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Earth Federation Andromeda Class Space Battleship by Flyingtaco2002 Earth Federation Andromeda Class Space Battleship :iconflyingtaco2002:Flyingtaco2002 1 0 Earth Federation Space Battleship (Standard) by Flyingtaco2002 Earth Federation Space Battleship (Standard) :iconflyingtaco2002:Flyingtaco2002 1 0 EF SD Blue Noah by Flyingtaco2002 EF SD Blue Noah :iconflyingtaco2002:Flyingtaco2002 2 9 Space Battleship side view by Flyingtaco2002 Space Battleship side view :iconflyingtaco2002:Flyingtaco2002 2 5 The friendliest of beasts by Flyingtaco2002 The friendliest of beasts :iconflyingtaco2002:Flyingtaco2002 3 0 Executor II Class Super Star Destroyer by Flyingtaco2002 Executor II Class Super Star Destroyer :iconflyingtaco2002:Flyingtaco2002 2 0 Executor I Class Super Star Destroyer by Flyingtaco2002 Executor I Class Super Star Destroyer :iconflyingtaco2002:Flyingtaco2002 2 0 My OC Shadow by Flyingtaco2002 My OC Shadow :iconflyingtaco2002:Flyingtaco2002 1 0 Fiery Inspiration (Dragon TF) by Flyingtaco2002 Fiery Inspiration (Dragon TF) :iconflyingtaco2002:Flyingtaco2002 12 2 Carrier Clairvoyance MKII by Flyingtaco2002 Carrier Clairvoyance MKII :iconflyingtaco2002:Flyingtaco2002 0 0 Battle Carrier Clairvoyance by Flyingtaco2002 Battle Carrier Clairvoyance :iconflyingtaco2002:Flyingtaco2002 0 0 M.A.R.G.E Mobile Anti-ship Railgun Emplacement by Flyingtaco2002 M.A.R.G.E Mobile Anti-ship Railgun Emplacement :iconflyingtaco2002:Flyingtaco2002 0 0 Superdreadnought Freedom MKII by Flyingtaco2002 Superdreadnought Freedom MKII :iconflyingtaco2002:Flyingtaco2002 0 0 Superdreadnought Freedom by Flyingtaco2002 Superdreadnought Freedom :iconflyingtaco2002:Flyingtaco2002 0 0 For SBB-67Montana and SenkanYamato by Flyingtaco2002 For SBB-67Montana and SenkanYamato :iconflyingtaco2002:Flyingtaco2002 4 12 For JackF03 by Flyingtaco2002 For JackF03 :iconflyingtaco2002:Flyingtaco2002 0 4


King Tiger II [Animated] by C3H6N6O6 King Tiger II [Animated] :iconc3h6n6o6:C3H6N6O6 15 5
Late Night Shift (Hulk TF)
In a small town, there are just two 7-Elevens, and only one of them is open 24 hours. It’s past midnight, and a young community college student was working.
He wore the signature red and black shirt of their uniform, decorated by a name tag that said “Brayden.” His short blond hair was darker in some areas, and it was in a slight combover while still spiked up. You wouldn’t see it though — it stayed hidden under a black hat.
The late night shifts were usually slow. He only got two customers in on a good day, but usually not a single soul was in except for him. It gave him the opportunity to work on homework and get reading done. Tonight he had no homework, so he was only on the lookout for customers.
Brayden yawned. The small convenience store was quiet as always. The silence of the night rarely irked him, and he never felt the need to fear for his life. He sat on the stool beside the cash register and pulled out his phone. No one else was there, so his ma
:iconhulktffiction:HulkTFfiction 13 10
My father senses are tingling by Carolzilla My father senses are tingling :iconcarolzilla:Carolzilla 67 74 Uh we did not see you there by Carolzilla Uh we did not see you there :iconcarolzilla:Carolzilla 290 180 Dealing with a Werewolf by Carolzilla Dealing with a Werewolf :iconcarolzilla:Carolzilla 545 124 Loran and Family Ref by Carolzilla Loran and Family Ref :iconcarolzilla:Carolzilla 244 51 AU artblocksketches by Carolzilla AU artblocksketches :iconcarolzilla:Carolzilla 217 70 Woru's Expressions by Carolzilla Woru's Expressions :iconcarolzilla:Carolzilla 189 27 Mako, the Lone Wolf Samurai by StoneMan85 Mako, the Lone Wolf Samurai :iconstoneman85:StoneMan85 17 16 Controlling your inner demons by LevelInfinitum Controlling your inner demons :iconlevelinfinitum:LevelInfinitum 4 3 The Incredible Hulk Nightmare 7 by LevelInfinitum The Incredible Hulk Nightmare 7 :iconlevelinfinitum:LevelInfinitum 3 1 Guardian Dragons in London by LevelInfinitum Guardian Dragons in London :iconlevelinfinitum:LevelInfinitum 7 1 OC Chart of undergarments by LevelInfinitum OC Chart of undergarments :iconlevelinfinitum:LevelInfinitum 2 0
Ghaoru Tf story!!
Inspired by in this drawing, I decided to make a transformation story of Ghaoru in Ghao. I hope you like it, The story is in the description of this drawing.
:iconbeastlab36:BeastLab36 3 0
Ghaoru - TF Story 01 by BeastLab36 Ghaoru - TF Story 01 :iconbeastlab36:BeastLab36 56 38
Terra Wolfe: The Next Chapter (Pt. 1)
C.C.D. Council H.Q., July 11th, 2024…
“How do you think we should defend our base against the next invasion if the werewolves attack again?,” said CCD Council President Maverick.
“Any ideas? Hm?”
For a painfully long while, silence was all that remained among the various members of the council. Only after several seconds ticked past did someone finally dare to raise a hand.
“Hire more soldiers,” suggested Admiral Gustav in a gruff, obviously frustrated tone. “Line the walls with rocket launchers. Raise the walls. I find it embarrassing that we were so easily infiltrated just once by such barbaric, primitive werewolves!”
“If only we could, but our budget won’t allow for anymore reinforcements,” Counselor Maverick stated matter-of-factly. “Money is scarce these days and we need all we can to keep the defense we do have functioning properly. We shouldn’t waste money we don’t have on things we’r
:icond-x-t:D-X-T 8 8



EF SD Blue Noah
Earth Federation Super Dreadnought class Blue Noah

This is one of my favorite ships of the Space Battleship Yamato series, espacially the resurrection movie. Of course this ship may look different from the original as I drew it by hand. If you want the German version that I currently have on my profile, let me know.

Again I dedicate this to :iconsenkanyamato: as you and your awesome drawings (also your awesome Blue steel and kantai collection crossover :D ) have made me inspired to do this often

Again expect more like this in the near future. And maybe, but just maybe one of this ships redone with photoshop of something like that. 
Space Battleship side view
This is the side view of my German Space Battleship I did long ago, hope you like it 

I dedicate this to :iconsenkanyamato: hope you enjoy it :) And expect more.

Upper view:…

This ship has 6 gun batteries in total:

-4 triple barrel gun batteries
-2 dual barrel gun batteries
I'm gonna start doing military vehicle plans, hope they get seen!
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Ricardo Andres Cardona Garcia
I like military vehicles, battles and drawings.


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