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Simplicity Circles

Rainmeter System Monitoring Skins

These skins require Rainmeter beta 2.1 rev 863 or later.
You can get the latest beta build from

I'm a big fan of Kaelri/DarkPain-AHK's Simplicity Rainmeter suite. [link] [link]
I'm also a big fan of the Roundline meter.
So I had a go at combining the two.

These skins are extremely configurable, and all of the options are changeable through the "Settings.ini" skin. You can change the size of the circles, the width allowed to the skins, the font sizes, and all of the colors; besides user specific information like the weather code, media player, and drive letters. (22 separate variables in all.)

Simpl(icit)y Circles contains the following skins:
:bulletblue: Background bars - vertical and horizontal, and double-size variants.
:bulletblue: Battery
:bulletblue: Hard Drives (3)
:bulletblue: RAM
:bulletblue: SWAP
:bulletblue: Upload
:bulletblue: Download
:bulletblue: Wifi status
:bulletblue: CPU (total usage and Top Process)
:bulletblue: CoreTemp (cpu temperature and speed)
:bulletblue: Core Load and Temperature (4)
:bulletblue: Recycle Bin (manual and auto-empty variants)
:bulletblue: Time (Time first, date first, and weekday variants)
:bulletblue: Weather (gives today's forecast, and current conditions on mouseover)
:bulletblue: Media Player (currently returns song name, album title, artist name, song length, and song progress, but only has Play/Pause control)

Credits due to:
:icondarkpain-akh: - original inspiration
:iconkaelri: - help with code
:iconjsmorley: - help with code
:iconpoiru: - NowPlaying.dll

Some notes:
Changing the skin size - The circle size automatically scales to the "height" variable. When changing the size, I would recommend changing the height, then the font sizes, then the width.
What's up with the weather skin circle - The circle meter in the Weather skin shows the current temperature, relative to today's forecasted low and high temperatures (it uses those values as MinValue and MaxValue).
The Recycle Bin skins - Both skins use the variable "BinMax" to calculate the circle meter. But the "auto" variant silently empties the Recycle Bin for you if the size exceeds the "BinMax" value.
NowPlaying.dll - I highly recommend doing some reading here [link] if you're trying to get a specific media player working with the "Player" skin.
"This media player skin is useless!" - Well, yeah, nearly. I'll work on adding some more control functions later. Hopefully some buttons that show on mouseover.

Any and all feedback (comments, questions, suggestions, etc) is greatly appreciated.
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So I keep trying to change the size and color of the circles but everytime I change the height or color values and press enter it reverts back to the default values not the new input that I tried to change it to.