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Tui Feeding



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The Tui - an endemic New Zealand honeyeater bird, with an absolutely incredible song.

Those are Japanese Cherry blossoms - not natives at all! :D

Entry for *artofalinea One Contest
Obvious: it's one bird
Less obvious: Unique to one country.
Only obvious to people who had to sit and count bird interactions on Tiritiri Matangi sanctuary that one time: the tui are one of the most dominant and aggressive bird species - apart from the NZ falcon and the Australasian Harrier obviously! While there are a few bigger birds (e.g. the kereru/wood pigeon), the tui is the one that takes over a nice tree and sits at the top of the hierarchy, in most of the bush.

...which meant that I spent several hours sitting watching trees with just one tui, and never anything else.

ONE TUI! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH. Yeah, we all got out of writing that report on bird interaction >.>




Probably around six hours actually painting

Painted in:
ArtRage 2.5 ....of course

Painted for:
  • My Tui page, because I needed a good image, with no copyright angst.
    My parents, because they wanted to see one from me, and the last nice native bird picture... well, the only other one, was the fantail one back in June 2008

    My sister, because she has a poem she wants illustrated... which I don't yet have ;P

    Me, because I wanted to.
    My watchers, because I keep fobbing off distracted 'throw colour at the screen because OMG I have a thesis project' pictures on them.

  • And critique is all good. Got bored doing the flowers though, so won't appreciate comments along the lines of 'if only you'd done the flowers properly...' ;P But anything else... background/composition/colour choices etc, all wanted!

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    Love it. We have tui at home and yes, they take over! I really like the composition and the contrast of black and pink and glossy, though it does take little brain work to see the tui properly against the black. Nice work!