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Elementary Rainmeter 1.5.1 (old)


*Elementary has been updated!

This is the old version,

Click here to go to the new version!

I'm leaving this old deviation up instead of replacing it with the new version because of changes in the translation system.
(The new version may not support all the languages supported by this older version for quite some time.)

*If you experience a problem with these skins then try the new version first to see if it has already been corrected.

How to:

:bulletblue: Make sure you have Rainmeter installed (version 2.5 or later).  If you are new to Rainmeter, you may want to check out some walkthroughs to get familiar with the program, like the "Getting Started" section of the manual  or this Lifehacker article.
:bulletblue: Download the .rmskin file from the link near the top right of this page. You should be able to run the file with Rainstaller, which will put all the files in the right places on your system.
:bulletblue: Edit the file "...Skins/Elementary/@Resources/Settings.txt" to change settings. "...Skins/Elementary/ReadMe.rtf" has explanations of all the options!


The primary font is Century Gothic, designed by Monotype Imaging…

The secondary font is Futurist Fixed-Width, by WSI…

Wallpaper which inspired these skins, was used for the Rainstaller banner image, and is in the screenshot above is "Elementary" by emats.

timpieee (Dutch)
MathieuStng (French)
Blugi (Spanish)
JackDMF (German)
Ya2sine (Tamazight)
wmw301 (Portuguese)
Hendrik (West Frisian)
Laurynas (Lithuanian)
takethis1988 (Italian)
TheAwesomeAmerican (Esperanto)

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Thank you very much.
Hi FlyingHyrax, great theme!  I would like to customize it a little and need some help doing so.  How would one add cores for the cpu, another drive to the system monitor and also add forecast to the weather monitor (ie: today and for the week)?
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right click, settings, delete code in location and type: (xxx,xxx)
1st xxx as 3 first letters of your city
2nd xxx as 3 first letters of your country
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hi, can you tell me how to change location in weather skin ? 
how to change weather?

FlyingHyrax's avatar…; ;)

...but seriously.  First I would try the new version - it has a nice help file.
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where do i find the wallpaper?
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Check the description.  :)
Milkshake323's avatar
im sorry im probably blind i cant find it

Milkshake323's avatar
thank you... iv been on that page but where is the cloud wallpaper its not there

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where do i find the wallpaper?

Such a beautiful and purely great rainmeter theme. It was exactly what I was looking for. Awesome work. :)
Love your skin.
Everything works just fine except for the forecast (I use "rotterdam,nl" but it is the same for e.g. "newyork,newyork"
Did Weather Underground change something?

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Hi ruudje62,
I'm not sure.  At the moment "rotterdam,nl" works OKAY for me; you might also try using an airport code (EHRD).
Just started using this... Fantastic.. One question, How can I add a second weather location. Do I start by adding a second Weather directory to \Rainmeter\Rainmeter.ini? example: Weather2?
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You can just dupliacte the weather skin folder, but you'll have to change some variable names to get things working like the original.
To start, just copy "...\Skins\Elementary\Weather" as "...\Skins\Elementary\Weather2".
At that point you can have two weather skins but they will both use the same location.
So edit settings.txt (in ...\Elementary\~resources) and add a new variable for the second location, like "location2=(someWeatherCode)".
THEN in the copies of the weather skin, you need to change the "URL" line in the [msrCurrent] and [msrForecast] sections so that it uses your new variable.

Hopefully that is clear; if I did not explain in enough detail or you have further questions just ask.  :)
Thanks for the response... Will give it a try.
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This is great, thanks.
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:) (Smile)  Супер! То что надо!!! Спасибо!!!
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