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Sexy bimbo m2f tg tf Age regression by tfstoriesnmore
Mature content
Sexy bimbo m2f tg tf Age regression :icontfstoriesnmore:tfstoriesnmore 375 2
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Homecoming sexy mtf tg tf caption :icontfstoriesnmore:tfstoriesnmore 298 9
sexy Bimbo Whore mtf tg tf by tfstoriesnmore
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Assking for Attention MTF TG TF by tfstoriesnmore
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Assking for Attention MTF TG TF :icontfstoriesnmore:tfstoriesnmore 333 5
The Big Race MTF TG TF Caption by tfstoriesnmore
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Homeless wish Tg caption request bigboy64
Matthew was on his way home after a long day at work. Matthew didn't live in the greatest area and he saw a homeless man sitting on the corner. Matthew being the good guy that he is went into the closet restaurant and bought some food and went over to the homeless man and gave him the food and $50. The homeless man said this is too much but Matthew insisted and so in return the homeless man gave him one wish. Matthew thinking there's something wrong with him or he's just playing a game says "I wish I had the body of my dreams" and so the homeless man said that his wish would be granted at midnight. So while Matthew was asleep he had a dream about a beautiful athletic girl, and he woke up a room it was lit and he heard a shower going he looked around to notice he was in a locker room. But while he looked around blonde hair fell in front if his face he grabbed it and then felt some weight on his chest and saw 2 breasts he screamed and covered his mouth as he heard his new voice. He then grabbed his firm ass, and touched her new flat stomach in astonishment. She then heard a voice "Have fun Maddie" and then it dissappeared. Maddie knew with this body anything was possible but for now a nice hunk would do.
A new me A TG Caption
Growing up, my mom had always wanted only daughters, and my sister always wanted a sister for herself. So they would always try to get me to dress up as the little girl they wanted me to be. I fought each time but lost eventually and ended up in ballet outfits, pink dresses, even one piece bathing suits. It was easy for them to make me look like a girl because of my body. I had the bone structure of a weak boy or even just a girl. Our mother died at my age of 11 and since my sister didn’t like how my father treated her (not letting her treat me the way she wanted) she moved out. This was 6 years ago. Although I’m still teased and even mistaken for a girl with a pixie cut in public, I’m enjoying my life. Today seemed different than other days, I just couldn’t get the feeling why. My dad had just left on a surprise business trip to the Bahamas and I was home alone. A heard a knock on the door and thought, “hmm, I wasn’t expecting company.” So I went to go answer it. It was my sister. “Little sister!!” She squealed as she jumped onto me. I was about her size now so she said, “wow you’ve gotten taller! But you’re still the same looking beauty you’ve always been!” She told me. “W-W-Why are you here? And how did you know dad was gone?” I asked. “Because I was the reason he’s on his trip!” She said. I tried to run away from her because of how she’s treated me and got away because she couldn’t grapple me to the ground. Safe in my room I planned my escape.

A few hours later it was around 9 pm and I was ready to go out the window onto the roof to get away from her. Once I flew the window open, two girls jumped in on me, one on each arm and leg and pinned me to the floor. Struggling, I tried to break free but was stripped of my clothes and my dignity. “Oh my, you’ve gotten a lot manlier since I’ve seen you last and you don’t seem like you’d fit in what I wanted you to wear.” She held up skinny jeans and a grey tight top with black high heels toward me. “Like hell you’d ever get me in those!” I screamed. “Oh you’re right, for now and in the state you’re currently in.” My sister stated. And then with the flick of one finger, a bright flash illuminated the room.

