Glomp feature No. 3

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ALL HAIL :iconpoetic-dragon:
...and me. Of course.
DAmn Fine Support Stamp by DAmnFineMagazine
...*wanders off to gloat over shiny pages*

These are the winner's of the :iconcare-club:'s Best of The Best contest ( I offered a feature to the winners) Staying up until next Monday when i'll replace them with the FEATURE OF AWESOMENESS... in support of :icondamnfinemagazine: (go submit to them! GO NOW!! :threaten:)

:icon1robin-lover1:'s Portrait of a Broken Angel
:heart:The Stars Shine Down by :icondamaskangel:
The Stars Shine Down by damaskangel

:iconcaseythornton:'s Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie by caseythornton

Serenity by :iconkinslayer-comic:
Serenity by Kinslayer-Comic

and Camouflage by :iconaimelle:
camouflage by Aimelle

Glomp Feature No. 3
:icondamnfinemagazine: Issue1 DAmn Fine Photography by DAmnFineMagazine :iconorastella: Princess Eira by orastella
:icondannscreations: Swimming with Dolphins by DAnnsCreations :iconvortexgrey::thumb77338303:

Nice people who've stopped by and I'm thanking for faves (and haven't been featured more than twice in a row already... and, as I've only done two so far, it's easy to keep track of :XD:)
:iconhiddenrelevance: :iconghost-dreamer: Dragon Reborn by Ghost-Dreamer :iconimponderable::thumb71203901: :iconzezkah: Water by Zezkah :iconsquidwish::thumb77402850: :iconstone100:
:iconweltengang::thumb76737057: :iconthelazyfox: Stalking by TheLazyFox :iconnanasfreak: :iconiamimmortalrain: I wish you loved me... by IAmImmortalRain :iconbunkingum: The Morning Will ComeThe morning will come.
Dawn once kissed her cheeks so lightly.
The unbelievable glow.
Makes her seem unreal.
Caught on fire.
In the swelling of her breast.
She feels the warmth.
The love she will provide.
The love she refuses to deny.
She wakes up ever so elegantly.
She stands in front of the mirror.
The curve makes her seem grotesque.
And put out of place.
But she is neither.
She holds the bulge and wonders when its morning will come.
Will it know it is loved.
Will it know it was loved.
A tear clings to her lashes.
She breaths in and then out.
Clinging to the hope of keeping the mass.
She decides on her plan.
She will pack her bags.
And run away.
Cast away on a ship of make believe she will find her new home.
A home for her dignity.
A home for her baby.
:iconluvchizuru: Empty Spaces -- Crucify by LuvChizuru :iconjezustin::thumb63490676: :iconms-typo::thumb55694701: :iconnaturesounds: Grandma's Jewelry Box. by naturesounds :iconalainnaingeal: two gentle hands by alainnaingeal
:iconwhitecrowaa: Under the Rain by whitecrowaa :iconthedramaticmonarch: '...bang bang.' by TheDramaticMonarch :icon4ging-the-godess: Deer by 4ging-the-godess :iconhell0z0mbie: Wolf Eyes by hell0z0mbie :iconcassup0p: :iconxhero009::thumb78118693:

:iconmatthew-t: has some especially fantastic work.
For example... :thumb63292811:

Flaming: Black Thorn Burning by Flynn-the-cat Spider Guide Me by Flynn-the-cat

Art that has been featured by various people can be found here Go give them love. And the people too XD

About my painting program - I use ArtRage.
© 2008 - 2021 Flynn-the-cat
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HananeMOUJAHID's avatar
Great features, I'll :+fav: some. ;)
Ms-Typo's avatar
Yaaay! :dance:
Thank you so much for the feature! :excited:
Makes me so happy! :hug:
Flynn-the-cat's avatar
:XD: I'm delighted to hear that :heart:
IAmImmortalRain's avatar
THANX FOR THE FEAUTRE! :heart: omg im so proud!
Flynn-the-cat's avatar
You're welcome! Glad you like :XD:
NanasFreak's avatar
Thanks a lot for the feature! I really appreciate it! Yay I'm a nice person :dance: Such a nice way to thank a person, I might do the same if I ever get a subscription :D

There's some pretty cool stuff here :D Too bad one cannot fave a journal entry :(
Flynn-the-cat's avatar
You're welcome! Yes, I like this way so much that I stole it from others :XD: and thank you :heart:
NanasFreak's avatar
Yep, it's really cool :) then when you go looking back at past journal entries you tend to revisit those people's galleries :XD:
Flynn-the-cat's avatar
Yes! I have noticed I do that :XD:
NanasFreak's avatar
bunkingum's avatar
Thanks so much. It means a lot to me. :]
Flynn-the-cat's avatar
You are very welcome ^_^
CSnyder's avatar
great feature:)
CSnyder's avatar
TheDramaticMonarch's avatar
Heya! Thank you so much for featuing my work. I feel really honored to be featured among some really cool works. :D :hug:

Great stuff, everyone! :thumbsup:
Flynn-the-cat's avatar
Thank you ^_^ I'm glad you're pleased :XD:
whitecrowaa's avatar
Wow! Thanks for the feature! :hug:
naturesounds's avatar
Thanks buddy!!!! :iconglompage:
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