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Rainmeter status skins, version 2.0

Includes skins for:
:bulletblue: Gmail unread
:bulletblue: Wifi status
:bulletblue: Volume control
:bulletblue: Recycle Bin status
:bulletblue: Battery status
:bulletblue: Media Player control
:bulletblue: Hard Drive status

New in this update:
:bulletgreen: Hard drive skins X3
:bulletgreen: New "home" skin for launching Faenzometer skins and changing settings
:bulletgreen: Skins (except media control) can be switched between three orientations - tooltip only, text on the left, and text on the right.

Key for ugly preview image, from top left going clockwise:
- The six main skins
- images showing the three different orientations
- a screenshot of the new home skin
- images of the different media player variants

:icontiheum: [link]
Faenza Icons
:iconfjsferreira: [link]
Faenza .png/.ico port
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Hey i was wondering how i would go about changing the volume percentage colour? i been trying a few things but im not too familiar with coding so im having a little trouble. Any help would be appreciated.