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Elf Mage: fanart

Just had this person pop into my head and demand drawing. Quick colouring of a half nice sketch...

Oh, and fullview is much better.

Hmmmm, okay, let's see how long it takes people to guess this character... :D

mage, elf, colour scheme, familiar.



And a couple of other things :innocent:

edit: guessed by ~mrmistophelees

An hour in ArtRage 2.5, although a lot of that was fiddling with layers to present it.

Lineart is here

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Genuinely awesomesauce. :D I love the style and the pose and the features and the vibrant colours...

Is Blackwing MEANT to be sort of invisible? :D

...You know, asking people to guess the character is kind of redundant when some of us are obsessed enough to do search daily on DA for new fanart. XD
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Wait, you found this via search? You know I just watched you, right? :D (...found you via the OOTs thread ;P )

And thank you :D I should finish this, I guess *deep long-suffering sigh*

Blackwing? um, sort of, yes. I mean, he's meant to be black ^_^
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I may have missed it (I don't check the activity tab too often), but thanks! :D

And yes, finish it. :) I'm tired of monopolyzing the OotS fanart industry. XD
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By chance is it Vesuvius from [link] ? I'm sure it is.. haha... I read Order of the Stick all the time! Amazing talent!
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Vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarsuvius, yes :D
(I had to check the speling :paranoid: )

Hurrah! I have watchers with taste!
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I read OOTS and also Genius Girl [link] (It gets into beautiful color after several episodes). Both artists are incredibly talented not only in comic art but also in humor and a gripping story!
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I love GG :D
I also read more webcomics than anyone has a right to know of :paranoid:

(seriously, [link] and more in my favourites...)
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Excellent! Thanks for the link there! I look forward to browsing many of these webcomics! hehe.. Have you also read Nodwick [link] and Goblins [link] ? Two more excellent super-cool comics! hehe...
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If you spent another hour on it, it would be amazing. Man I wish you uploaded the basic drawing, I would love to have a go painting it (would make a great challenge for the artrage forms too)
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YES IT IS, you genius. I will see what I can do (I'll send you a link in a few days)
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I might come back :D I'm just... in a sketchy mood >.>

(Uh, the part on the right IS the basic drawing. I can upload that separately, if you like - but I know most people can't actually make sense of my sketches... )
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