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Before I get into prices and explanations, I want to answer a question that I know will be asked a lot... "Why is this so expensive!?" The prices will be pretty high because I don't have enough time on my hands to do a lot of commissions all at once due to working on YouTube full time. This is more of a way for people to skip the Free OC process and get a drawing right away. (As well as supporting me in the process. Thank you so much~) I'll still be drawing OCs for free as usual, This is just a way to guarantee a spot rather than being randomly chosen. ♥ ♥ Commission Info♥ ♥ All payments will be through



Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix...The hype is real. I can't wait any longer! AUGHHHH!!! I'm going insane! Are you super excited for anything? If so, let me know what it is in the comments!  

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MateusCarvalho564Professional Digital Artist

Hey, FlyingPings! It is true that you accept to make requests for OCs, if true, I have a list of female characters in which you can make requests.

But if you don't want to do it all at once, there's no problem, do what you want.

#flyingpings Hey! I watched your videos and your drawings are really amazing! I don't normally do this cause I'm usually the type to stay in the shadows but I just can't do it this time ^^" I was wondering if you can draw one of my ocs - Jakii (a South Park x BNHA crossover oc that I just posted in deviantart maybe an hour ago when I was going to post this request xD)! I just wanna really see how will it turn out:

Jakii Lynn (OC)

Here's her bio as well just in case! She lives in a realistic world until a group of her classmates apparently stolen a portal machine (don't ask how for the sake of humor--) and sent them to a world of heroes and villains.(P.S - Just choose one of her outfits that you want to draw best! ^^" )




Name: Jakii Lynn

Nicknames/Aliases: <Jackie>, <Lynn>, <Lee>, <J.L>

Gender: Female

Age: 12-13

Birthday: November 29th

Height: 152cm

Weight: 42kg

Occupation: Vlogger/Student

|Hero/Villain Details|

Hero/Villain Name: Blood Kinetic Hero: Sixth Motivations: She aims to make people smile and also to live to the fullest.

Quirk: Hemokinesis


- The user can use blood, then control it, become it, and crystallize it to make weapons.

- The user can use their own blood, in or out of their body. They can also use someone else's blood, but only if it's out of the other's body.

- The user can also crystallize the blood if needed.

- The user can also turn into blood.

Moves: [Crimson Collision - The user uses as much blood as they can, surrounding themselves with crystallized blood weapons before sending them towards the opponents at a 20m radius.]


- The user of this quirk has to be careful with how much blood they use, especially with others.

- If the user of the quirk uses too much of their own blood, they could become dizzy and pass out from blood loss.

- The user can use other's blood, but ONLY if it's outside their body.

- If way too much is used, the user could probably die.

- Turning into blood takes a lot of energy, and after doing so, the user ends up becoming sick.

Other Abilities:

- Because of the user's quirk, they can regenerate blood much quicker than the average human.

- The goggles as her head gear can identify the opponent's strength/weaknesses.


Power: 4/5

Speed: 3/5

Technique: 4/5

Intelligence: 4/5

Cooperativeness: 5/5


Good Qualities: Jakii is a very optimistic and cheerful person, even to the ones she doesn't like much. She usually never shows much negative emotions towards most of the people and will always try cheering them up with her enthusiasm and also her good sense of humor. She shows genuine care to her classmates, heroes and even villains. 

Bad Qualities: Of course, being always cheerful isn't exactly all great. She usually copes up with everything bad that has happened with optimism, even in times that it isn't exactly appropriate. Her cheerful attitude can be sometimes a mask to cover up her other negative feelings such as sorrow or pain. She may be smart but recklessness and intelligence aren't really the same thing. She knows how dangerous some situations are and she definitely knows that it's best to just stay away sometimes and let the pros handle it, but her recklessness is one of her main bad traits that causes her to do something rather foolish that will often end up sending her to the hospital. And because of that, she is often loosing a lot of blood with her quirk as well. She's also known to be easily forgiving (mostly to villains), and will put others' problems first before hers.


Backstory: She doesn't really have anything tragic in her backstory. She grew up with pretty decent and fun parents, even though most of the time her parents are at work. People would normally described her as a "kid of joy" due to her never-ending optimism. What she doesn't really like in her childhood though is that everything is just dull to her. So she decided to start vlogging mostly about travelling after convincing her parents to agree, though her parents had to stay at home for their work and instead she always travels with her cousin and aunt. 

Most Tragic moment(s) that happened to her?: Since she's new and doesn't know anything about her quirk, her hands started bleeding endlessly and because of that she had a near death experience due to blood loss and had to stay in the hospital for 3 weeks. Although before she entered a new world full of heroes and villains, the most tragic moment(s) she could remember is her grandparents dying from old age.

I was wondering if you could maybe draw my oc, RagDoll


He is half cat half doll

He is very intelligent, curious, and gentle despite looking intimidating

can you draw cindy from my video game between two worlds please?

cindy: Cindy by rainbowkombat

Excuse me, I'm very sorry for bothering you but I'm in hoping you can help spread the word to help save DA, the poll will explain everything:…
Lizarie-ChanHobbyist General Artist

Can you draw this oc from me? I'm not begging or forcing you to do it. But if U wanna do it well here's the oc

Bella Monsoris

Her name is Bella Monoris, she's emotionless, wolf/human, lost an eye, always wears a black hoodie and a black skirt.

So, I doubt you’ll see this, but I’m a fan of your yt and if you see this I was wondering if you could draw my OC, Cel(She’s on my account). She’s a 17 yo Divination witch and half deer.