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Do I Need a Jacket? 2.0 (beta 2016-04-10)

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"Do I Need a Jacket?"

Because there aren't enough Rainmeter weather skins

Update in progress of the old "Do I Need a Jacket?" skin.
(Last updated 10 April 2016)

Improvements thus far:
:bulletblue: Uses Lua instead of trying to cram logic into the skin file
:bulletblue: Many more adverbs (though it's probably less witty overall)
:bulletblue: Instead of trying to incorporate wind speed into the jacket equation, just checks the Wind Chill temperature value
:bulletblue: Simplified settings: location, English/Metric, jacket temperature threshold, coat temperature threshold
:bulletblue: Can change the size by scrolling the mouse over the skin
:bulletblue: Text alignment (left, right, centered) selectable from the skin context menu

The latest version uses's wxdata feed - you will need a location code.
The code can be found in the URL on the forecast page for your location on, using jsmorley 's WXDataWeather skin, or via

A fix for the old version, which used a Yahoo! weather feed, can be found here:…
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will keep loading because the source data ( ) is broken and says: " This service is deprecated as of 01/15/2020 "

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How can I start up the Weather?

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Broken AF for me too :( Always loading.

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TOPN10Hobbyist Artist

Yeah it does not work anymore.


AKruchov's avatar killed off wxdata, which pretty much all rainmeter weather widgets ran on :( RIP

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I'm sure it's great, but it keeps on loading... forever for me : (

Sad that there will be no updates.

AKruchov's avatar killed off wxdata, which pretty much all rainmeter weather widgets ran on :( RIP

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I checked for mistake it says the service is deprecated. :(

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Thank you for a nice skin. But i have some problems. I can't get it to work with the


If i hover the mousepointer over ... loading... i get the correct location but i don't get

anything else.

Somewhere out that that can help me with this?

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Same here!

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Seems to be broken now - only getting "loading..."

Well, I self-parse…

and I get a lovely message:

"This service is deprecated as of 01/15/2020"

Any ideas, 
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He stop updating the skins (he said it on his Deviant page). You can use this one:

DINAJ (Do I Need A Jacket) 4
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I love this skin!

I've modified it to use it in spanish too if someone is interested.

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edfa Digital Artist


I noticed that user variables are broken for both Fahrenheit and Celsius. This is why the skin will tell us Celsius users to wear coats in 35C heat.


* Go to the file 'dinaj.lua'.

* On line 70: Change the variable props.JacketThreshold into the string: "JacketThreshold" (for you non programmers: remember to keep the quotes).

* Do the same on line 71: props.CoatThreshold should be "CoatThreshold"

* Save file and refresh the skin!

The values you put into dinaj.ini should now load properly.

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when i change the font, the "you don't need a jacket" line gets cut off when aligned to the right. how would i fix this?

the font i am using is "ITC Avant Garde Pro XLt" :)
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nevermind, i figured it out hahah
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SourdendStudent Digital Artist
Any way to change the "It's positively balmy outside" etc? I looked into the .lua but I only see the jacket & coat option? 

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Does anyone know how to make this align right?
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I know this thread might be dead by now, but this skin works fine on initial startup but the second the location code is changed to a non US area it doesnt work, im assuming this is because the readings come from and they have different 'types' of codes based on what region youre in (seriously, the US gets codes like "USNY0996:1:US" while the Australian site gets "f892433d7660da170347398eb8e3d722d8d362fe7dd15af16ce88324e1b96e70", both these codes are for new york

is there a way to change what website it gets its weather reading from?


Okay so the problem is, it has several types of codes it uses, but you only need a certain type
the code you need SHOULD be available if you google " [City]"
Ensure it is still the US site
then the URL should look like : {…}
ensure that there is no regional alterations in the url and make sure that it goes "/weather/today/i/*code*
Using that code it should work

if you're getting a URL thats like: "…
then it means you need to go back to your google search and find a link with the correct code in the URL

hopefully this helps people
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elle0931Hobbyist General Artist

To help in the seach, input " [City]" into google when seaching. It will only give results with in the URL.

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Zaid-SoapHobbyist Interface Designer
a problem it doesnt load properly
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Whenever I try to refresh the skin it does not update it. When I hover over the skin it displays the time like 10:03pm, but when check my time on my computer it says 10:30, meaning it does not update to the exact time. Why is that?
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katheryynHobbyist Digital Artist
i have the same problem with the time. idk how to fix it
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