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Do I Need a Jacket?


"Do I Need a Jacket?"

Yet another Rainmeter weather skin

"A simple, straightforward interpretation of the weather - It's like having your mom on your desktop!"

New beta version here: Do I Need a Jacket? 2.0 (beta)

All credit for the idea goes to:
However, the skin does not actually use that website. The skin parses current weather info from Yahoo! Weather and does the math in the skin. The only downside to this - Y! Weather does not provide wind gusts data, which is important for a skin like this.

On mouseover, the skin shows three buttons for the Settings.txt file, Refresh, and the Readme file. Please refer to the readme ("info.rtf") for explanations of all the variables in Settings.txt and instructions on how to find your Yahoo! weather location code.

Looks like Yahoo! made some changes to their weather page, and removed the RSS button. The feed still works, but you can't go from the forecast page to the RSS feed to wind your Yahoo/ WOEID. In the US, instead of using your WOEID, you should just be able to use your ZIP code. For those outside the US, try this:
- Go to (the Weather Channel) and search for your location, preferably using a city and country.
- On the page for your location, look at the URL bar. It should be something like this: htt.p://
- The sequence of eight letters and numbers near the end of the URL, between the last "/" and the ":", are that location's WOEID. For instance, Johannesburg, South Africa (the link above) is SFXX0023. Use the WOEID to set your location for the skin as indicated in the README file.
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Nice bro ı love you <3

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thank you very good

Thank for sharing

Looks like this is broken now? Tried using my zipcode and it didn't work, and the url on their website doesn't look like that anymore. :(

Greetings, im from South Africa Johannesburg and was wondering if it works the same way with other rmskns? please get back to me

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Says I need a jacket when it's 85 degrees..
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"It's like having your mom on your desktop!"

Looks like a perfect fit. Thanks
What's the metric wind speed unit?
How do i change the colour of the text from white to black please?
Can anyone help? I input my correct weather code into the settings, but the plugin is stuck on "You need a jacket, It's darn cold out, but not windy". If I mouse over it just says " , wind :". What am I doing wrong?
I am also getting that. I've put in my location like it from and it's 73 degrees and it still says it's "darn cold out" when the coldTemp=50
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Yahoo have updated their API, so the URL that fetches the Data does not work anymore. I'm new with rainmeter so I'm not entirely sure how to fix it either.
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thats my settings when i pressed the little gear icon..
How to change the weather from fahrenheit to celsius
and this is the url from…
how do i put it into this settings?
im new to rainmeter and im having troubles trying to follow the steps from the description
please, can anyone tell me what to replace in this settings text? thank you




font1=Segoe UI Light
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No, don't use that.

You see the following?

Change this variable

If you're in the US:…

If you're in the UK:

Enjoy :D

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But im in Israel
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change it to this



plus, it's palestine, not israhell

Just copy your local area, and put it in the loc=
You're welcome :)
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Hi! I never used Rainmeter before but I was wondering, how do I change the font of this skin that is not a default font? 

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How can i change the color? im really new i want it to be white
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nvm i found out XD
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