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:bulletblue: foxacongrimm Sketching

Commission Info

I'm starting college next month... not sure what to think lol
I just don't want to take math, but I'm so bad at it, I'll have to take more math classes T_T FML hahaha...
Commission Status:
foxacongrimm : Getting idea

Thanks to all that commissioned me and stuff!
With that, I was able to get gas for my car to get over to do a medication study in the next town over.
I'm here for another week and then I'm going back to the study for another week... and with the money from that, we should definitely be fine until my husband gets that license he needs to start that new job! :D

Whew! It's such a relief when things work out...
Thank you so much guys! >.< :hug:
Thought I'd stop by and update so you don't think I died :0

Let's see... we bought my mom's big house. I grew up in it and so I love it~ It's big and airy and light inside :D

I haven't really been drawing, (still), but I've been blogging.

If you're into Kpop or Asian dramas/movies, then check out my blog -> :dance:

I'm planning to sell Kpop-style shirts this coming year with my younger sister :3

My husband has just started and insurance job. It's annoying to get started in, (licensing and all that), but he loves being a salesman, so I'm glad he's doing it :0

My kids are fine. My oldest is starting 1st grade already in 2 weeks >3< (wtf lol)
So... yeah~ :D Hehe.

Hope you're all doing well too!

Name the unicorn?

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 9, 2011, 6:26 AM

My sister is trying to get people to help her name her unicorn and stuff, so I'm pimping it out here lol.

Here's her YouTube video about it ->…

She's sad because nobody is commenting there >.<;;; So, if you have an account and everything, check it out :D

On another note, I was at Anime Detour last weekend. I'll probably post a journal with some pics later :0


Journal Entry: Fri Mar 11, 2011, 9:12 AM

I really hope my friends in Japan are okay! :(

Here's a finder for anyone who needs it....…


Journal Entry: Mon Mar 7, 2011, 11:34 AM

Still suffering from this art slump... it's like all motivation to draw has left my body T_T
It's sad because I missed so many fun things in this time... like the birthday art exchange thing... and secret santa... T_T

Maybe my motivation will come back after I move? We're moving about 3 hours away for my husband's job soon. I'm glad, but I'll miss my little sister too >.<

Well... I hope everyone is doing well! >.<

Oh, and I just realized I wasn't even here for my birthday! D: Omg... If anyone did their part of the birthday exchange, send me the pic in a note please @_@

Recent Favs:

Peppermint Swirl by lehPhotography Peppermint dome pendant by caithness-shop Inside the Machine by roseandthorn :thumb84018057: Peppermint Vector by blane2 :thumb183622751: Tsuru by AltairMonky Project: My Hindu Temple by yael360 Seo Taiji for Flynfreako by TearsofRiku Steam Crow Helmet by SteamCrow Bikini Bottom Pokemon Gym by cezkid Pocket Frog Plushie by Master-Kankuro Goldilocks and the 3 BEARS by J-Scott-Campbell Shadow II by yu-ka Andro Metamorphose 5 by x-Marionette-x g-dragon by nyugyu :thumb182416078: :thumb190012600:

my birthday~!

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 21, 2010, 10:54 AM

Whoa, my birthday is already this weekend! I don't want to turn 24 T_T I don't want to get older! D: (lol)

On another note, I've been super busy T_T I miss drawing Flying Koi and I still want to get those birthday pics done. If I owe you a pic, don't worry, I have you on my to-do list so I won't forget.
I'm just busy >.<;

Pretty much, I'm focusing on doing things that make money. So, I'm just finishing commissions and things that people paid for... but that doesn't mean I think the other pics aren't important... they will eventually get done :D

I'm also going to open a local and online lingerie shop, so I've been putting a lot of time into that >.< I've picked a name and I'll talk more about that once my LLC is filed.

I miss you guys~! T_T

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Kelven by Bory-Einfrost Manly Cloud by GENZOMAN RAWRIMMASHARKK by Silverkestrel Korean Dream by Xhilyn Big Bang by girlthatlovesgray YG Family by pyroKhad PAPER GIRL by hachiyuki :thumb177687542: hanami by Katari-Katarina Hongki by durumii :thumb178579220: Stop and Stare by illusionality haruna. by vmbui aqueous submission by CapnScribbles forest queen by TearsofRiku Byakuran by LALAax In Magic Fields by Ocarina-Witch :thumb167305240: detarake no HEROES by Aquafeles Kino by Aquafeles psssh by Aquafeles

Check it Out~

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 23, 2010, 8:18 PM

Hey, I made a hub site to gather up all my websites haha XD;
If you're the stalker type, (like I am), then you might want to check it out. It has some more photos of me too 8D;; lol and I'll add more later, but I just got a bad haircut and am waiting for it to grow out....

So here it is ->…


Okay, hiatus is almost over... I'm a bit worried though because I'm planning to get a job soon.
I'm just bored and want money to buy tons of silly things like awesome clothes 8D; Cuz you know... I should wear the things I like now before I'm too old to get away with it. I've heard that people in their 20's can get away with a lot fashion-wise, so I should experiment while I can, haha~

I'm just worried that it'll be difficult to update Flying Koi and stuff... but I will definitely try!
Hopefully I can get ahead enough before I'm hired XD;

Recent Favorites:
Maiko quick fanart by Yokkan :thumb176390275: Rumoured Jealousy by noirioko :thumb166278750: Speed Paint 3 - Espomage by TheNamelessTailled The Biting Pear of Salamanca by ursulav Vacation 2009 by dead-robot This time, baby, I'll be. by Sephiramy :thumb174261001: .stupid heat. by akimaro Direction Insanity by ZeTrystan :thumb174890439: :thumb104224204: Avatars revenge by elsevilla

So Pissed Off =_=, (Updated)

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 13, 2010, 4:23 PM

Okay, so Matt (my husband) went over and talked to the landlady and worked stuff out.
She claimed her husband had a bad back so that's why he couldn't fix the stuff (couldn't install a toilet seat, really? -_-;; ). Of course that's just an excuse. If that was really the case, then they could have at least called us instead of telling us they'd be there "tomorrow" and then just never showing up like they did repeatedly.

Anyway, Matt is going to help out to get rent off like before, but this time we're putting it in writing so they can't try and scam us =_= Who knows if it'll actually happen though. They never come over to "look at" the stuff that's wrong even though they say they will. But at least I know we're not getting kicked out because of me lol

Thanks for supporting me! You guys really made me feel better! :hug:

-End Update

God... I just had a big fight with our landlady. Psh, I can control my emotions well online, but in real life.... *sigh* I hope we don't get kicked out because of it.
I mean, we're going to move out anyway, but it's not like we're in a position to just up and leave in a month or less.

Basically, just like every other landlord we've ever had, they're crappy people that don't know how to do their damn job.

Since we've moved in a year ago, we've noticed many things that need repair. Every time we tell them they say "oh, we'll come over tomorrow". Months go by and nothing happens.

We had to tear out a ceiling and replace it ourselves. They almost kicked us out back then because we wouldn't pay rent that month over the expenses =_= Yeah. We should've moved out then, but Matt was having a hard time finding work... he just recently got a job. (He's going to school too).

So she came over asking to talk to Matt about rent again, because his overage check was late and therefore, rent was late. He told her ahead of time so she already knew... why bother us again? =_= So annoying....

I basically asked her when they were ever going to fix anything in this place and she asked when we're paying rent. I was like, I don't think we should pay it until you fix something (me and my mouth >.>;; ).
She looked all shocked and said how can we fix anything if you don't give us rent? I said, well when we gave you rent before, during this whole year you never did anything. She said "well you can just move out then!" and stormed away.

