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When Koi Fly Part Four
"At last, the FESTIVAL!!!" Maiko cheered. The sun was already low in the sky when the festival began, and in an hour or so, the beach walkway would be flooded with people and shining with lights. Maiko was already dressed and ready to go: a turquoise kimono with a red lining underneath, a matching red obi with a sapphire colored rope wrapping around it, and traditional wooden sandals. She swung a matching crimson silk purse around, waiting outside the camper for the others to be ready. Tsuru had to stay in and help Yoki and Ryoko with their kimonos, and Mr. Kawaru had to urge Wataru on, since he was reluctant to go. Takeshi and Kenichi, however, were excited to go, and were promptly getting ready.
               Much to Maiko's surprise however, Wataru was the first one to come out. He had been conned into wearing a traditional Japanese robe, brown in color with white tiger streaks. He mumbled something as he awkwardly walked down the camper steps and underneath the awning, which was d
:iconmoongoddess12:MoonGoddess12 2 11
When Koi Fly Part Three
"Finally…that must be it up there…." Takeshi plopped on one of the logs surrounding a pit dug into the ground, meant for a campfire at night. He sagged on his perch, exhausted from the long haul to the actual site. It was a good 2-3 miles walking down a long, winding dirt path that contained numerous forks in the road. And since the path wasn't completely free of potholes, rocks, and other hazards, it made the first mile hell.
                Tsuru set her daypack down and looked at the sky, worriedly. "The sun's starting to set…..I hope Mr. Kawaru can find everyone okay…."
               "I'm sure he'll be okay….besides, it can't be THAT late….." Takeshi looked down at his watch. "Just as I thought, it's only eight. We might as well relax, anyway….."
:iconmoongoddess12:MoonGoddess12 3 11
When Koi Fly Part Two
"A nature hike? Not interested." Ryoko folded her arms before going back to her bowl of cereal. It was early in the morning, so not only was Ryoko in a sour mood, many of the others were dead tired. The atmosphere seemed as if someone had invited zombies for a breakfast party, minus the decaying body parts. They may as well have in their condition, however.
                Kenichi clung to Ryoko's leg and pulled out his classic con maneuver: The puppy eyes.
               "Please Ryoko?"
                Ryoko's lower eyelid twitched at Kenichi's expression. "Okay, you've officially creeped me out….stop, seriously……"
               This only caused Kenichi's lower lip to extend down
:iconmoongoddess12:MoonGoddess12 3 12
For Flying Koi contest? by JustAnotherChicken For Flying Koi contest? :iconjustanotherchicken:JustAnotherChicken 2 4
When Koi Fly Part One
The water lapped at her feet as a female with spiky blue hair sat on a rock, concentrating on the ocean before her. Her green eyes betrayed a determination that ran deep through her veins. She gripped her weapon of choice tightly, causing her knuckles to turn white. She knew something was coming soon. And she would be ready. The enemy was close at hand, but she would not be defeated. Closer….closer….
        Her daydreaming was interrupted by the sudden tugging of her fishing line. Suddenly, the reel started whirring, and she grabbed the handle quickly while balancing herself on the rock. She began turning the handle in reverse when she felt her feet sliding on her slippery perch. She immediately readjusted, while bringing the fishing pole higher, causing the very tip of it to start bending.
        "Crap, this fish must be HUGE!" she panted, "But I'm not letting THIS sucker get away!"
:iconmoongoddess12:MoonGoddess12 3 7
ryoko from flying koi. by xyr
Mature content
ryoko from flying koi. :iconxyr:xyr 0 9
Flying koi Valentine doujin 1 by Nodoka-koi Flying koi Valentine doujin 1 :iconnodoka-koi:Nodoka-koi 0 27 Hold ME Val. cont. entry by Nodoka-koi Hold ME Val. cont. entry :iconnodoka-koi:Nodoka-koi 0 21 Flying koi val. douj. cont. 2 by Nodoka-koi Flying koi val. douj. cont. 2 :iconnodoka-koi:Nodoka-koi 0 6 happy new years fly by miquashi happy new years fly :iconmiquashi:miquashi 1 2



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This is a group for the webcomic Flying Koi~!

This webcomic is about four high-school girls along with the boys in their lives.

Tsuru is a shy and quiet girl. While she's not finding herself caught up in her friend Maiko's random [and sometimes perverted] schemes, she finds herself suddenly involved with a mysterious boy. For some reason, others tell her to stay away... but he seems like a perfect gentlemen to her!

Ryoko is an angry and angsty girl. While she's not randomly taking her anger out on the people around her, her best friend Kenichi tries to get through the tough shell she's built around herself since they were children. Will she ever realize his true feelings...?

Rated Teen - 13+
- Romance
- Comedy
- Drama/Angst
- Violence
- Alcohol
- Swearing
- Mild Suggestive Themes

Where can you find the manga?

:bulletred: Chapter One_
:bulletred: Chapter Two_
:bulletred: Chapter Three

:bulletred:You prefer DevART?

Art Submission Guidelines
:bulletblue: All art that's submitted must be related to the webcomic Flying Koi~!

:bulletblue: It's okay to submit art that has an unrelated character in it (fan characters, yourself, some other anime, ect...) as long as there's a Flying Koi-relation to it as well! (example: yourself in the school uniform)

:bulletblue: Contest entries may be submitted at any time (to get more exposure or something lol)

Thanks for joining~! :D


Which Flying Koi Girl Are You?

If you like the support stamp, but don't have a DA subscription... I just made one for people without the premium membership! :D


To make this stamp work, copy and paste this code:
Sorry it took forever!

I reviewed the submissions... I actually wish I could use all the characters >.< Maybe they can each have a tiny cameo sometime? Haha!

Well, the teacher that's going to be showing up a lot in the comic is going to be.....

Kusa by :icontenjilover:!

He was just too adorable to refuse >.< Plus, this comic is pretty comedic and I can already think up some scenarios for him :D

Congrats~! :dance:
Wow, I completely forgot about this contest! Thank you for reminding me, oninokoi!

Basically real life kicked me in the butt so I stopped updating Flying Koi... this contest was for a teacher that was going to appear in the next chapter, so needless to say, the contest just completely slipped my mind.

I'll go judge the entries and the winner will be announced by the end of the week... maybe even tomorrow, haha, depends on how things go >.<

I am so sorry guys!
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