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Capture by FlyQueen

Wha wha WHAAAAAT?!
Woa...who are you, unknown donor?! This is so sweet! Let me know so i can thank you with a drawing or something (if you like).
This was a really sweet surprise. Not so much the Core Membership per se (but it IS very sweet for sure-love the giant preview of images, stamps, no commercials etc it's just nice to have), but that somebody would ... just give me a gift out of the blue :,)
I'm moved.

*hugs YOU* (whoever you are XD)
And if you don't wanna tell me, that's cool too. But I need to let you know how much i love it <3
Core Membership gone again :)
But this time it will stay this way. I am ok with my simple Gallery so far.

I think I will upload Sketchdumps of my Pennywise art from soon, hope it will not be too spammy, I personally still love drawing Penny ALOT, but I know the hype is down X,3

No 2017 Recap. More Painting in 2018

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 9, 2018, 11:24 PM
Aww man, I wish I had more to say in the journals here on DA. All my brainfarts go on twitter noadays (so i spare you the spam) 
But anyway, I'm not doing an Art-of-2017 Recap thing, tbh i don't really like what i did this year. And some months don't have anything good to show. So I will try to make 2018 better, with at least ONE painting each month. I do draw every day, so sketches are no problem at all...but I'm srly lacking in the color department :,)

Here we go again...

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 22, 2017, 3:18 PM
Well, I got a Core-Membership gifted from dear Shadeba 
Means I'm back on Deviantart. That was faster then I thought ^^; I really didn't plan this, but why not give DA another try? 
To be perfectly honest, I'm still not happy with DA overall (even with the core features, everything is buggy as hell!) but I would really miss the people here...and the art of course. 
So yeah...I try to keep uploading, even if I'm not producing much 'finished' art lately. I mainly sketch a lot.
Hope you don't mind.

Anyway...thanks for sticking with me during my short hiatus <3

UPDATE: Decided to leave the gallery as it is, and just stop uploading new art. So your favorites (which i'm greatful for <3 ) will not be nulled.

Just a heads-up...I tried getting back into deviantart and uploaded some stuff. But I REALLY can't handle how super shitty the site is when you don't pay for that core membership (which is still overpriced). On top of that I'm not really happy with my gallery as it is now. So i'm going to put EVERYTHING into storage in the next few days.
If you like anything, feel free to save it for yourself on your computer. (But you can find most of it here:… ) I will only leave my ID and the stamps out. 

I'm not leaving DA, I'm still checking on the artists i watch here. But I will stop uploading for now. I may come back in the future, when I have something to show. Right now I should focus on learning, more then on showing off. 
You can also follow my twitter if you care for my Art: I post sketches etc. there, in a more loose way (not a gallery sense, which i prefer right now) I also have a tumblr, but I'm not so active there (as I find the whole system confusing XP )

See you around.
Im prepping my profile for the day my 'core' membership runs out. 
I was a paying member of DA for years. But the latest changes on the site and specially the insultingly high prices are enough for me to say. NOPE! I have better things to do with my hard earned money. (And don't tell me they made a "christmas special" with better prices. What a joke.)
I still have 3 months left~ So I am of course using some of the features (payed for them after all), but I try to get used to the default look again.
Sadly I never really got into the DA Community anyway, but I still like the site. So I am not leaving like so many others ^^; 
Ok no...Not really. Unless you consider my art spam XD
Truth is: I want to come back to DA as my main to-go posting site. That doesn't mean I'm abandoning any other site, but the site itself just works so very well (technically speaking, I mean the site never goes offline for no reason or anything like that) and after some bad experiences on other similar sites I kinda miss DA very much. It's so easy to organize and handle, even if it's a bit quiet sometimes (guess I should make some more Fanart or other interesting content, I understand that my studies i posted so far aren't much to look at).
So I'm going to set up some folders for all the different kind of work I produce. Till now I was very selective of what I post here, since DA had a bit of a portfolio-character to me. But I'm not posting my OLD work i did so far (there is a lot I didn't put up here), but I'm going to post new pictures I produce in the future. I hope you will like it ^_^
I'm probably make lots of Anthropomorph Work, Dragons and Fanart (since I'm in a Pokemon-Craze XD) but also Studies, Portraits (since i finally like to learn this!!) and other "serious" art. And I had so many personal Project on my to-do list...I hope I find the time to make these happen as well (an Insect-Tarot for example).

