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Dino_Cake (Cherii) RAFFLE WINNER
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Drew this for a video on my YouTube channel!
You can view that video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrb-ds…

(Check out the video for info on how to win a free drawing!)

Merch: shop.spreadshirt.com/flying-pi…

Art Program: Paint Tool Sai
Tablet: Cintiq 24HD
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Comments (65)
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GamerGurl36|Hobbyist Digital Artist
FestiveTale: Lalir | 2019 Official Design + Bio | by GamerGurl36 This is my OC (A character in an Undertale AU some friends and I made called, FestiveTale
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softdinocake's avatar
If ur in a onesie drawing mood u can draw my oc dianna here's her back story

Dianna lives with her mom she was happy until her mom married a guy she hated
Then she had a stepsister cherry who was very minipulative and lied to her dad and made Diana get kicked out she went to live with her friend Jenny until she bought her own house
Height:she is sensitive about it so let's just say she's average
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MimiCLovely's avatar
MimiCLovely|Hobbyist Filmographer
Can you plz draw liz? i have the drawing on my page and the bio i would be happy if you did me that favor!! if you do it, i will be sure to check out your youtube channel and see the process for my own future knowledge. you are seriously my idol and i hope i will be able to draw like you some day. have blessed rest of your day!! <3
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TwixArtLove's avatar
TwixArtLove|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Anais by TwixArtLove  This is my OC Anais

Anais is wearing really dark clothes and her skin tone is peach.  Her hair is black with dark purple tips.  Anais' hair is really short.

This is Anais, she grew up with both parents kinda, she lived with her dad and never really saw her mother.  Her dad never dated anyone except one guy which made Anais feel like she could be who she wanted.  When she got to 13 she started feeling like guys weren't worth her time.  So she went to an all gay/lesbian party.  That night she kissed a girl and they soon began dating.  At 14 she came out to her dad and he kicked her out even though he had dated many of his own gender at her age, and would still date guys.  She moved in with her mom who lived a few hours away.  Her mother is excepting, and her girlfriend and she are still together.  She is 15 now and her dad still won't talk to her.
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My OC's Allura and Gemma (Demon)  Allura and Gemma by alisa2018 #flyingpings
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PantsuGirl's avatar
PantsuGirl|Student Traditional Artist
Hi!! I really love your channel and your drawings!! I was wondering if you would draw my OC, Rosa? Just go over to my profile to find her, she's my first post!! It’s okay of you don’t want to, I understand!! Thank you for your time! <3
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FangtasticKitten's avatar
Excuse me I was wondering if you could draw my OC Fang O'Vara here's a picture i drew of her! www.deviantart.com/fangtastick… I'd really like to see her in your style!!!!
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SuperMooshroom's avatar
SuperMooshroom|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd love you to draw this OC!
Hermes by SuperMooshroom
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patmax17|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Here's mine! <3
Gale - Fursona by patmax17

For the color scheme, it's kinda like this: vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/bl…
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LilNibblez's avatar
LilNibblez|Hobbyist General Artist
ECKS DEE by LilNibblez  Here's my babu
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Crowsh's avatar
Crowsh|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Commented on your profile but it says to comment here so I think I messed up posting on profile? Aaa- so let me just slide this here.

This OC actually kind of belongs to every member of my group- since it's the mascot and all of our members are allowed to use and draw the character. The pink haired girl is named Cora and her best friend who has the blue hair is named Kora. They are the mascots for my art group on Roblox. I actually own the largest art group on Roblox now which is pretty exciting. These mascots mean A LOT to me and our members so if you ever drew them that would be neato.

Art Club by Crowsh

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Flyingeagle-Fennekin's avatar
Flyingeagle-Fennekin|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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xLittleStrawberryx's avatar
Could you draw one of those? :0 
Kikenna Reference by xLittleStrawberryx Seth Reference by xLittleStrawberryx Victor Reference by xLittleStrawberryx April Reference by xLittleStrawberryx Lex Reference by xLittleStrawberryx

I followed you for so long so I thought I can try my luck ^w^ You can choose any of my Oc to be fair here is the folder: www.deviantart.com/xlittlestra…

I would be super happy ^w^
Thank you so much for taking your time to read this I hope you have a great day <3
#flyingpings #flyingpingsdrawmyoc 
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Imikiah's avatar
Imikiah|Hobbyist General Artist
i just had a squealing moment because she's sO CUTEE
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ArtsyKatie's avatar
ArtsyKatie|Student General Artist
Can you draw my oc www.deviantart.com/artsykatie/… i really love your art style
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LonerGir6891's avatar
Her bio is in the description incase you want to draw her. X3
Sonic OC: Nova The Darkling by LonerGir6891
#flyingpings #flyingp
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GreyRoseKitII's avatar
GreyRoseKitII|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi. Can you draw my OC May.
May Night REEF by GreyRoseKitII#flyingpingsdrawmyoc 
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MintPunky's avatar
Could you please draw my OC? Her name is Pheonix and she is 16.
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Flyingeagle-Fennekin's avatar
Flyingeagle-Fennekin|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think you gotta tell her what it looks like.
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1Person1Person1's avatar
1Person1Person1Edited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
hi, I found you on youtube.
I was wondering what my oc will look like in your style!
Redrawn by 1Person1Person1
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ChompaPiranha's avatar
Heyyyyy could you possibly draw my sona? Chompa Reference by ChompaPiranha I would be the happiest ive ever been if you could! everything you need to know is in the drawings description!
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Flowers-And-Bruises's avatar
Flowers-And-Bruises|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Could you draw my OC, please???
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Flowers-And-Bruises's avatar
Flowers-And-Bruises|Hobbyist Digital Artist
BTW your art is really good...

I wish I had an artstyle like yours....
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