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Elementary 3.0

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for Rainmeter; version 3.1

Simple, text-based Rainmeter skins, for someone who doesn't need to monitor their overclocked 8-core processor, but does want the time and date on their desktop.

How To

:bulletblue: Make sure you have Rainmeter installed (version 4.0 or later).  If you have never used Rainmeter before, you may want to check out some walkthroughs to get familiar with the program, like the Getting Started section of the official manual or this LifeHacker article.
:bulletblue: Download the .rmskin package from the link near the top-right of this page.  Your browser should give you the option to open the file with the Rainmeter Skin Installer, or you can double-click the downloaded file later to open the installer.  In either case, Rainmeter should put all the files in the right places for you.
:bulletblue: After installing, you can launch Elementary skins using Rainmeter's Manage dialog or context menu.
:bulletblue: Check this wiki page for instructions on configuring the skins!

Some of the new stuff

:bulletpurple: I finally updated the weather skin to use the WXData feed rather than the (now borked) Yahoo YQL API
:bulletpurple: Added lots of custom context menu actions for toggling things like 12/24 hour clocks, weather units, and so forth
:bulletpurple: Spotify skin (many thanks to .raptor on the Rainmeter Forums for a snazzy Spotify plugin!)
:bulletpurple: Two new languages: Vietnamese and Brazilian Portuguese
:bulletpurple: Removed the feed skin. It also used the YQL API, which is no longer available.
:bulletpurple: Removed the system search skin. (It complicated the release process and seriously, I just hit the Windows key.)
:bulletpurple: Simplified the folder structure, using the Resources folder less and moving config files that are Included into more than one skin closer to the skin they're used with. Variables which only apply to a single config are now located in that config rather than a central settings file. This should hopefully make editing the skins to your heart's content a bit easier.

Interested in the gritty details? This project is on GitHub, where you can see an exhaustive list of changes by looking at the commit history.

As usual, all constructive criticism, feature suggestions, and bug reports are greatly appreciated. :) However, I won't have a lot of time to keep updating these skins in the future, so responses may be few and far between! The best way to report a bug or request a feature is to use the Issues Page on GitHub (just check for an existing issue with your problem first!)

Let there be Credits!

Primary font is Century Gothic, designed by Monotype Imaging
Secondary font is Futurist Fixed-Width by WSI
Weather data and feed normalization is provided by
- The notes skin is based on Note Paper
- I received much inspiration for upgrades and improvements from ElementaryRMX
- Lua optimizations and fixes
- Beta testing and lots of suggestions and helpful feedback!
- Beta tester and translator (Russian)
- Beta tester and translator (German)
- Translator (French)
- Translator (Dutch)
- Translator (Vietnamese)
- Translator (Brazilian Portuguese)
- Translator (Bahasa Indonesia)
- Spotify plugin
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SetsunaHakanaiNew Deviant

Weather and Spotify widget are not working. o(TヘTo)

Imma eat pizza lol

Official-Wamy's avatar

weather not working....

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dotrung1992New Deviant

The skin simple and works great for me. I like the font you use. Thank you.

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tojibaevNew Deviant

I couldn't dowload it at all.☹️

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ChanbishNew Deviant

Hey the spotify plugin is not showing song is it auto sync to the spicify addon or do i have to do somthing ?

Devilart09's avatar

there is no file in the download button .. can you help?

tienbuithanh04's avatar

Why the spotify media cant show the duration and name of the playlists, although still can next, play, prev. does anyone suffer with this problem, and how to solve this problem

Help plz :((

vR-17's avatar

Is the weather continue working?

Very nice setup, thanks for your development.

D01010010's avatar

Just what I was looking futuristic look essential feels 2020 now and yes the weather is changing

viazix's avatar

my spotify plugin works but only shows nothing in the title and wouldn't start unless i open spotify

kyanS05's avatar

Anyone knows how to display the weather? Cuz mine didn't show up.

IanAhaha's avatar

i downloaded it and it deleted all my other rainmeter skins.... WTF

Derethil1's avatar

Is there a config option to resize this entire skin? It's very small and I'd like it to be the centerpiece.

V1olentK1sSes's avatar

Just curious if anyone else's weather is broken.

Checked the settings deleted and redownloaded elementary and tried resetting the code without luck :(

G1ffy's avatar

The weather service that all these skins are using (including others and not just this one) has shutdown.*&dayf=3&unit=#tempunit# <This is the weather service most plugins are using and if you click on it, it gives a deprecated message. I'm still trying to find a working skins myself that actually has a working weather.

V1olentK1sSes's avatar

Yeah I figured this, thanks for the reply though

K1961's avatar

" The requested topic does not exist. "

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TheRealGringo's avatar

Weather info stop working. URL parse return the following error:

This service is deprecated as of 01/15/2020

newworldpuck's avatar

My weather skin stopped working also. Hope this is being looked into as it is one of my favorite skins.

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