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Duck Duck Search



Duck Duck Search

A Rainmeter search skin

This skin does what it says on the tin: search via [link]

Left click, enter terms, and hit "Enter" to search; middle click to change between Light and Dark versions.

Also includes a version without the red duck logo.

If you're having trouble with the middle-click functionality, open the skin .ini, and (re)set the @Include= to "" (it's right at the top in the [Rainmeter] section).

If you haven't heard of Duck Duck Go, it's the search engine that doesn't:
:bulletpurple: Track your searches
:bulletpurple: Filter your results based on your previous searches ("bubbling")
:bulletpurple: Target you with ads
...and does:
:bulletblue: Accept !bang syntax to search all of these sites directly: [link]
:bulletblue: Have "zero click" info at the top of search pages
:bulletblue: (Optionally) link you to SSL page versions of results
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Works perfectly. Luv u.