A hot, almost scalding, feeling went across my entire body. I looked how to see my chest hair evaporate as well as the other body and facial hair I had. The skin left behind was smooth. I felt the tingling in my legs as my feet changed to dainty little feet with nail polish on them. The changes moved up my legs giving them more shape as my thighs jiggled up, my hips shot out, and my waist pushed in. All the while my hands experienced the same as they became girly and my arms became thin and lost muscle. I felt something tickle my ears as my hair grew past my shoulders tickling my naked body. The fat and muscle from my body moved toward my chest and ass as they expanded to be large and jiggly. I felt my face round out and then I was complete. A new me. A new body. “How...?” I started but stopped, surprised from the high sound that came out when I spoke. “I’ve always been magic silly, I went to school to learn how to use it better though and now that I have I can live with you and dad as long as I want, he just needs to bring home money or suffer the same beautiful fate.” She said. I was horrified and not to mention cold. “Oh my! Silly me! You must be freezing sitting here naked, let’s get you dressed.” I was thrown up and onto the bed where the girls when to town. Black panties slipped up my legs as my sister fastened MY bra to my chest. “Wow Kenzie! Nice rack!” She told me as she began to feel me up. I was very uncomfortable but I wanted to get out of there so I told them to finish what they’d started. The jeans came up and ripped a bit because of the difference thickness of my legs than my sisters. They put the top on my and finally the shoes. “Now we put you on tinder! We need a date for you for our quadruple date tonight!” The girls told me as I was rushed outside for the photo shoot. This is me now and as you can see, I’m not happy... but I can’t do anything about it. So this is my life.
New Girl at the Club - TG Caption
Krystian's wife, Veronica had told him to stop drinking, but he wasn't having any of it. She knew he was always going out and drinking at a certain strip club behind her back. One day she had finally had enough. She snuck into the club before it opened and found the supply of a rather unpopular drink that only Krystian and a few other people would ever order, "Shady Fantasy." She discreetly opened each bottle of it and injected a vial of clear liquid into each one. She had bought these vials from a store called "Charms n Such." She knew the owner well. Technically these vials were marketed as "sex enhancers" that were meant to "make your partner less shy about getting naked," and technically that wasn't wrong. Krystian sure wouldn't be shy about getting naked after his drink tonight. Sure, some other people who like the drink might get caught up in her scheme, but who would really care? Not Krystian's wife, that's for sure. Before she left, she hid a small camera pointed at the stage where the club's "entertainers" would perform. 


"I'm going out honey," Krystian said, grabbing his coat. 

"Okay. Remember, no drinking," his wife called back. 

"Yeah, yeah."

Krystian drove straight to his favorite club and ordered some of his favorite drink. 

"I'll have the usual... Actually make it a double," he said, turning to look at the stage as the first dancer of the night started her dance. When he got his drink, he immediately gulped it down. He watched the stage for a minute or two, and just as the dancer was about to start taking her clothes off, he started feeling insanely dizzy. He ran to the bathroom, thinking he was sick. He doesn't make it all the way there before he passes out. 

An hour later Krystian wakes up in a body that isn't his own. He is a sexy blonde dressed in tight clothes not unlike those that the dancers at the club wear. Krystian isn't entirely displeased though. 

