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Published: November 12, 2017
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Drew this for a video on my youtube channel! 
You can view that video here:…
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gummikitsuneHobbyist General Artist
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AlicornbrodieHobbyist Artist
I hqve no idea what that is but its adorable
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Meee by slushy-jazzy-skys please draw me!!! i have no bio for her all i can say is her name is jazzy and shes 15
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Oh my gosh it's so adorable
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fableheaven123Student Digital Artist
awe cute
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Hello Ms. FlyingPings!

It's wonderful to meet you, I have a character you could possibly draw from a friend of mine! He is called Fox, a mischievous and cunning character who always causes trouble for the main character. Fox is an overall cruel character, but not without a heart.


-What looks like a gem in the middle of his head is really an eye.
-Regular eyes are ALWAYS closed
-He has something similar to a mane, though one more like a tiger then a lion.
-He has very irregular teeth, being disorganized. Some longer ones and some shorter ones in odd places.………
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NataliePuppy12Student Digital Artist
Can you please Draw Me Ref sheet fanial Natalie the corgi by NataliePuppy12 I Will and love your art <3 
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ChildWithAKnifeHobbyist Artist
could you draw my oc? 
Kitkat - New Oc by FoxicaSaphire
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TheWorstArtistEvarHobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! I am so happy you decided to draw my character out of everyone else's! Have a great day!
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#Flyingpings #BethanyFrye by MrAw3s0mePlayz  Hope you can draw this
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emilyldraws0303Student Digital Artist
Hi I like your art and love your Oc video's 
 could you draw my OC Marina in the middle?
she is a literal mary sue and is also a bit terrifying 
a little bit about her : 

she is very kawaii ,cute , awesome , cool , pretty , smart , kawaii , adorable and very strong
and she is "definitely not" a "mary sue" 

marina has powers and can summon tentacles out of the ground to torture people and is basically invincible
and is over 9000 years old but looks like she is 16-17

AND DO NOT STEAL ORIGINAL CHARACTER!! (but you can draw her of you want :3)

   marina + mary sue ref sheet OCT by emilyldraws0303   

and sorry if i keep spamming you
but have a nice day
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This is my spider character airack he has eight eyes and he is bi please draw him if u can i sent him to u on insta also.…
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nicoleisfanofaphmauStudent Digital Artist
can you draw my O.C Bolia?

BIO: Her father is a scientist who does animal related stuff. Recently he found a way to give people a way to turn half of their spirit animal. He tested this experiment on his own moody daughter Bolia. She turned half bull, but lost her hands for hooves. she grew horns and got red eyes that sometimes glow. Dew to the transformation she lost her friends and never went outside. But later on she found out she could turn into a bull! She used this as an opportunity to run away from home cause her dad treated her like an animal and not with respect.
My O.C. Bolia by nicoleisfanofaphmau
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SleepyqhostHobbyist General Artist
could you draw my character?? im so sorry if im spamming,, (btw the bio is the description of the drawing)
Here is the link: Atlas' Ref
please bear with me as I tend to change his bio a lot TwT
Also to clear up any confusion, I dont care if you draw him with or without his jacket. His bandana is the same color as the dyed part of his hair (i was lazy lmao) and his shoes are the same color as his shirt. He has a tank top underneath.
and I think thats it!! thank you so so so SO much in advance if you draw my boy!!
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Kyasha5021oHobbyist General Artist
Lerissa  by Kyasha5021o  This is my D&D character Lerissa a teifling cleric. She grew up wanting to distance herself from the infernal nature of teiflings. She began training as a cleric, hoping to be a healer and use her spell casting abilities to travel and do good, however she ha not selected a deity to serve under. One night the infernal deity Zehir appeared to her in a dream and asked for her service. While she didn't want to serve an evil deity she did not feel she could say no to a God so she begrudgingly agreed. Now she travels with her party on a quest to avoid doing what Zehir wants and to attracted the attention of another good or at least neutral God or Goddess that would request her service instead. #flyingpings
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11LetsDrawPonies11Hobbyist Artist
Lola by 11LetsDrawPonies11
After being abandoned by her parents due to her small sides, the Galactians (Galactic-ans) took her in and turned her into Dimesionalist. There she was assigned to the Management division where she met her boss and life long friend Smilie (other oc)

Name: Lola
Species: Zarkrian (Z- ark- ree- an)
Home Planet: Zarkco
Appearance: Pink skin, dark pink hair with blue dress, purple gloves, three bat-like ears, bug-like eyes and a tail.
Abilities: Dimensionalism and poisoned claws (hence the gloves)

Hope it wasn't too cringe worthy I'm just trying to make a decent description of her   
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LizzyTheSpacegalHobbyist General Artist
Please draw my OC! Cyclops person by LizzyTheSpacegal
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XxGoddessOfDeathxXHobbyist Traditional Artist
xxgoddessofdeathxx.deviantart.… hi, would you please draw my oc when you get the chance no rush take your time :) thank you
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DarkKat7147Hobbyist General Artist
This character is Olga Samantha Hansworth who is daughter of the Archduke of Apwella and inherited the title 'Mistress Apwella' upon her mothers death,her mother died giving birth to her.For some reason she was born with only on eye n the middle of her upper face as well as hair that was naturally unnatural colors and a gradient.Other people were wary and scared of her so her father took matters into his own hands not wanting his child to be a disgrace.
Her father threatened and forced the other children to play with her but they always gave her the worst role in the games and when she learned of how her father acted she became secluded.Only interacting with people when she had to,like her teachers and at one point a hair stylist.Her father hired the stylist to give her bangs long enough to cover her eye. She continued to seclude herself becoming more and more introverted.
Soon her father grew tired of her presence and sent her to the court of Crown Prince Edward of Boglia.He began to court her and it seemed as if the prince would ask her to marry him,but when he discovered her secret he was disgusted.He could not stand the fact that he had been courting a one eyed freak and sent her to the court where his sister stayed.Princess Armae Olga soon learned was quite the unique princess.When she first met the princess she did not recognize her as she was dressed in mens clothing.Olga learned that the princess was gender fluid and was surprised when she befriended them and became on of their ladies in waiting.They soon fell in love and Armae's response to her eye when she first saw it was,'It's beautiful,please do not cover it in my presence.You have such a Bright Eye.'This became their nickname for Olga and they gave her a case full of bobby pins decorated with little eye balls.
Sorry that it's so lengthy but I wanted to get the basics of her story in there,I'm planning on doing a comic with her called Bright Eye.It will be on DA and Taptastic.……
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Jazzy by slushy-jazzy-skys PLEASE draw me OC i would love it if you did <3 the thing in her pocket is earbuds :v
about her
likes:her boyfriend Cody,friends,pie,and puppies
dislikes:bullies, and tomatoes 
jazzy was bullied in school but her friends icy and Lora talked back to the bullies so the bullies stopped picking on jazzy but her friends Icy and Lora always picked on her for being scared easily.The flower in her hair was given to her by her bf Cody.Jazzy loves music and loves to chill out and watch YouTube.Its really hard to make jazzy mad the only way to make her mad fast is by picking on her friends or on Cody.When she goes to school she never talks a lot she only talks to people she is close with she is really shy. That all I have to about her :v Like I said i really hope you can draw her <3 #flyingpings 
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DeadlexMCHobbyist General Artist
Hi, Bethany! I was wondering if you could draw Nm! My Creepypasta OC. I have 2 links for images of her, the first one has a short bio but tge 3rd link has her full bio! #FlyingPings

Image 1…

Image 2…

Full Bio…
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The-unknow-6470Hobbyist Digital Artist
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ChildWithAKnifeHobbyist Artist
#FlyingPings Could you draw my lil child?…
She has a bio in the description of the picture
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