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Do I Need a Jacket? 2.0 (beta 2016-04-10)


"Do I Need a Jacket?"

Because there aren't enough Rainmeter weather skins

Update in progress of the old "Do I Need a Jacket?" skin.
(Last updated 10 April 2016)

Improvements thus far:
:bulletblue: Uses Lua instead of trying to cram logic into the skin file
:bulletblue: Many more adverbs (though it's probably less witty overall)
:bulletblue: Instead of trying to incorporate wind speed into the jacket equation, just checks the Wind Chill temperature value
:bulletblue: Simplified settings: location, English/Metric, jacket temperature threshold, coat temperature threshold
:bulletblue: Can change the size by scrolling the mouse over the skin
:bulletblue: Text alignment (left, right, centered) selectable from the skin context menu

The latest version uses's wxdata feed - you will need a location code.
The code can be found in the URL on the forecast page for your location on, using jsmorley 's WXDataWeather skin, or via

A fix for the old version, which used a Yahoo! weather feed, can be found here:…
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why doesnt it work? BECAUSE ITS 6 YEARS OLD

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Doesn't work anymore

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says "Failed - no file" on download attempt =[

can yall help me please? I manage to change the location of the skin but it is still loading. What do I do???

will keep loading because the source data ( ) is broken and says: " This service is deprecated as of 01/15/2020 "

How can I start up the Weather?

Broken AF for me too :( Always loading.

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Yeah it does not work anymore.

RIP killed off wxdata, which pretty much all rainmeter weather widgets ran on :( RIP

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Check Sienna, it works and is a very nice skin. Not to detract of the OP's submission here because it is a great concept.

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I'm sure it's great, but it keeps on loading... forever for me : (

Sad that there will be no updates. killed off wxdata, which pretty much all rainmeter weather widgets ran on :( RIP

I checked for mistake it says the service is deprecated. :(

Thank you for a nice skin. But i have some problems. I can't get it to work with the


If i hover the mousepointer over ... loading... i get the correct location but i don't get

anything else.

Somewhere out that that can help me with this?

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Seems to be broken now - only getting "loading..."

Well, I self-parse…

and I get a lovely message:

"This service is deprecated as of 01/15/2020"

Any ideas, 

He stop updating the skins (he said it on his Deviant page). You can use this one:

DINAJ (Do I Need A Jacket) 4
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I love this skin!

I've modified it to use it in spanish too if someone is interested.

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I noticed that user variables are broken for both Fahrenheit and Celsius. This is why the skin will tell us Celsius users to wear coats in 35C heat.


* Go to the file 'dinaj.lua'.

* On line 70: Change the variable props.JacketThreshold into the string: "JacketThreshold" (for you non programmers: remember to keep the quotes).

* Do the same on line 71: props.CoatThreshold should be "CoatThreshold"

* Save file and refresh the skin!

The values you put into dinaj.ini should now load properly.

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when i change the font, the "you don't need a jacket" line gets cut off when aligned to the right. how would i fix this?

the font i am using is "ITC Avant Garde Pro XLt" :)
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nevermind, i figured it out hahah
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