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The Spiral Tattoo



This was a commission - it's a book cover for the book (and free audiobook) The Spiral Tattoo. The podiobooks are free, and you can download them by chapter, so when it comes out, do pay a visit.

I held off on posting it until he got his site up and running, which it now is.

The story... well, if you like Simon R Green's Hawk & Fisher books, and Steven Brust's writing style in his Vlad Taltos novels (all awesome fantasy well worth checking out), then you should like this. I've only read the unedited stuff, but I'll definitely be checking out the finished version.
It's a fantasy-murder-mystery, so I tried to get it to 'say' all that, and to be visible in the small thumbnails the site allows. Methinks my vast experience in researching fantasy novels throughout my life and in classes was time well spent :innocent:


Details all from the story - the specific hair colour is magenta, which I actually had to look up! The girl is the first main plot point, and as true to the description as I could get (while still being... somewhat PG ;P ) and you can see the tattoo (embedded with gemstones - by maaaagic *creepy voice*) snaking up over her hip and coming out under her breast.

The fairy is not called a fairy ;P and is one of the guardsmen and the main narrator. (It's one of those mixed fantasy race settings).

Hmm, time was between four and eight hours, I think. I worked on it an hour or two at a time, in between busy work/uni/preparing for DO/sleep etc, so I lost track a bit :D I enjoyed this one, it was quite fun. Also I got to use the gloop pen for the spiral-light bit ^_^

Oh yeah, alllll in ArtRage, of course ;P
Reference used for the girl.

Critiques are welcome, because I like to learn and pretend I knew that all along for next time ;P

Titled version (yep, that's my handwriting.)

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Nice rainbow wings. :D And purple hair! (well more fuscia than anything...) :thumbsup: