it I found myself once again free as a bird, overwhelmed by a lightness feeling I haven't experienced since my unversity period. (7 years ago... too much!)

In order to get myself prepared for the CPE, I spent a huge amont of time studying, especially on weekends: my husband - saint man - bore with me patiently. Now I have 'nothing' to do: it's really a weird sensation, after such a long period during which I needed at least 27 hours a day to do everything.

Right now, with a bitter -5°C outside (and it's almost noon!), I am happily thinking about my next drawing: medium, subject, painting structure... I'm really loking forward to a wonderful warm afternoon, slouched on my sofa, drawing & sipping tea. :)

Yes, I love my reconquered spare time!


PS Results are out on 25/01/11. For more info on the exam:…
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A new thought is bugging my mind recently: and if I organise another exhibition?

After the one I held last spring at a local Natural History Museum (here more info…), I've been thinking about having another event in which exposing and (maybe) selling my paintings.

The spring exhibition came as a surprise invitation from the museum director, who suggested me the 'biodiversity' theme: I was not alone, since I had the room for free and had all the logistic support I needed.
Next time would be different, since I would be thoroughly on my own. I'm a bit apprehensive...

Some data I'm working on:
- when & where: Cavour (westwards form Turin, NW Italy) in occasion of its 2011 annual agricultural festival Tuttomele (the Apple fair, though trivial, it's a huge event in the area, held this year for the 31st time.
- what: well, considering what I'm painting now, I'll probably carry on with naturalistics pieces, maybe focusing more on the local fauna&flora.
- location: I don't know yet. Among the diverse possibilities I found there are a deconsecrated church (cheap, but with bad light) and the town hall (wonderful, but I have to see whether it is possible to rent also for private events).

I have a lot of time (12 months) to plan the whole stuff: we'll see what'll come out if it!

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A bit more than a month has passed since I began to be an active deviant and I still don't know how to behave.

While lurking around I saw many magnificient paintings and drawings and this led me to 'take inspiration' from them. I can't write "copy them" because the subject is different, the colors are different and the lineart is different, but the concept is not mine.

What do I do?
- Ask permission first, then do it and post it here with the link of the 'original thinker'?
- Paint it whenever and however I want, but to post it here a permission should be needeed?
- something else?

So far it happened once. I have a painting whose original concept is by another fellow deviant and I still have to post it here.
What should I do?
In the beginning I joined DA just for lurking goals.
Then - after 2 years - I decided to submit something.
Now it's becoming almost an addiction!

I'm still terribly clumsy with all the network tools (groups, Deviant watch, friends etc etc) and probably I even made some etiquette faux pas! I hope to improve soon...

DA is really amazing: leaves me thrilled just with quick glimpses here and there. While lurking around I noticed SO MANY good artists... it really pushed my inspiration: we'll see what happens next time I grab my brushes. ;)
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Last saturday I went shopping... in a colour shop! ;)
I felt lika a kid in a candy store and I really had to refrain myself in order not to empty my purse.

In the end I bought some turpentine, two watercolour paper sketchbooks and a new brush: now I plan to use the new material for new paintings.

Let's see what it comes out! :)
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Today I chose to begin uploading my past works. I will slowly upload all the scribbles I've done so far
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