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Elf Mage Lineart

Okaaaaay, I was good and tried making a lineart out of the sketch from this picture

As you can see, i am not so good at the linearts >.> And my hands are cold and it is hard to draw neatly. Also, I cannot resist changing things.
Took an hour to redraw/cleanup in ArtRage
Oh, it's a GIF because I'm having uploading issues. And apprently GIFs aren't allowed in any of the categories I've tried :O_o:

Lineart rules
Do what you want to it, including editing the lines etc

(tell me if you colour it and upload it; credit me! and no prints. Leave the signature right on that picture, please. Anything else, ask me)

Linearts and Sketches

People who've used my stock and linearts

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I reckon the line art is pretty good this time it's not wobbly at all
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Thanks :D
Not wobbly, but more sketchy *sighs* but someone recommended a good program to try to me, so I'll test that and see if it helps.
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Well the sketchy has a nice texture to it. That's what I thought anyway.
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Nice! But you make me feel silly not knowing who she is :D

Just wondereringering... if you had any linearts lying around on your computer/ in your home that you would like to see as a 3d picture? With the red and blue glasses? Because I'd make one for you, but don't worry if you don't have them
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Never said 'she' :innocent:
Do you read webcomics? It's from a rather popular one (artistic interpretation of :paranoid: ) If you don't, you wouldn't know ;P
Ummm, do I....?
Hmm. I'm not the tidiest of artists, and most of my sketches are apparently indecipherable, but this folder has everything. And I have a few more I can upload. SO if something there looks usable, please go ahead!
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Yup, will do if I find anything! I'm not very good, see, so I need something really clear, but I guess people can do it from pretty much anything.

Yeah, I read webcomics, but normally humour/drama based, not fantasy. You know Xkcd? Or pictures for sad children?
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