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Rainmeter status skins, version 2.0

Includes skins for:
:bulletblue: Gmail unread
:bulletblue: Wifi status
:bulletblue: Volume control
:bulletblue: Recycle Bin status
:bulletblue: Battery status
:bulletblue: Media Player control
:bulletblue: Hard Drive status

New in this update:
:bulletgreen: Hard drive skins X3
:bulletgreen: New "home" skin for launching Faenzometer skins and changing settings
:bulletgreen: Skins (except media control) can be switched between three orientations - tooltip only, text on the left, and text on the right.

Key for ugly preview image, from top left going clockwise:
- The six main skins
- images showing the three different orientations
- a screenshot of the new home skin
- images of the different media player variants

:icontiheum: [link]
Faenza Icons
:iconfjsferreira: [link]
Faenza .png/.ico port
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Hey i was wondering how i would go about changing the volume percentage colour? i been trying a few things but im not too familiar with coding so im having a little trouble. Any help would be appreciated.
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You'll just need to edit the [sString] section in the Volume.ini file a bit.  In [sString] there's a line that reads "FontColor=#color#"; this makes the skin use the text color defined in the shared settings file that all the Faenzometer skins use.  You can just change that line to "FontColor=[someColorCode]",  like




(The manual has a nice section on color options:… )

Then just save the file and refresh the skin.  This will change the text color for just the volume skin, and if you specify a text color for the rest of the skins through the home.ini/settings skin, it won't apply to the volume skin unless you change that line back to "FontColor=#color#"
The only reason I said out of range was that next to the value 4 it said range 0.0-1.0 which i suppose doesnt relate directly. Adding DynamicWindowSize=1 to the file did the trick!!! thanks
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Ah, gotcha. :) No, they don't relate quite like you'd think.
Well, glad the DynamicWindowSize fixed it for you. I'm not sure why it needed it, but I might add it in the next release of these skins so it's there by default.
Thanks for the feedback and enjoy the skins!
It would seem that mIconcalc is out of range for wifi as well but it shows up
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:? Can you elaborate? Is the skin displaying but not showing the correct icon?
Nice skins, I too cant get the batteries to show. I checked log info and it reads mPercent, mAC, and mIconcalc are 84, 0 and 4 ...4 is out of range it would seem
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Interesting... b/c I can confirm for you that 4 is not out of range. :) With the measures returning those values, the skin should be displaying this image: "(your skins folder)\Faenzometer\Battery\0\4.png" (assuming that the Battery.ini skin file is where the .rmskin put it). There must be something else going on here. First, is the folder structure intact? Is the log throwing any error messages? Also, you can try adding the line "DynamicWindowSize=1" under the [Rainmeter] section of the skin file and/or "DynamicVariables=1" under the [Icon] meter section.
battery widget is not running?it does not show up.i have dell inspiron n4050
plz Help me out?
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Same problem here, everything works exept for the battery.
Awesome skins btw ;)
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good job!!!!!!!
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Thanks vangoghes. :)
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So, what do I have to do to make it show I have an unread email?
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Enter your Gmail username and password in "(skins folder)/Faenzometer/settings.txt", save the file, and refresh the skin. As indicated in the ReadMe ("(skin folder)/Faenzometer/ReadMe.rtf"), if your username/password contains non-alphanumeric characters, you'll probably need to encode it so that it is URL friendly and use the encoded version in the settings file.
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Thank you kindly
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What do i need to do to make the Gmail working? Right now (as i'm writing) i have 3 unread emails but it doesn't show the notification.
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Hi HoaxCap,
If your username or password contains non-alphanumeric characters, you'll need to </a href="[link]">encode them so that they are URL friendly. You might also check "\Skins\Faenzometer\Settings.txt" to make sure the home skin is setting the variables correctly - if you'd like you can skip the home skin entirely and just enter your information in that file. (As always be sure to save any changes you've made and refresh your skins.)
Nevermind, i found the answer myself.. doh ;)
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thank you so much! now i can get rid of my taskbar! you rock!
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Hehe, thanks KirtZJ. :)
Hey, i was wondering how i could change the mouse over battery percentage to actual text next to the battery (preferably on the left side) thanks. I love the silver design and have been endlessly searching for sexy ways to get rid of my taskbar.
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Hi seandamiller,
Sorry for the late reply.
It is definitely possible to do this (thought, admittedly, the left side is a little harder than the right). But unfortunately I have been very busy with schoolwork recently and will have to get back to this after exams. In a few weeks, I will have time to write up a little "how-to" for you. I'll post it as a Journal entry here on DevArt.
Thanks for your patience
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How to show volume percentage next to the speaker icon?
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