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Of July!~

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. It meant a lot to me this year. :3
As stated earlier, I have uploaded Sketch Companion to to distribute it much easier. It's far more easier than doing so via my journal. Link is below:…

Next update is up! Links new links are below:


1. The tool tips on the perspective side sill have the grid messages on them.

Update log is after the controls.

The controls are:

Left and right arrow keys: Mirror the image horizontally.

Up and Down arrow keys: Flipped the image vertically.

Right mouse button rotates the image 45 degrees.

Just click and drag around the screen to move the image.

Press Enter to redraw the grids.

Middle mouse button resets everything.

Click on the mini map to zoom around.

The is a slider for the X and Y grid opacity and a zooming slider right under the upload button.

Press "ESC" to save out a screen shot of your image with the grid applied to it.


Thanks for the feedback! After I add nicer features and make it look a little nicer I'm going to upload this under the "tools" section. I'm possibly this would really come in handy.



General Updates:

1. General Stability Updates.

2. Added a "Perspective" Mode"


1. You can now rotate the angles of the X and Y grid lines to create an isometric style grid.

2. Small recalculation on the grid creation formula. It should create them a bit faster now.

Perspective Gird:

1. To switch the Perspective mode, select it from the drop down menu on the left and set how many vanishing points you wish to have.

The next update will allow you to import 3D models. Also I will be working on the menus to be more user friendly. Next update will also but on for easier distribution.


General updates:

1. Fixed the "bunching up" issue with the UI after resizing the layout.

2. Cleaned up the programming and removed many redundant things so it is far more faster and stable to use.


1. Replaced the current UI with a far lighterweight version that is also easier on the eyes.

2. The "Resize to Fit" button now works as intended.


1. You now have the option to pick between solid or dotted lines.

2. Whenever you mouse over a grid line they will now highlight and inform you where on the grid you are currently are on.


General Updates:

1. Frame rate and stability improvements.


1. Updated the interface to accommodate more controls better.

KNOWN ISSUE: Resetting on top of the menus might cause the menus to "bunch up". If that happens just press reset again and it'll fix itself.

2. Default resolution is now set to 1280:720


1. Recalculated how they grids generate so it takes up a lot less memory to do so if you are doing it on a large resolution and/or many lines.

2. You can now set the grid line size.

Screen Resolution Controls:

1. You can now set the project area to what ever size you want. The minimum is 480:480 and I've been testing it at 1920:1080 but you can go as high as you want.

File saving settings

1. You can now set the file type and quality percentage of the files to be saved out. The default is set to jpeg at 100%.

Background Color Options:

1. You can now set the color of the background.

Future Plans:

I plan on adding more grid doodads and other art helper tools. Remember to let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks again!

General Updates:

1. Implemented my GUI engine into the program so I now have a tool of more tolls to work with and it temporally is going to inflate the file size until I "shave it" down for I do or do not need.


1. As mentioned above I input my GUI engine to help me out and I was able to add more helpful doodads.

2. X, Y, and Image controls Now each have their own section with helpful pop ups.

3. All settings can be adjust by arrows keys and/or the mouse wheel if desired.

4. General stability and framerate improvements.


1. Grids will no longer cover up the interface or minimap

2. Grid controls will set themselves to 1 or not populate at all if you try to divide by zero and shame on you for trying.

Mini map:

1. The mini map scrolling has been recalculated and is now more accurate.


1. Maximum zoom out is now 0.01.

2. Rate of scaling has been adjusted from 0.001 a step to 0.01.

Future plans:

I plan on implementing in the next update:

1. Image quality and file type save settings

2. Screen size control settings.

3. Different types of grids line styles.

4. Adjusting the gird coloring calculations to be more accurate.

Thanks again and please continue with the feedback.


I need to make the GUI disappear on saving, give me a few minutes to fix and reexport.


Ok, problem solved and the HTML5 version is up. Give like 5 more minutes before trying to DL the NODE.js version as it is still uploading.

Just got finished making my own custom "drawing grid" program. Go me!


Forgot to give the link out, ha! Read the desc for the controls. And enjoy!


No Preview
     Still chugging along. I massively improved my DS/CYOA Engine and it's making everything much, MUCH easier work with the rule book. I now have my own DnD o'pedia!~ X3 Most of what needs to be done is Data entry atm. I believe I've already inputted about 200 pgs of content already in and chugging along and I still need to get the whole spellbook in change then change it all around enough to fit with the OGL. All my previous work paid off in the the longer run, yes?
Thanks for everyone who voted on DA and Off. I'll be looking into DnD for all future RPG projects. Thank you!
So DnD or Pathfinder? Anyone here who play have a preference? I can program either but I want to do one people would actually enjoy. The OGL is pretty clear so I can implement the system in my games from now on or is there another one you guys prefer?
Tamale time!~
Someone from the FA forums helped em figure out how to host my HTML5 projects on GitHub so no more having to download .rar files to view my projects games. I'm going to make a business out of turn authors' story into CYOAs and Dating Sim style games.

Here are some previews of the engines I make. BEWARE! FUGLY ALPHA BUILDS! But having said that you can play both games all the way through! Have a look!

Dating Sim -…
Ok, I think it's passing. I'm hoping to get my last commission done by tomorrow.

Also, My twitter account got suspended for some reason. :/
You know when you just can't draw? That's been me this entire week. o_o

Thanks again to everyone who has helped me get the word out for my game. Any help is incredible appreciated. Programming on my own is my full-time job now so it helps me out financially when people download and play my games. I could use a bit more help if anyone cares to give it a try:

1. Just keep getting the word out for it.

Google Play *Free*:… (PC version) *Paid*:

2. I need help improving the store listing on Google Play with a better desc to help with the store listing.

3. A game trailer if anyone is good with that kind of stuff.

4. Better screenshots of the game that'll help make it look better.

5. Any feedback at all that'll make it a better longterm experience. This counts both visually and gameplay wise.

Thanks again.

Thank you all for the feedback you've given me over the year since I've released MUNCH. In between projects I revamped it baaed on your feedback and now it up on GooglePlay. It is also now free!…

Thank you all for the support!
I'm going to think of a way to get my followers more involved. If you follow me on DA or Twitter I'm going to have something planned. Stay tuned for details.
I just uploaded a tutorial of sorts for making you own tile sets with far less headaches. Let me know if you make anything with it!…

If you have anything questions about usage let me know.
I have the time to do so now and I would like to know how I could have more interaction with my active watchers. Any suggestions?

Well, ONE thing I that I have working on is finally making some serious headway. I was telling ryokenohkie about some of my plans to make a possible business out of working on turning peoples stories into visually novels, choose-you-own-adventure, and/or text rpgs My first foray worked out but the programming I had so far needed some serious cleaning and I finally got something I like now in terms of the dialogue options and displaying.

Cloud Silva from TR shared one of his stories with me and so I guinea-pigged my new template on it. I picked this one because the main character was well named.

Click on "Index.html" to start and right click to activate the speech to text.

Obviously no pictures since this was mainly to get the new text system going. I added one dialogue branch to demonstrate how that would work to potential clients.

To hell with everyone, you were a damn fine year!