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ArtRage Tutorial: Ice Within

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© 2008 - 2020 Flynn-the-cat
To be found on the ArtRage Tutorials and Resources page.
If you don't know what ArtRage is, start here on the ArtRage: Basic navigation, reviews and how-tos page

Because I actually took screenshots of this one as I went.

Until I got carried away and forgot >.>
Anyway, it's big enough for now.
Copied them into paint.NET and added text and lines and so forth there. Took... over three hours. I'm mad.
I might do more if people want any.

FEEDBACK WOULD BE WONDERFUL as this is my first tutorial.
Requests for other tutorials taken, stewed over, and probably spat out months later. See the above pages for basic 'getting around ArtRage' tutorials.

Original/Finished painting


Please leave a comment if you use it?

All free resources (stock, wallpapers, linearts, tutorials)

People who've used my stock/tutorials/linearts

Tutorial for ArtRage 3

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MelodicArtistStudent Traditional Artist
Wonderful tutorial! Easy to understand, and very detailed. Your painting is lovely, by the way! :)
Onoyu's avatar
OnoyuHobbyist General Artist
I LOVE this! Zumg, why I no has talents
simmons-art's avatar
wow work pal 10/10
Murasaki99's avatar
Murasaki99Student Traditional Artist
Excellent tutorial. I've been using ArtRage sporadically, but I want to use it more -- I'm very impressed with its capabilities. Thank you for discussing what many of the tools can do and how to adjust them. :boing:
canavarhero's avatar
do you know if i can draw above other picture?
like for example, a meme or something that i just have to fill it? or take the good ol example of taking a picture of a president and draw a mustach on him on art rage?
BlahMan179's avatar
BlahMan179Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome tutorial, just got Artrage 2 today, things got the best of Photoshop and Corel Painter.
Drawing-Beast's avatar
Drawing-BeastHobbyist Digital Artist
SasuNaruLUV47's avatar
SasuNaruLUV47Student General Artist
wow this is amazing
Dibujantte's avatar
Nice tut, thanks so much. Joy!
visque01's avatar
visque01 Traditional Artist
can i ask, what does transparent do? i'm still trying to learn how to color and draw with my pc.
Flynn-the-cat's avatar
Flynn-the-catHobbyist Digital Artist
Transparent/ 0% opacity is where it turns the background invisible - it's what lets you see what's on the layer below, for example.

People can use it to make icons - like :iconvectors-unite: - it's actually a rectangle, but it has parts that are transparent (or possibly they cheated by colouring the same colour as the background!) or this painting [link] which is just a circle on a transparent background (the black bits are because deviantART doesn't like transparency in PNG files much! )

Basically, if you want to make an icon or something - or upload it to DA and there aren't a lot of colours - use GIF
PNG for nice pictures (or TIFF, I think)
PSD for working on your computer with, if that's an option for you.
visque01's avatar
visque01 Traditional Artist
thank you.... i will try to work on this with some of my drawings.
Silver-winds's avatar
this great for a project I'm working on.
Thanks :)
Sirielle's avatar
Sirielle Digital Artist
Good to learn of a real ArtRage tutorial (not just GUI explanation as mine ;) ). I haven't red the tutorial, yet, I'm running ATM. I'll be back :)
perfect-tea's avatar
perfect-teaHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for making a tutorial that touches on basic design and not just "make these strokes". Many of us have a hard time with composition and such, so this is very helpful. Thank you. c:
Flynn-the-cat's avatar
Flynn-the-catHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, those tutorials are great... if you want to recreate the same picture. So I tried to explain a bit ^_^ I'm REALLY glad it helped!
TenderMySkin's avatar
TenderMySkin Interface Designer
wow! nice this was good^^, i'll do this when i have a graphical pad ... for now i'm using a mouse so i'll just trace
yukinko's avatar
It's a great tutorial, especially for the first time making one.

I love the snow. I've always wanted to learn how to create snow and have it actually look like snow, and this helped.
Flynn-the-cat's avatar
Flynn-the-catHobbyist Digital Artist
I always have too much to say :D

Really? Wonderful. Hmmm....maybe I should do a snow tutorial... >.>
yukinko's avatar
A snow tutorial would be awesome. @_@
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