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Moving on... WIPs



Just proving I am.... still aliiiive


and sane :nod:

Okay; from left clockwise.
1. ~Yanamari's dragon to be - began as the girl-form, became a naga-type, then decided it wanted to transform all the way. Having LOTS of fun with the metallic glitter settings (...and blending >.> )
(Prize art for coming 2nd in one of =jennyleigh's contests.

2. possible Wish list picture (secret santa thing, by =Inqy (?), must finish by end of Dec.

3. Started off as above, devolved into happy random abstract rainbow stuff. Also, been wanting to draw a whale... put on hold, I think.

Previous WIP/Promise deviation.

Still pending from that lot, want to finish before I go overseas.

~Nickelpat's kiriban ... actually, realised I've been thinking about it the wrong way. Found a good figure reference the other day, I'm going to try and use that (posture is more interesting... might work better)
Also, the pencil-tool is better for the fineness of faces, so I'm more confident about tackling people.

*Himmapaan 1st place prize from my contest; waiting on whim to see what they'd like one day.

*Poetic-Dragon STILL want to finish this; sort of prompt/request/commission...

+sister's b'day art. No attempts of that are coming up in case it becomes her picture and she sees it.

+ off- DA commission
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