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'cause I'm too lazy to use photobucket :D

Sketchbook: Shades of Grey

I hate trying to take photos in indoor lighting - it's really hard to get the angle right - too much glare, or with your head blocking the light.

These are the postcards I have finally got my hands on to sell at Douin Overload on Saturday.

Four landscape ones on left
Through My Eyes (should rename this 'Into The West' as my mother insists on calling it the 'Lord of the Rings picture';)
Firelight Getting back into the old classics now :D AARGH. Why did I paint this one in a sort of square format? Really hard to fit onto the postcard without losing the impact of the wings
Wanderer - ah, THAT one. Balloons and sunsets. Printed quite differently from the usual results, but very dramatic looking :D
Hold On

From Top left, on top right
White Moonlight and (on one Nekoish postcard :D )
Inkpool (the slinky Burton lady >.> )

The Rose Bride (Anthy from Utena fanart)
Zeb's Mermaid Most of you may remember THIS one ... eh. Typical pretty mermaid.
Suddenly ehehehe. Blood. The Lady Snowblood-ish one
Smoke which came out REALLY well. On the postcard, not on the photo -_-

And again, on bottom right
Among the Stars - the only pencil one there. It came out well, so I think I'll try using some of the others next time.
Woodland Green My favourite :heart: glad to see the colours came out right. And you can still see the deer and the mice ^_^
Waterborn. STILL the most popular piece in my gallery, DD excepted. Doesn't get much attention these days though.
Blue Waters ... my most me-ish mermaid picture :D printed kinda dark, but it's always been a tricky one with the green/blue/purple balances

BIRDY ... I still don't really get why this is so popular :D But it printed well, so I'm not going to argue :plotting:
YinYang actually looks good on a black background - hadn't considered using it before because the picture is round, but glad I did.
Why Can't I...? little firesprite, all alone at the end.
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I want them all! :icongwomp: