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I love how you drew the bats! :D I think it's a cute style. The shadowy ghost-like things are a nice touch as well.

Try not to draw on lined paper in the future... if you prefer it, you could draw on lined paper, but then trace it onto unlined paper after that. The lines are just distracting >.<; I'm going to assume this is just a rough draft, though, since the moon is cut off and there's a heart doodle in the corner :D

The girl herself needs wider hips. I like her expression and her furry ears. I also like how you accentuate her collar bone. Also, I couldn't tell if that's her shadow or if she's walking in fog... If she's walking in fog, then maybe you should add a bit of a shadow for the ground and another for the tombstone things next to her.

The gate looks pretty good. I like how you drew the lock and chain on it. I can't tell if it would look better with some more background farther away or not... maybe if it was colored, it would be fine how it is now :D

I like the idea and it'd be nice to see it finished and colored in the future ^.^ Keep drawing!
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