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Jen - Lineart

Oh thank god it uploaded at last :faint:

Comment if you want a transparent PNG/PTG/PSD etc but I think I'll give up trying to upload transparencies for now.

Sketch version:

NICE version:

Semi-relevant link
How to colour a lineart in ArtRage

Lineart rules
Do what you want to it, including editing the lines etc

(tell me if you colour it and upload it; credit me! and no prints. Leave the signature right on that picture, please. Anything else, ask me)

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se is so beautiful!just at breats to work a little bit more but in rest is so perfect.i like her pose
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Beautiful line art.

I noticed you wanted a critique so feel free to disregard what I say next because I'm not a digital artist. Her boobs look a little saggy and low to me. I think they ought to be more round and perky but if you weren't going for the idealised breast then feel free to ignore.

Secondly the line art is noticeably wonky. I think the first thing you ought to do is focus on being able to do nice smooth lines and then later on try some variation in the thickness. I love that kind of linework.

But hey this is a personal opinion so feel free to disregard completely.
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Pah, art is art. Critique away.

*sniff* I can't draw smooth lines

Yeah, I know it's wonky. I was just hoping it didn't show... I should know better by now ^_^ I need to practice, or find a different method/program, I guess.

And the breasts -yeah, that was a choice, I was going for a sort of stylised/streamlined-ish effect. Worked better in the sketch, though. Oh wait - I was thinking of this photo( - mature content, btw) I had no internet then, so couldn't actually refer to it
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If it make you feel better I can't do line art either :P.