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SailorZetaShift by flyingrain SailorZetaShift :iconflyingrain:flyingrain 4 0 SailorNightWatch by flyingrain SailorNightWatch :iconflyingrain:flyingrain 3 0 SailorAlphaFlight by flyingrain SailorAlphaFlight :iconflyingrain:flyingrain 6 0 SailorDawnGuard by flyingrain SailorDawnGuard :iconflyingrain:flyingrain 2 0
Shine! PreCure - Episode 02 - Eveiller
Shine! ☆ PreCure
Episode 02 - Éveiller
It was going to be a long car ride. Hoshi sat in the back seat of the town car as it pulled away, Ibara in the front passenger seat, Rouyama driving. "We have a lot to discuss once we arrive at the headquarters." He spoke as he drove through the streets of Akiba. "You should just rest for now, Miss Minazawa."
Hoshi shook her head some. "Please, just Hoshi is fine."
"Hoshi, then." Rouyama nodded.
Perle moved into Hoshi's lap, purring. With a faint smile, Hoshi petted her, gazing out the window. The people who elected to evacuate were slowly being allowed back into Akiba, most only able to shake their heads at the destruction the Noir-heart caused. Hoshi frowned some, blowing a loose strand of hair from her eyes. Many shops were damaged or totally lost in the battle. "It's such a waste..."
"The only waste here is in the car right now." The quip came from Ibara in the front seat, and though she was looking straight ahead, it
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Shine! PreCure - Episode 01 - Overture
Episode 01 - Overture
A rainy day in the graveyard. How cliche.
The woman held lilies and an umbrella in one hand, and in the other, a small girl's hand, the owner no older than six. They walked together, though the girl had to jog a bit to keep up with her mother's long strides. The pair were flanked by a pair of animals: a white cat that looked both pure-bred and mixed all at once, and a black dog that was almost wolfish in appearance. Both wore matching collars, the cat with a gold, star-shaped charm, the dog with a silver, crescent moon charm. Reaching the gravestone, the woman looked down at it with a mixture of fondness and anger, though it wasn't noticeable unless one was really looking. Crouching down, she rested the lilies on the marble gravestone, hooking her umbrella in her arm to keep it upright before placing her hands together in prayer, closing her eyes. The small girl watched her mother, and soon followed suit, pressing her own
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AcceptTheDark by flyingrain AcceptTheDark :iconflyingrain:flyingrain 4 0 NotYourJewel by flyingrain NotYourJewel :iconflyingrain:flyingrain 1 0 IlluminateTheDark by flyingrain IlluminateTheDark :iconflyingrain:flyingrain 5 0 HoshiDoesn'tShine by flyingrain HoshiDoesn'tShine :iconflyingrain:flyingrain 1 0 MischievousMarit by flyingrain MischievousMarit :iconflyingrain:flyingrain 0 0 Don'tHideClementine by flyingrain Don'tHideClementine :iconflyingrain:flyingrain 2 0 ClassyAndCrystal by flyingrain ClassyAndCrystal :iconflyingrain:flyingrain 3 0 BeatingTheDrums by flyingrain BeatingTheDrums :iconflyingrain:flyingrain 10 3 SnapshotShannon by flyingrain SnapshotShannon :iconflyingrain:flyingrain 5 2 HauntersGonnaHaunt by flyingrain HauntersGonnaHaunt :iconflyingrain:flyingrain 8 2


Celestia Ludenburg as member of Future Foundation by MagicWaysMultimedia Celestia Ludenburg as member of Future Foundation :iconmagicwaysmultimedia:MagicWaysMultimedia 139 11 Gravity Falls: Biting Twins by Mikeinel Gravity Falls: Biting Twins :iconmikeinel:Mikeinel 20,755 4,497 Groudon vs Kyogre by Protocol00 Groudon vs Kyogre :iconprotocol00:Protocol00 12,485 950 Peach Fire Flower amiibo by ChibiSilverWings Peach Fire Flower amiibo :iconchibisilverwings:ChibiSilverWings 124 20 ACNL - Cerise Hood QR by KaitlechVonDraconius ACNL - Cerise Hood QR :iconkaitlechvondraconius:KaitlechVonDraconius 46 3 Naoto Shirogane - Persona x Danganronpa by seraharcana Naoto Shirogane - Persona x Danganronpa :iconseraharcana:seraharcana 93 7 Kamen Rider Witch Legend Form by Kiva-la Kamen Rider Witch Legend Form :iconkiva-la:Kiva-la 102 7 Pony Military Medals by CloverPuffArt Pony Military Medals :iconcloverpuffart:CloverPuffArt 260 101 Girls Night Out - LINEART by CookiefiedBeckish Girls Night Out - LINEART :iconcookiefiedbeckish:CookiefiedBeckish 2 0 Kill la Kill ::01 by Cvy Kill la Kill ::01 :iconcvy:Cvy 1,130 61 To dedicate the heart by tetsuok9999 To dedicate the heart :icontetsuok9999:tetsuok9999 4,679 131 MLP_Rainbow Dash by MoritoAkira MLP_Rainbow Dash :iconmoritoakira:MoritoAkira 1,112 42 Humanized apples. by Gashi-gashi Humanized apples. :icongashi-gashi:Gashi-gashi 3,549 107 costumes magical girls FM comics (not final) by mauroz costumes magical girls FM comics (not final) :iconmauroz:mauroz 6,465 940
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How's it going?


So I've been creating again. Yaaaaaay. Too bad it's for a fanfic, lol. I can't help it; I love PreCure, and the initial opening sentence was sitting on my laptop in a Notepad doc for... 2 years, almost. And then Go! Princess PreCure came along and rekindled my love for the series, so here we are. I DO WHAT I WANT.

I will draw more original art/write original stories soon. Maybe. Hopefully.

Anyways, I'ma go back to doing things and sipping tea while avoiding the heat outside. It buuuuuurns usssssss. *hiss*


Yes, I do accept art trades. If you can't tell by my deviations, my art style is anime, and my main forte is females, though I am slowly getting better at drawing guys. I also draw My Little Ponies, so feel free to hit me up if you want a trade.


- Shine!☆PreCure - Episode 03 (Pre-writing)

- Gift art for the Flipline forums (sloooooow because reasons)

- Pokemon Pearl/Emerald/SoulSilver(?) Teams (Indefinitely On Hold)


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*The idea of chatting with an old friend fills you with DETERMINATION.
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I saw you talking about the shift-themed Sailorscouts in DesertBus chat, happy to get to see the ones you've finished. (I'm LloydWallace in the chat, but I mostly lurk, so don't feel bad if that name doesn't sound familliar XD)
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I do like them; I just can't draw guys very well. ._.;;
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Well Can You Try And Draw Kahuna For Me?
flyingrain Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2013  Student General Artist
I could try, maybe.
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