So yeah. Wish you an inspired day and see you around :>

Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5] 

My 2cents about the new DA

Thu Oct 16, 2014, 4:31 AM
Unpopular opinion ahead:
I kinda like the new DA UI.
At first I was like "EWWWW" and "WHAT THE FUCK?!" I was afraid they deleted the old message-center. But it's still there. So my first fright was solved. And I have to admit, I actually like that all the messages are on the top right now. It's just ... dunno. I just like it. (maybe that's because my mouse weel is broken, and I have to go to the sitebar with my cursor anyway)
But the feeds need more work, in my opinion. The idea is nice, but it's strange to use. 
The Watch Feed is like a Tumblr-Dashboard and as on Tumblr, it's just a mess. 
But on the other hand, I really enjoy how easy it is now to write comments in the Feed...I see the picture big enough and I can write away without clicking on it. Megusta.

The only thing that pissed me of was the "Activity Widget" on my Profil. Deleted it right away *shrugs*

So yeah. Didn't take me long to get used to it, even if i hated it at first.

New Laptop - Cintiq Companion

Sun Apr 13, 2014, 10:54 PM
It's been some time since the last journal...And I just need a new one to keep this a little bit up to date X3
So I bought me a new shiny awesome "toy" to draw with - it's a Cintiq Companion. And I'm a little bit intimidated by that thing. Actually I just needed an laptop (I saved up for 4 years now), so I thought why not spend a bit more and have the drawing-tablet implemented in the computer? Sounds like a good deal, since all I do on the computer is drawing anyway.
Problem is just that this thing is so expensive, I don't dare to carry it around like a normal latop XD I know it's silly, but if I drop it...I don't want to think about that o_O
But besides that it works really well. No complains so far (except some design-flaws and fails like a really bad placed power-button etc.)
Sadly I can't give you a detailed technical review, I'm just a computer-n00b, so my opinion isn't very professional.
But here is a good review:

This is the first picture I painted with it. It was easier then expected - at first I thought the 13" Display would be hard to handle since all the buttons are super-tiny.  Glad I don't have fat fingers x,x 

And now I'm off to sketch some more. And watch Hannibal.
Because the new season is awesome.

See you around :>


Still around!

Thu Dec 12, 2013, 4:51 AM

I'm sorry when i appear rather inactive. In fact, i'm not. I'm checking DA every day for new awesome submissions ;] But i'm not posting much myself, since i wanted to show only "better" stuff here. Sadly i don't produce much high-Quality things lately and so there is nothing to post X_X

Anyway...i think i'm going to change that and just post what i got here too. (Most of it at least)

I always fear to appear as spam in somebodies inbox.

I'm FlyQueen now.

Sun Oct 27, 2013, 4:19 AM
Well yeah. I finally did it. I changed my Username to something more general and easier to communicate with professional clients.
I will also clean up this account (specially the old journals) and I plan to explore new things here and really push myself into learning again.

Also I made me a "official" Portfolio which will be access-able at 

My personal accounty on Furaffinity etc. will stay the same, don't worry ;]

Thanks guys. Again.

Fri Mar 29, 2013, 10:27 AM
Hey guys :)
Thanks for all the favs, comments and general attention towards my art lately~ Specially for critique <3
I REALLY appreciate it, since the Deviantart-Community is quite HUGE and one can easily get lost here. But believe it or not, this still is my favorite Art-Gallery site on the web.
I'm just a little bit slow on the replies here. Live is still busy :/
But i check in here daily to see stuff other people upload. So yeah...This account is not dead ;D

Just wanted to tell you that.
And write a new Journal, because the other one is old XD

DD and Birthdays~

Fri Jan 18, 2013, 7:44 AM
Well...Two very good reasons to thank you guys:

First~ Thanks for all the birthday-wishes. I had a good one and yeah...made it another year! Still alive 8D

Second~ Thanks so much for the Daily Deviation! I went home from work today...all depressed and on a low point because i failed on an important background-painting. Of course I started questioning my abilities and if I chose the wrong profession (overly dramatic i am) - but then this DD pop up in my inbox along with all your kind words. And this really gives me my motivation back. So thanks for giving me a little boost 8D

And now...time to deflower my new sketchbook~

Anatomy anyone?

Journal Entry: Sun May 1, 2011, 2:56 PM
Just asking~ Do you know any good resources for anatomy references? (Book-advices maybe? i am looking for something lexicon-like)
I am in terrible need for CORRECT refs, since i will learn to draw now >:3

You know…i am drawing since i can hold a pencil, but there are so many flaws i need to correct. So it feels like starting at Zero~ But thats good.