*sigh* =_=;;

Matt's so peaceful... hopefully he can just say I wasn't thinking or something.... then we can just pay rent and after we pay, I plan to give her a letter telling her the things to fix so we have a record of it in case we have to do something legal....

Yuck. Why'd I have to do that? What a pain.

How to deal with rule-breakers on DeviantART.

You're happily browsing DeviantART like you usually do, when you suddenly come across someone who's breaking the rules.

It could be anything, but let's take one of the most common examples: Someone who submits an image that contains something that doesn't belong to them.

What do you do?

A. Quietly report them.

B. Send them a kind note explaining the rules. If they don't listen, you quietly report them.

C. Join in with the large number of outraged DA citizens accusing them of art thievery on said perpetrator's DA page. Then, make a journal about them to spread the word. Go vigilantes!

The best answer is A.
Just report them and leave. Don't even talk to them.

Don't worry, unless it's something really bad it's pretty unlikely they'll get outright banned. DeviantART, (in my experiences), usually just deletes the offending content and gives the person a warning. If the rule-breaker keeps on breaking the rules after that, then they run the risk of getting banned.
Think: A person like this will more likely listen to an official DA admin rather than a random DA peer. Don't waste your time.

B is an okay choice - to send a note to politely inform them of their transgressions - but it won't be as effective and it will be messier.
If you're overly nice about it, they won't take you seriously.
If you're too aggressive, they'll just get defensive and refuse to listen.
In the end, you'll probably have to end up reporting them anyway. Even so... the most kind-hearted people will probably still choose that route over A.

C is definitely the WRONG choice. NEVER reprimand them in public.
Not only is it ineffective, (when feeling attacked, a person usually just gets angry and/or defensive and won't listen to you), but you run the risk of getting in trouble with DA yourself. Even if DA does nothing about it, it's still immature and puts you on the same level as the rule-breaker - because by doing that, you're most likely breaking the rules too.

Make sure you read the DeviantART etiquette rules if you haven't already:
Etiquette Policy

Here is a quote under the "Discouraged Commentary" section: "Likewise we discourage public accusations and other similar situations; please bring all issues of this nature to the attention of the staff by notifying the official deviantART helpdesk."

While it's not "prohibited" to do so, it IS discouraged. You will not look good if you call someone out in a journal or on their page. DeviantART has made this clear because they have had enough experience to know that by doing so, you will only make the situation worse. I, myself, have seen mass bans over similar situations that had gotten out of control by journals such as these.
Just. Don't. Do. It.

When reporting, make sure you do it right:

In fact, you should read the FAQ anyway. Read FAQ now~!

So there you have it.

In a nutshell: Just report, don't talk to them. Making a journal about them or reprimanding them on their front page is against the DA Etiquette Policy.


Journal Entry: Fri Aug 6, 2010, 1:55 PM

Hey guys, how has your summer been so far?
I'm happy having a chance to be lazy in my hiatus, haha~ Randomly popping in here until September and then I'll be active again. So don't forget me XD

Anyway, if you want that special "10th DA Birthday" badge, head on over here and put this puzzle together ->…
Simple and fun! Just remember, you have to turn the pieces around sometimes... use the spacebar to do that :D

There's also the scavenger hunt going on right now, for those of you that like riddles and stuff. I tried, and had to give up >.<; Hahaha....
Check it out here ->…

On another note, I've been having fun watching dramas. If you like romance, comedy and drama, then you should really watch "Personal Preference" and "Coffee Prince". They're amazing! :D
Check 'em out over at or ^.^

See ya next month! When I get back, I plan on having another "feature your friends" article~

10 Newest Favs~
UpsideDown Greenhouse by jermilex BEST FRIENDS 4 EVER by Chocotorta Can I have a hug? by Jackie-Ghan +Original+ DeathFlower set 3 by Fengjing rabbits by perhydrol Good And Evil by AzulNightengale

Fata Morgana by FernandoTabanera MY EFFECTIVE ATTACKZ by GinAkuma kiyu's redesigned outfit by DodgingTires


Journal Entry: Mon Jul 12, 2010, 4:54 PM

Yeah, summer has seemed to suck away any desire I had for drawing. I can't explain it other than that, since I'm not completely sure myself o_O;

Just drawing updates for my comic has felt like a huge chore... I'm taking an August hiatus from that too.


