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I HAS SUBSCRIPTION. ALL HAIL :iconpoetic-dragon:...and me. Of course.
...*wanders off to gloat over shiny pages*

Art that has been featured by various people can be found here Go give them love. And the people too XD
About my painting program - I use ArtRage.


I've entered the latest :iconredclub: competition - any members out there >>> vote and  I will... be... happy?…

Photomanip and digital painting feature
In support of :icondamnfinemagazine:, who are finally moving again and have a due date of 23rd of March. Go look - you can contribute more than just art ^_^


Sesshofan :iconsesshofan:
Beast inside by Sesshofan
A fantastic and beautiful eye; base photo could be improved but the colours of the iris stand out wonderfully against the grey.

majezik :iconmajezik:
A bloody sea, and a whirling frenzy - a lot of power in this image, and I like the angle, giving it even more motion.

  Some very stunning and delicate dragonic manips, with beautiful colours
Heart of Fire by Ghost-Dreamer Dragon Reborn by Ghost-Dreamer Last of the Draconians by Ghost-Dreamer
as well as some very nice abstracts and patterns...
Flow by Ghost-Dreamer Dragonfly by Ghost-Dreamer

an astonishingly intricate and beautiful work, that looks nothing like the original photo
and this is lovely, and interesting; a real talent for taking a photo and turning it into a delicate pattern.

tobaisz :icontobaisz:
- Zeit vergeht - by tobaisz
A very amazing eye, I adore the fiery colours and the little clock details.
...and the ladbybird is the perfect focal point on a very interesting work

Abused... by jeaimerroses
A dark and beautiful image, with a powerful impact. The face emerging from the dark is haunting and the blood is a extra detail, that adds focus to the whole piece.
Beauty from Darkeness by jeaimerroses
Not too fond of this one, but I like the soft browns and greens, and the extra touches - butterflies and golden crown ...

Mistress of the Vines by MadElfTk
A fantastic work, I really like the curve of the leaves and the hidden face and the colours are well chosen.

10,000 Days :for demand by Texlozome
A really interesting mosaic, of a beautifully carved wand, that is very well pieced together

StapledSlut :iconstapledslut:
The People In The Mirror by StapledSlut
A dark and powerful work, that is put together very well, makes good use of limited colour and disturbing...
Fae Cliche by StapledSlut
Very well formed, and the bright wings really attract the eye against th soft green sentences are getting awkward >_<

Hennaq:iconhennaq:  Some very strong and balanced pieces with interesting touches poison apple by Hennaq Ying Yang by Hennaq walk by Hennaq


An eerie and gentle work, with a good composition and hauntingly underdone

Another beautifully green and glowing eye

Private Fishing by CatastroPheez
This is just really interesting
S.H.E ll : The Virgin by CatastroPheez S.H.E III by CatastroPheez For You With Love by CatastroPheez Are You My Friend? by CatastroPheez Escape ll by CatastroPheez
Delicate and lovely, with a good eye for colour and composition  

I really like the sky in this one, and the placing of the model, as well as the paleness of it.
Dark and interesting, draws you in...
tree of life by srag
This is really interesting, with great colours

A well composed and gorgeous image, with strong colour emerging

Digital Paintings
Not many of these...

dreammiadream :iconmihaela-gruber:
A lot of character in her face, well drawn and I love the hair. I also like the brown palette used.

tobaisz :icontobaisz:
:thumb74886357: - Balios - by tobaisz
Very strong and balanced pieces with interesting composition and well used colours...

DiBBiEZ :icondibbiez:
Dragon by DiBBiEZ
On the face of it, a crude drawing of a ferocious dragon - on closer inspection (which I highly recommend)  the painstaking detail emerges, the beauty of the light, the scales, the teeth... and then you notice the blazing sword lighting up the knight, and the dead dragonling below ... and finally you see the tears of the dragon, and the entire mood is altered. Not perfect, but very, very good.  
Yoda by DiBBiEZ
This one isn't so well done, but has a nice simple composition and impressive lighting.

majezik :iconmajezik:
A very unusual concept so well carried out that I thought this was a photo at first! The bright, fiery colours work very well and the bright antennae cast a glow over the figure. I find the details odd but intriguing.

Some lovely colours, and I like the soft glows and gentle palette as well as the dark of the night

Uchiha brothers by shadowpaintedwhite
Very interesting composition and poses, really like the background and the blood splotches.
.MooN.PriesTeSs. by shadowpaintedwhite
The hands could be improved, and the star is far too cute for me, but under that this is a delicate and welldrawn picture with beautiful colouring, and very good movement, clothing and shading
Ninja by shadowpaintedwhite
and again, good movement of clothing, hair and figure, and I like the deep reds

egorger :iconegorger:
Uriel 2 by egorgerThe skulls on this are very well done, especially ^_^

Not within the limits... but not far enough out to not be included (or I'm not sure about :XD:)
VMASTER:iconvmaster: Shelby Cobra GT500 by VMASTER
golden-thread:icongolden-thread:   Thank you for smoking. by golden-thread


Thank you feature
New Watchers
:iconpait-et-amore: Chainlink Reflection by pait-et-amore

Visitors who have faved something - thank you
(Apologies if I feature something more than once - I'm trying to avoid that, but later may become unavoidable ^_^. Hopefully :XD: my subscription will run out first, before I must face that dilemma!)
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i'm glad to be featured in your journal
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I'm glad to have you here ^_^
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Thanks for the feature!! What great variety in this one!
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You're welcome ^_^ and thanks :XD:
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Heh, I didn't think I would make this feature, this was a surprise, thanks a lot.
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^_^ you're welcome.
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thanks so much for the feature :)
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You're very welcome :heart:
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thnku for the feature xx
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No problem at all:heart:
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Thanks for the feature :hug:
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some nice manips in there, thnx for including me in =D
and thnx for ur gr8 comments :hug:
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You're very welcome! You have some interesting work. And thank you :heart:
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