"Holy fuck I'm so hot!" Krystian thinks to herself. "Like, I know this is bad and I should be freaking out but look at me." Krystian runs into the bathroom to look at herself in the mirror. "Oh wow, is that me?! Krystian can't stop her hands as they start to squeeze her new curvy body all over. After groping herself for about 5 minutes, she finally manages calm herself down enough to think, though she doesn't stop touching herself. "Okay wow. That's awesome. like, I know this is bad and I need to figure this out but there's no way that'll happen while I'm this horny. Unh, I think my nipples are getting hard. Oooh yeah, they're so sensitive. Okay, I guess I should just go home for now and play with myself there. Veronica's probably asleep now right?" Krystian thinks all this to herself, only half aware that her hands are still teasing her nipples and groping her ass.  "Unnnhh!" Krystian moans as her nipples become fully erect. "Ohhh, okay. D-didn't mean to do that out loud. Oh fuck yes. This feels too good, screw going home, I'll just masturbate in the car. I doubt anyone will see me." Krystian approaches the bathroom door and reaches for it with her right hand. Her left hand continues to move up and down her body, doing whatever felt best. "W-what the hell? I'm actually really trying to stop. My hand isn't listening! Ohh, maybe that's okay though. No, no, what am I thinking? I'm not gonna walk out there and let people see me fondling myself!" Krystian focuses as hard as she can and eventually stops her left hand. She exits the bathroom and starts walking as fast as she can towards the door without looking suspicious. "Yeah, there's so many guys here, even a few girls too. Probably lesbians if they're in this place. They would've all seen me touching mys- ahhh! What the fuck!?" Krystian's hands were doing their thing again, except this time her right hand was teasing her pussy through her pants. "S-stupid hands! Why won't you stop! People are staring at me! Oh fuck, I'm starting to get hot down there. F-feels so good... Ugh! No! Focus! People are watching now! Ugh, all these horny stares... they feel... thrilling. W-wait, no! They're embarrassing!" Krystian's left hand grabs the waistband of her pants with two fingertips and plays with it a bit, as if taunting Krystian, saying it will pull her pants down any second now. "N-no! Shit! G-gotta run before I start f-fingering myself in front of all these p-people. Ohh yeah, gotta finger myself in front of these people. Why do I keep thinking these things? N-need to get to my car... Unnh, then I gotta do this all night. Yeah." Krystian, now unable to shake the attention of the people around her, starts speed walking. "I just need to go. Who c-cares if they... see me. I d-don't care if they watch me. I want them to watch me. Unnnh what's happening to my head? Unhhh... so hot... so horny." Krystian continues walking to the door. Her legs refuse to run. Suddenly, she feels a slap on her ass. "Ohhh! Kyrstian cries out in a mixture of pleasure and surprise. "Asshole! Why did you... Why didn't you hit harder?" Krystian's legs slow themselves to a walk as her pussy starts getting wet. Her hand goes into her pants on its own and starts teasing her pussy again. "Ohhhh! Yes! M-more! I-I mean... ugh stupid legs. I just want to... to... take my clothes off. I mean, I wanna get to... I wanna... cum. I mean, y-yeah, I wanna cum. Who cares who watches?" Kyrstian is about to thrust her finger in when a woman grabs her arm, pulls it out and holds Kyrstian tight against her body. Krystian, despite being too horny to thing, vaguely recognizes her as the club manager.

"You must be the new girl. C'mon I'll take you backstage," says the manager. She puts her arm behind Kyrstian, grabbing her ass and leading her across the club to a door she had never been through before. 

"B-but wait I- Unnnh!" Krystian tries to protest but moans out loud as the manager decides to reach over and feel her boobs. 

"Wow, she said you were a nymphomaniac but god damn those are some pointy nipples. You got off before coming into the building right? What did it take you, like, 5 minutes to get this heated? I'm not gonna lie, that's kinda hot," the manager continues to simultaneously lead Krystian backstage while feeling up every part of her body. Krystian wanted to resist but her body liked what it was feeling too much. 

"S-she? Who is- ohhhhh!" Krystian again finds it impossible to finish a sentence as the manager treats her body like her own personal toy. "Oooooohhhh, she won't stop touching me. I don't know this lady, why is she doing all this?"

"Veronica silly. She submitted your applications ahead of time, remember?" The manager says as she finally lets go of Krystian. Krystian finally has a chance to see where she's been taken now that isn't being relentlessly molested. It looks like a dressing room. The manager locks the door. "I'm glad you signed up to be a dancer, but when Veronica told me you were interested in that other job too, I thought it was too good to be true. A nympho like you is totally perfect for it," The manager says as she slowly approaches Krystian. Krystian backs away slowly until she's against the wall with the manager pressing her body against her, pinning her to the wall. "All your stuff's already been moved to my house, don't worry. Thanks a bunch Krystal."

"W-what, but I didn't agree to any-aannnhhh! A-and my name's not-ohhhhh!" Krystal slowly starts to realize she isn't going to be allowed to talk anytime soon. "She's making me feel so... so good. B-but I don't wanna be a stripper! Yes I do. Ugh! No I don't! Why won't that stupid voice go away!?" 

