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Nearly forgot to upload this.

ArtRage 2.5, tablet, about two hours

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Speedpaint thing from last week - a forcible break from jumping between commissions and gifts and prizeart and kiribans... (I wanted to just ...paint, to do something that I could stop doing when I wanted and not have to put aside to finish, that I could leave simple or work details into - my standards are getting much higher, I have a lot of mostly finished pictures now, for people (mostly) that I once would have posted but now cannot bear to, I see too much needing doing and I would be ashamed of having it in my gallery...)

So. Firebirds. A fierce, brief indulgence, an inspired glory of exhultation. And then freedom and rising renewed to return to other things.

Grasses are using the edge palette knife, background using flat and soft.
The phoenix was an experiment, the entire picture came out quite stylised and I added the stars as a counterpoint and to emphasise that.

There were burning tree silhouettes but they looked scrappy and were unnecessary and cluttering, so I removed them.

And is the phoenix flying over the sunset, or is it setting a trail of fire and destruction...? Passing by in endless travels, rising newborn from a burning nest, or coming in to land and rest...?

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Wow, the colours in this work are wonderful. You have a great imagination. What else is there to say??? I love it!