Commissions, requests, birthday presents will be kept on my list until summer is over. I feel really horrible for doing this, but it's the best thing to do.
If I draw while I'm not feeling it, then the results will suck. I'd rather do it when I'm more motivated so the pieces will look nice for you guys! >.<;

Though, if you've been waiting a long time for a piece, or feel ignored, then I don't blame you for being pissed at me o_o;; All I can say is... summer will be over before you know it and you'll get your pic/s then! I promise! :D

If you have a message for me, I still check DA once in awhile... though, lately I've been on FaceBook and everyday... so it'd probably be faster to get ahold of me there.


Of course, the desire to draw might hit me at any time... so I guess it wouldn't be too surprising if I suddenly get something done and submit it ^^; lol

Almost a month ago, I made a journal that said whoever commented on it would get to feature something... the only catch was that the art couldn't be by the commenter! :D

Under-exposed artists were encouraged, but it wasn't a requirement. The majority of these artist get little attention, so I highly recommend viewing their whole gallery if you like something here!

Wow, many of you are very kind! People either dropped a name, or gave a link to a specific piece~  
I will probably be doing this again around September.

:thumb73112028: The Monarch of Mortality by DreamingRed Where are you?... by Sora-Kun-AR pikachu by umbreonfan1 :thumb165911042: Sage of Era by midorynn Leukemia Awareness by KairiCentatri :thumb147789029: KamuiSubaru by Ero-Pinku art request 'peaceful picnic' by chappy-rukia Xth Mode Kite: Maddness by MevAsumare Nohkan Mask Party by tohdraws :thumb170145717: Symphony City Kitty by Petite-Emi :thumb137014903: PSO - Shino by ZiyoLing Stairway To ... by evilllama-polly Theme 83: Heal by DreamChasingWindie :thumb128671462: I like screentones by SedateCate Rasheed See No Evil by Orochimaru666 :thumb159947212: :thumb166935368: miasmic flutterby by dusty-llama :thumb166903235: Neverland's Gate by Silverwit Beyond Wonderland by ninykinin Whoopsie.... by RadenWA :thumb167651392: Taking Tea in Dreamland by Mel-Chu :thumb164962739: And I Lie Through My Teeth by ERADiiCATE :thumb169178364: :thumb165846136: Narsha boy2 by rabbiteyes :thumb119657868:

My Featured Deviant:
She's always looking out for others! I'm sure she's made many friends with her encouraging words and attention. I won't be surprised if she eventually gains "senior member" status with her selfless attitude!
Thank you for being my friend! :D

Thank you so much to all who participated!
If you are in this journal and want to know who pimped you out, just drop me a note and I'll check for you~ :D
It's the middle of summer for this side of the world~
I don't think I'd feel satisfied if I didn't make a news article featuring water creatures for this season!

I hope you'll enjoy this as much as I do~
Remember to :heart: the article if you like it so more people will see it :D

The other feature news article I'm doing from my journal will be up in a few days, so don't worry about that.

