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"The tactless female half-Satyr mage. Her body is that of a human for the most part, but her head is more like that of her non-human parent."

For Seventh Sanctum's Fantasy Fusion Contest!

My concept here was to create a mythology, as if this character were starring in her own comic book or anime or tv series. Basicallly, my premise is - all Satyrs are male (traditionally in illustration, 99% are anyway), and they reproduce by mating with human women (usually non-consensual). As such, they are regarded as monsters. However, once in a great while, a female is born, who has an innate magic and can use that power to transform the race of Satyrs. The hypothetical story would flash from present day adventures of "Satyri" to the tales of previous female satyrs, and how they failed to unite their people. If someone wants to pay me $70000, I'll make it into a graphic novel!
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This would make a excellent webcomic or novel. I think you should go for it!
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Surprising myself, I am. I have roughed out a 120-160 page 'graphic novel' that I am going to write in its entirety, then draw/find help to draw/ink/color/put on web. I've created 4 different supporting characters, good and bad, and am now laying out the detailed plot!
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Well, damn! If you're actually going to do something, I may have to watch you so I can keep abreast of it. This is really cool. Sorry you didn't win the contest.
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yeah, unfortunately i don't have much in the way of time... i'm slowly going to start writing it and see how it goes... still looking for a penciler or inker to help - i could do colors and letters, but my drawing art takes too much time.
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I love the concept: A Satyr female destined to be the Messiah of her people. Though I don't have seven-grand on me, I'm with you 100%.
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Anyone up for inking or doing some backgrounds if I really made this into a webcomic? I have a few ideas I'm mulling together but if I had to do the whole thing myself, it'd be like 2 pages per year. This page alone took me weeks in between other life stuff.
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I'd say you got enough material here you could start this as a webcomic. The mix of myth, adventures, and some unpleasantly intriguing elements could be quite good.
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a web comic may not be a bad idea....
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