"I guess Veronica DID say you liked playing coy." The manager starts teasing Krystal's pussy. "I was gonna make you wait till you were on stage to cum so you could do it for the audience. But I guess you'll probably already be horny again by the time you're up there. I guess we can start... training you for your second job."

"B-but I don't even know your n-eeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh?! Aaaahhhhhhh! W-wait I-aahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh!" Krystal gives up trying to talk as she feels her new boss's fingers start thrusting in and out of her. "I guess I'll... let this... happen. N-nothing I can... do. F-feels too... good." 

"Well, you won't be calling me by my name, but it's Jen." the manager speaks to Krystal as she carries her to a bed in the corner of the room, occasionally pausing between words to make Krystal scream in ecstasy again. "What you WILL be calling me is master. Right Krystal?" 

"R-right, m-m-master." Krystal, feeling humiliated and strangely domesticated, agrees knowing that if she tries to protest she'll be cut off again. "M-master?! Am I supposed to be her slave? Sounds pretty good to me. Shut up! ...Then again, I don't exactly hate how it feels being pinned down like this."

"Good girl," Jen says and leans in to kiss Krystal. The two of them kiss quietly for a couple seconds before Jen starts fingering Krystal again. 

"Mmmmh! Mmmmmmmhh!" Krystal moans, her sounds being partially silenced by her master's lips. "Ohh yes master! W-wait, no. She's not my... she's not... I... I guess she is my master. I guess I'll need to get used to this." After only a couple minutes Krystal has her first orgasm in her new body and moans so loud, the entire club can hear her. Krystal lays on the bed, not even trying to move. She just tries to catch her breath while her master fondles her body. Krystal decides she's okay with being this woman's property from now on. By the time Krystal catches her breath, all the touching and teasing has already gotten her nipples hard again. A minute or two later, Krystal is dripping wet again. "I really am a total nympho now. Awesome." 

"You want more don't you?" Jen asks as she continues to tease her slave's sensitive spots. 

"Y-yes m-master. M-more please," Krystal says, still feeling hot and flustered and weak after having cum just a few minutes ago. 

"You can have more after you go entertain the crowd for a while." Jen says as she stands Krystal up. She grabs Krystal by the ass again and leads her out to the stage. 

"This is so embarrassing. I can't disappoint her though. I want all these people to see my body. I guess I'll just stop fighting these weird thoughts for a bit. Maybe that'll make it easier." For the next few hours Krystal does shameful, embarrassing things in front of the crowd. Veronica watches the entire thing from her living room at home using the camera she planted. She admires her handiwork and giggles at the thought of how miserable Krystal must be. After the show is done she laughs even harder when she imagines what kind of kinky things Krystal is having done to her now that she's done working. Little did she now, Krystal actually enjoyed being treated like property by her new master.  


Jen enjoys the toy her friend Veronica gave her, though she still wonders why she won't tell her how she found (and domesticated) a girl like that in the first place. She fucks her slave at least once every hour, and that's on a slow day. Needless to say, her life is more fun now. Happy ending for Jen. 

Veronica moved on with her life and lived quite happily without Krystian. Every now and again, when she's in need of a laugh, she turns on her secret camera and enjoys the show Krystal puts on for her. Happy ending for Veronica. 

Before long Krystal is used to being a personal slave, though she never stops feeling embarrassed performing on stage. She firmly believes that her body should be for her master's eyes only, but whenever she argues, her master punishes her, making her go the rest of the day without a single orgasm. Unfortunately for poor Krystal, even without any teasing or any other stimulus to make her horny, it only takes about 20 minutes after an orgasm before she's panting and begging for sex. A kind of happy, kind of unhappy ending for Krystal. 

As for the bottles Veronica spiked, well... nobody else ordered any besides Krystal on THAT night, but a week or so later... ehh, who cares? Certainly not Veronica. She completely forgot about the bottles. Let's just say that over the next few months, Jen received more job applications than she could even afford to hire. 


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