P.S.: My Mac seems jealous because i do so much traditional stuff lately. It crashes without a reason in Photoshop and stuff. Gosh. Such a Sissy XD


Vienna Sketchgroup

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 10, 2011, 2:52 PM
Every week on Thursday a "little" Sketchgroup here in Vienna meets for drawing and painting.
Its really great to meet other people and draw together. Some are extremly skilled and i enjoy watching and learning from them~
Today we even had a Nude-Model and a great one too. Doesn't complain once while standing around for hours ;D

Just wanted to share this with you, because its a great experience.
So if there is a sketchgroup in your city too ~ join them! You can learn very much.
And if there is no such group ~ build one XD

If you are intrested. I made a new (Sketch-) if you want to see what i do all day long:


A little help?

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 25, 2011, 2:43 AM
Oh well...
Maybe some of you saw this display i did for selling my Bookmarks~
Do you know what else i could sell at a Convention?
I have the Bookmarks and a few Buttons. Hrrm. Thats a little repertory in my eyes :/
Any Ideas for stuff i can put in a laminator?
Is it a good idea to make laminated magnets? (Clue a magnet on the back and...thats it ^^; )

P.S.: I don't want to sell stuff to make the big money...i just think its fun to produce something and make people happy with it 8D

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Journal Entry: Thu Dec 16, 2010, 2:02 AM
Its always the same...i finally manage to meet some nice people for an artjam. And all of a sudden~I don't know anything to draw. Thats really annoying.
Guess i am more the "I work alone in my dark room so don't talk to me"-Typ.
[/random fakt about rotarr]

Ja. Whatever.
Its going well so far. I try lots of new stuff...and i am happy i finally got my life into flow again. At the moment i just search and explore~ (and i will do this until my money runs out...uh.)
Ahh. And soon its christmas. As an Agnostic i don't give a fuck care much about the birth of jesus christ, but i am going to enjoy the peacefull days with my family.
I hope you can do this as well...

P.S.: For Inspiration:… <-there's a link

::Feature of the Now::
Phasmophobia by herringbonnes

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Journal Entry: Mon Dec 6, 2010, 5:21 AM
There are this Wishlists going around DA. And i think its a nice Idea (to learn something about people). But mine is a bit more...unrealistic. I don't expect anybody to make me a wish come true - some CAN'T come true anyway. But whatever...i still wish for them.

• I wish I had a clue what to do with my life (even an unrealistic dream would do)
• I wish for a friend with a mind like mine - who lives in austria/vienna
• I wish I had more time
• I wish I had a flat big enough to keep a a cat, rats or a dog
• I wish I had somebody to talk about artsy-stuff (who gives critiques and hints, draw with me and so on)
• I wish for more Morbid stuff - I am a collector now (drawings, puppets, movies, skulls, books, dead animals...whatever)
• And the last wish...i will keep for myself c:

But for now ~ i wish you a nice day.

P.S.: This goddamned christmas-feeling is everywhere.
I like this song:…

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First Step done.

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 23, 2010, 1:03 PM

Quit my job today…and i tell you…thats really hard for somebody like me, who thinks all the things that go wrong in the company are my own fault and that it is cowardly to "run away". But i KNOW that its not me (this time at least).
So…yeah. In January i am "Free" and have to find something new. haha…superb.
Hopefully i can find something in the graphic-design section again, but actually…i just want a job plz.
I would love to learn how to make tattoos, but i don't know how to "get into that business"…and ideas maybe? Or other job suggestions? I learnt Graphic Design, but i am open to new stuff now…i just lack the knowledge of job-variety out there.

Other important stuff?
Naaah. My Inbox is exploding…sorry for being slow with replys.
And omg.I am so tired all day again …

Deep Space Love

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 16, 2010, 6:01 AM

I am in such a Deep-Space Mood at the moment ^^;
Since i watched "Event Horizon" with Morghus this weekend...And i LOVE the design of the SpaceShip! It looks really scary but classic at the same time.
I think I'm in love...and thats why i use this journal-Skin now. I really like the thought of this infinite universe...


I need to find some Tutorials to make some of this Space images myself...Sadly i totaly suck at technical drawing so i will neverever draw a spaceship.

And~ja...i wanted to say Thanks to many people who helped me in the last few days/weeks. Morghus, Dead-dance-crow, Pitchblackdragon, Yamavu, Luri, .... and so many more (and Raxt0r of course ;D)
Thank you for talking to me, even if i am in shitty mood XD
*shiney love for everybody* :heart:

Finally~I have a Twitter again. Don't know what to do with it...actually i just wanted to use if to follow some people and news.
But if you intrested: follow me 8D

Wish you all a nice day~