Fiddler Crab by IndescribableMrHunt CUTTLEFISH design by Fera-sqrl Dance Party by Shannon-Long :thumb169618738: Inktvis by erwtensoep Lit Template - Doodle fishes by rockgem :thumb169662329: MonCherry by Lady-photographer Guardian by fliff fu:rdo: by GaraboncziA :thumb168953102: :thumb160363124: In deep water by ookami-zone You Made My Fantasy Real by BlueKatfish :thumb167865738: Blue Sea bracelet by Estylissimo :thumb169417640: Blue Whale Necklace by NadilynBeato :thumb168732274: Gulf Crab Necklace by NadilynBeato :thumb150664651: 017 gold by kiwii-becher Starfish by KnK-Art bad sharks by ormery Breath by Iarart Hello there by princessdabby Cuttlefish Necklace by Celeste-Angel Emmett Searches by Katerpillar77 .:+:.Land of the Dolfins.:+:. by ricoche Water spirit-dolphin spirits by Orionca Pinky the dolphin by nymphont Spirited Away by kryss :thumb169592553: Jelly Twilight by Shinne Starfish by Denaliluna untitled by DAGOOFYGOOBER THE SEA STAR by dynossaurus House By the Sea Button Ring by elizower odd one out by FlashFireBlue I think I'll call him Remy by Rustfur-Eternal seaside senior ball dress by fantasia1940 Summer Cupcake by colourful-blossom Lobster by Fidelicant Anemones by KnK-Art Scallop Fan Holding Squid by BlackMagdalena Mr. Hexopus by catzayu clam cartoon by mjsporto :thumb166394533: Underwater Friends by MissNicka :thumb169454685: Sea Star Sojourn by KathyHenderson-Green Harmony of Bone and Water 2 by ShroomsfromHell :thumb168963042: :thumb167021075: Starfish by Audisportracer give it a whirl by missxoxo Crabnenome by 9ofcups Puppet Crochet: Giant Clam by kerryroulston

Stamp 13, Fish tank 1 by Momma--G Sweet Koi by Aveilthe Cuttlefeesh by xGrimoire

I better stop now before this article gets insanely big XD Haha... I just love fish~ <3
See ya next month on the 1st! :D

Beware the Cake... UPDATE

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 1, 2010, 12:37 PM

Oh hey... DA now notifies you when it's a friend's birthday. It's on the left sidebar of the message inbox.
So I'm guessing that's what the cakes are for.
They're not meant so much as a random llama, but maybe a birthday present? I'm not sure if that's what they were thinking when they made them, but that seems okay to me now. (Still... it'd be nicer if it was priced a bit lower).

And yeah, that DA cemetery group is really for people who have supposedly actually died in real life... not just people who haven't been on in forever. That's why I feel the way they treat things there is pretty insensitive >.<


So yeah...
you can give cake badges to people now... but be careful.

They cost 80 points.


80 frickin points? For a badge? >.< I should've been paying more attention XD

Haha, ah well~ I just hope they cherish that thing XD;

And I just ran into a DA cemetery group. I'm not sure what to think.
I get the vibe that morbid children set it up and are treating death as a game and/or a way to gain attention. (I mean, using the :la: icon when saying there's nobody dead for the "O" section yet...? lol).

But then, it's the internetz... it's hard to take that stuff seriously when you don't know whether the person is faking it or not. (Remember those "sonic-cides"?)

It makes me feel a little morbid though.
I can't help but wonder whether any of my inactive friends here are really still alive after seeing something like that o_o;;
If something happened to me, I'd want somebody to let you guys know.
Well... that's what I originally thought, but maybe it'd be best to just deactivate the account? Maybe announce, and then deactivate? Probably just leave it alone without an announcement so people can just enjoy the art without thinking other things...
Does it even matter? XD lol

I guess I just don't like the thought of people who didn't even know of me coming over and using emoticons and/or generic words to claim they feel sad that I'm gone. Seeing comments like that on those pages just made me irritated. What was the purpose? The majority sounded so insincere... not that I blame them for that, since they didn't even know the person.

It wouldn't be much better for people that did know of me, but never cared to interact with me coming over and saying they miss me either XD Seems like those kinds of people do it because they feel it's expected of them. I'd rather they not pretend about something like that though... at least if it was me 8D (though I'd be dead so I guess it wouldn't matter lol).

