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:new: Have the comments and favourites stats under the deviations reset to zero for anyone else?
I've still GOT the comments and faves in my inbox, but it's happened to other galleries as well.


For one month... resuscribed by courtesy of winning almalobana's
Heaven poetry contest . Can't do the forward < on this keyboard so HTML is stuffed. No - wait, I can copy&paste.

Won with Glass Feathers...  
I found a feather as I walked.
So white and clear and pale and cold,
Against the gentle spring green stalks,
Iced beauty in its nest of gold

I passed a ghost on my return,
a dreamer with a shoulder bare,
And her arched wing outward yearns,
Trailing uselessly in the air
... rest is here…

I'm also on a field trip at the moment, using the lab/uni computers. With flu. Lots of fun :D Hence any slowness in replying to important things... speaking of which

Ghost-Dreamer has been sucking up behaving suitably and has dedicated this The Omen by Ghost-Dreamer to me.

...*runs off and finds the ones that made me watch them in the first place*

LOOK. Gorgeous unappreciated pictures! GO WORSHIP.
Dragon Reborn by Ghost-Dreamer Plain of Sorrows by Ghost-Dreamer Last of the Draconians by Ghost-Dreamer

I think that's all for now...

First place
Himmapaan with
Probably not surprising, that is a beautiful, beautiful picture.
Prizes: 6mth sub, art request+print (can choose any print from I know that art requests can be variable in their result)
Feature from Sakanoue
Three surprizes from Poetic-Dragon

Second place
Well... lets just say I am VERY glad that I put in the rule about only one entry can actually win a prize. KarrinGray's wonderfully matched poem… and painting Finding her wings by KarrinGray can now win together, rather than making me choose.
Prizes: 3mth sub, art request from me.
Feature from Sakanoue
Two surprizes from Poetic-Dragon

Third place
was Head in the clouds by Wings-of-dust by Wings-of-dust. Both original, and gentle on the eye, not only did they exploit my balloon weakness but there are texture-patterns on the balloons!
Prizes: 3 month sub from me  
Feature from Sakanoue
A surprize from Poetic-Dragon

the runnerups
All win a one month subscription and believe me it was very hard to choose...
A very astonishing photo - you need to fullview to really understand, Bird with Clouds by HypnoHawk by HypnoHawk
a very well done manip with lovely colours and a very interesting background Kechake's :thumb93898409:
and a really interesting and well written piece of prose Pygmalion… museums and dreams and dust and art and birds. I present to you demon-polecat drawing dead birds!

"I am a proxy in the Synth Agenda :iconsynthetamine:"

Official Proclamation
Note: Reading any literature or observing any and all images signifies agreement with the creator's greater right of dominion and acts as a binding contract as minion to said creator. Furthermore, the reader agrees to actively seek out potential victims, gold, pretty things, further minions, books, Shiny, libraries, stingrays, attractive girls, chocolate, preexisting minions, small countries, magic artefacts, dictatorships ripe for transferral, magic pumpkins, unique items, honest politicians, flying carpets, healing potions, large swords, harems, intriguing formulas, patents, troll teeth, unguarded libraries, unhatched dragon eggs, sapient pearwood, and any and all other items of interesting, useful, amusing and destructive nature. They also solemnly swear to support marine reserves, avoid oil, eat organic food, and donate to the SPCA. Any and all evil laughter is © of Flynn
Blue Waters by Flynn-the-cat Zeb's Mermaid by Flynn-the-cat Sorrow Dreams by Flynn-the-cat Spider Guide Me by Flynn-the-cat
Minions may sign up here
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jodipheonix's avatar
so far , everything in my stats look the same ...
but , I could be mistaken .. :shrug:
Flynn-the-cat's avatar
It was on the deviation itself, but it's fixed now :D
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Flynn-the-cat's avatar
Yummy braaaaiiiinssss
naturesounds's avatar
ArkillianDragon's avatar
Flynn-the-cat's avatar
Ah thank you! Yes, I just noticed they were all back.
Flynn-the-cat's avatar
..Oh no! It's the Glomp! - how did you find me?
CSnyder's avatar
dont know
someone told me where to come:giggle:
Flynn-the-cat's avatar
Oh no! Somebody leaking secrets?
CSnyder's avatar
yepppers, bastards:icondonotwantcatplz:
Flynn-the-cat's avatar
I will eat their brains then, to remove the evidence :plotting:
CSnyder's avatar
good call, then drink there souls
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Thank you for showcasing so much of my work :hug: I really appreciate it :D

:worship: grovel grovel ... stalk stalk ... grovel grovel :teleport:
Flynn-the-cat's avatar
Good minion. Grovel more.

*pet pet wham wham pet pet*
Kechake's avatar
Congrats, ze sub has returned to you!
Flynn-the-cat's avatar
ivoryleopard's avatar
You are loose again?

Then tighten up ;p
Flynn-the-cat's avatar
*threatens you with a screwdriver*
ivoryleopard's avatar
eh, yours isn't sonic enough ;p
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