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Edit: Print file uploaded. Wow. THIS wasn't a print? It's what everyone buys at stalls O_o

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Edit: Description added. See below original comments. If it doesn't make sense, please tell me?

Finished version of Arson

Closeup here [link]

Total of eight hours, and six of those were trapped under a cat. For the last couple of hours, she rested her head on my arm, which made things...tricky. She never stopped purring :paranoid:

I completely changed the wings, because I wanted to paint them with the light glowing through, also the stretched backwards posture was completely wrong considering how I have them crouching.

I wanted a background, but I couldn't decide what and then it wouldn't have been visible at night anyway.

ArtRage 2.5 and tablet
Fullview for earrings, dragonflies, hair, facial features and so forth...

There is nothing in their hands but light, and from that is flying little dragon creatures.

Remembered to use more than one type of blend tool... the wings took hours.

I'm VERY fond of this one - again because I spent a long time on it and am very tied up in it. I KNOW that the expression kept changing to mimick my expression as I drew. It was the joy after a busy artless period and a light shining through the loss of being able to draw (mostly due to exams and work >.< both at once is a bad combination). And it embodies my comfort in being in the dark, and my fascination with glowing fire. And again, I just love it as an artwork, it's one of the few pieces that I don't see faults and skimped areas leaping out at me (possibly because it's still shiny and new :XD: if you DO see any, please do let me know)
Right, got my head sorted... now for the story
working title was 'Arson' :D I was trying to draw this, then it changed and then ...well, the 'blank demands of the submission page comment box' destroyed my brain. Also was about 1am)

The Silent One had no name for its kin, they were all Silent ones.

The Silent ones weren't really silent - venting a constant crackling susurrus of harsh whispers - but never louder than a whisper. And one never knew whether or not the kin were nearby, unless they were close enough to hear the whispering. And the whispering was often masked the whisper of the mountain streams...

The kin of the Silent one dwelt in air and darkness, they lived in the dark caves and the cold, cold, night over the mountains. Cold whispering pools and black icy water filled the passages and lurked in the stone.

Daylight had not been seen in a thousand years. They lived and hid and preyed in the darkness and the night sky and the caves, cloaked by the night and lonely distances from more mundane eyes. And light... it carries very far, at night.

Fire and light and dance and heat, dryness and movement and noise. These are forbidden.
Magic, while innate in some, attracted attention and opened the paths to light and life and danger and daylight. It was outside of the caves and the night. And the working drained the dark still power from the waters in the rock, and the vibrations of enchantment warmed the cold silent caves. Magic, and fire, destroyed the peace and the cover of night. Magic, and fire, were utterly forbidden.
Not forbidden. Unconscionable. Anathema.

But this Silent One loved firelight. And fire, and magic, which created it. But mostly, the Silent one loved firelight.
Night after moonless night, deep in a lightless cavern, crouched on wet rock, as light danced in the reflections of the water, away from farseeing eyes in the wide open skies, the Silent One raised firelight.

Entered into *darchiel's Daemon contest, and `emmil's Forbidden Love contest
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I would like to use the image in a Magic Set Editor custom project. It is really just a pet project, no profit, purely for fun. If you'd like to know more, please feel free to ask for the details. If you'd prefer if I didn't, just say. Thank you.