So yeah... there's my rant XD haha

I guess after writing this, if something happened to me - before I end up leaving DA - I wouldn't want it announced. Everyone would just think I got too busy for DA or something.

Hey guyz~

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 29, 2010, 9:29 AM

I just got back from camping yesterday...

Just letting you know if you're wondering where I am XD

I'll be answering messages and making that feature news article as soon as I get things in order :D

if you like alice x tarrant like i do, then you should check out this author ->

her Possible Side Effects story is so awesome. the way she writes makes it feel like it's an official part of the story~

Everyone who comments gets....

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 18, 2010, 11:22 AM

Everyone [even non-watchers] that comments on this journal gets to feature a piece of art....

...the only catch is, the art piece can't be by you! :D

Comment with a link to a picture you think deserves more attention on DA.
It can be by a friend, someone you mentor, or someone you admire. It doesn't matter, as long as it's from someone that's not you ^.^ (Though is is preferable to feature a piece that has less than 100 favorites~).

At the end of the week, I'll feature them all in a news article~ :dance:

Let's see how generous you all are! :D

:bulletred:ANYBODY can join... not just my watchers!
:bulletred:Comment with a link to a piece of art.
:bulletred:The piece can't be by you.
:bulletred:Only one per deviant, or the feature will get too big to handle.
:bulletred:Ends June 28th.

About the AiW Contest... (Anime discouraged?)

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 15, 2010, 4:12 PM

...sorry, 2 journals in a day XD; It's very rare for me to do... but I just can't help myself this time! XD

You don't have to read it unless you actually care about the contest (or the mindset of acceptance of anime... or contests in general lol) :3 ->…

So many people are complaining... and I guess that's to be expected XD So I'm not going to tell people to stop whining.
There are some points that they gave that made me think, though.


None of the finalist entries were really anime style; people were complaining about it.
I thought... but why are they so biased against anime? Why is it likely that you've already lost if you submit an anime-style entry?

Well... maybe it's an unprofessional mindset.
Not everybody can relate to anime. Same with anthro or cartoon art.
With a contest of this magnitude, you should submit something that everyone can relate to... and that would be realism.

I know it's probably discouraging to hear, but it's true. You have to find common ground with the judges and viewers for something like this.
Especially when it's to promote a product.
Yes, many people love anime... but then again, many people hate it.
They wouldn't want a representative piece that may steer people away from their product just because they hate the art style.

I mean, would you want to buy an anime movie if it had a style of art that you hate on the cover?
Or... if it wasn't anime, but a live action movie with real actors and it had an unappealing cover, you wouldn't pick it up.

No, these contest pieces are not for a cover... but how many times have you passed by an ad for something just because it looked bad; not the actual product, but the ad?

One of the finalist artists, (the one I like the most), had that mindset.
If you look in her gallery you see that she likes to draw anime. But if you look at her entry, it's more realistic.
->… ->

It's probably hard to tell if it's really you - if you use anime style - as well. It could be just any anime character for all they know... or an OC of yourself... which is not really yourself (confusing lol).

Another point would be... maybe it's harder to find plagiarized art among non-realism pieces.
Once, in one of my contests, we were informed that our first place winner had actually pretty much just copied a pose and style from a published manga.
If it's not anime... ect.... it's easier to see your own style and may be safer to choose as a winner.

And... it's really sad to say because I love drawing it... but anime is just not a very original style. Even if you have your own style of anime... many people who don't like anime won't notice it!
For an example... my mom looked at my and my sister's art and said "Anime all looks the same to me...".
...and she went to college for art.


People are complaining that the finalists aren't original enough. I think it's partly because of the next point in this journal, (Rules Not Followed?).

Yeah, originality is really nice, and desired... but the entries have to look good as well.
And you know... beauty is in the eye of the beholder :/
They want something that looks good to the majority so it will sell the movie.

It's sad but... Twilight was popular for a reason. Originality doesn't always get the most fans.

Rules Not Followed?

