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White Sands



(An old desktop screenshot)

I used this setup, or one very similar, for quite some time. The VS, wallpaper, and colors might change, but the basic elements in that Rainmeter sidebar were always there.
At the top was a Notes skin that could be toggled between three different files: one for general stuff, one for my ToDo list, and one for my work schedule. The next skin down is (obviously) weather. There were a couple different variants that used different XML sources and that were displayed a little differently. This particular one used the deprecated feed. At the bottom was basic system information, tailored to fit what I needed on my laptop (emphasizing WiFi and Battery, no disk usage meter). The background bar used the new Aero Blur feature to blend as well as possible with the "Shadow for 7" taskbar, and double-clicking the Rainmeter tray icon would fade all the skins in and out if I wanted to hide the sidebar.

Launchy was the stuff on Windows XP, but on Windows 7 I found that I didn't really need it, so I haven't used it since this screenshot. I can understand keeping it around if one used some of it's more advanced features, but I never did, so I just use the Start Menu search function baked into Windows 7. This worked especially well after I added some command shortcuts to the start menu using NirCmd - that way I could type "Shutdown" or "Eject" or "Empty Bin" directly into the Start Menu search and use the corresponding NirCmd action.

Rainmeter - custom
VS - Shadow for 7 by ~krissirk
Launchy - Enigma by ~Kaelri
Wallpaper - from the "White Sands" pack by FiftyFootShadows
Hide the start orb - Start Killer by Tordex software
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