Well, the rules here say to draw yourself as one of the characters from the movie.…

Maybe DA should word things a little bit better in the future... it should've said "as an existing character from the movie".

They did have "...inspired specifically by the graphic depictions of the characters as found in Disney "Alice In Wonderland". " which implies that you should be portraying and existing character... but I guess that isn't clear enough for many younger and foreign entrants.
Still, it was in the rules, and it's over now. Just make sure you read it over better next time.

Not enough variety?

I agree... I really wish I had seen some Cheshire Cat entries....
But I guess out of all the entries for other characters, there were none that outshone the Hatter and Alice ones.
It's as simple as that.
They're the main characters, too... so it's not surprising that most of the entries were oriented towards them.

Same goes for the absence of a variety of mediums. There are a few traditional pieces, so you can tell DA tried as well as they could.
There were just more good entries in the digital realm; more of the pro artists chose to go digital.

And finally... the people crying simply because they did not place.
Ah, there's always these people.

I'm sorry, but if you did not color/shade your artwork and/or if it has no background, it's not considered finished.

Looking through the entries... I'm surprised at all the half-assed pictures in there. It looks like at least half of them just threw something together and spent no time on it at all.

And then... even if you did try really hard and it still didn't place, then maybe you just need some more experience. Get over it and go practice some more! Enter more contests and see if certain DA groups will accept your entries... you know DA judges won't look twice at it if it won't even be accepted by a handful of DA group admins.
Look at the winners and figure out what they're doing differently from what you did... then work on doing it too in your own way.

Other entries looked amazing and many wish they would've placed, but you know... there were only so many winning spots and tons of entries!
I guess it's only something you can relate to if you've had to judge a contest like this as well.
I'm sure many of them came really close to placing, but in the end, not all the judges agreed on them.

Hahaha... so sorry about this long journal :D I just had to speak my thoughts so I could analyze them better ^^;

Question :D

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 15, 2010, 10:44 AM

First off... a few days ago my 1 year old ate the button off of my tablet pen =_=;; I usually catch him before he does anything to it, but this time he was too fast.
Ah well. I never use the button anyway >.>;; lol


For those of you with original characters...
which one of your characters do you dislike the most? XD haha

Tell me which character, out of the characters that you have created, that you hate the most 8D

You can also list your top favs XD Feel free to post links to pics of them~


For me... I don't really care about Takashi XD; I don't really hate him or anything... but I don't really like him either rofl I guess he's not my type?

My favs are either Maiko, Kenichi, or Ryoko :3
I feel like I can relate the most to Maiko and Ryoko, and Kenichi is just my type *_* haha  
(They're all characters in my webcomic -> )

New Budding Obsessions?

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 9, 2010, 3:39 PM

I now really like Turkey's Eurovision song... I can't stop listening to it! >.< ->…
Thank you to the band for making a song like this *o* haha That's how much I like it~

I've just developed an Alice x Tarrant/Hatter obsession :D
I joined their fanclub and do what I always do when I start shipping a couple: read smut 8D; hahaha~

Speaking of smut... I have an ecchi account here on DA. If you like that kind of perverted stuff and nudity, you might like that too. Note me for it because I don't want my stalkers stalking me there 8D; That place is for me to have fun and I want to keep it that way~

I've still been feeling depressed with low self-esteem... I think I'm in a rut. I've been feeling this way for about 2 months now. I feel like my art is bad and that I don't look pretty enough and all that.
I think maybe I just need an emotional outlet.

So I want sad things.
If you know of any sad Asian Dramas* (because I love them) let me know~
I think it would help :D
I don't really feel like watching anime for some reason... but any manga might be good too.

*Preferably with the situation of "I love them but I can't be with them" sort of thing 8D haha I really love stuff like that~ (Like in the drama "She is 19" where the younger brother can't approach the girl because she's "with" his older brother :drool: I like seeing sad guys, alright? 8D; )