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Rainmeter skins, version 1.0

These are simple roundline and string skins - sort of a combination of my older Circuitous and Simplicity Circles skins. The design doesn't lend itself to things like feed readers and calendars, but there are a lot more skins in the suite than are shown in the preview:

Included skins:

- Battery monitor
- Hard drive space (x3)
- Disk activity (using PerfMon.dll)
- RAM space
- SWAP space
- Upload traffic
- Download traffic
- Wifi monitor
- Media player control using NowPlaying.dll
- CPU (average load and top process)
- CPU cores (x4) (core load and frequency)
- Recycle Bin (size, item count, auto-empty)
- CPU temperature (either CoreTemp or SpeedFan)
- Time and Date
- Volume control
- Weather (using Yahoo! Weather)
- vertical or horizontal background bar
[screenshot showing all the skins included in the suite]

Skin settings can be easily changed using the Config.ini skin


Bernd Montag - Sansation font
Yahoo! Weather - weather data
smurfier - Lua wizard
Kaelri - @include-fu
jsmorley - RegExp guru
gronostajo - SimplyRound skin
lalibi - Etheldrede Pantone
amc242 - beta tester
ionstorm01 - beta tester

More info/Help me/How to:

Try the ReadMe file first. You can open it from the Config.ini skin, and it is located at right in the skin root folder.
I also am maintaining a "FAQ" journal entry for these skins, for answers that I expect to repeat a lot or for semi-complicated things that need a long answer.
If the ReadMe and FAQ don't cover it, then fire away in the comments - I'll answer any question I can.

Many thanks everyone who helped beta test these skins, and I hope you all enjoy the final product. As usual, bug reports, feature suggestions, and constructive criticism are all greatly appreciated.

Hyrax out. :wave:
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damnitdavidNew Deviant

It would be nice if it didnt unload all my other skins when i installed it... thanks...

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mirapuedovolar2New Deviant


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mirapuedovolar2New Deviant


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camper4411New Deviant

god d+

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camper4411New Deviant

god god

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yorelagdipaNew Deviant

its nice

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lock7090New Deviant

For the drive Activity it states:

"By default, the skin measures across all disks. This can be changed by editing the "PerfMonInstance" value in the skin." Can anyone tell me what the values are that I would edit it to?

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Despite its age, this remains the only Rainmeter skin I keep on using. Thank you.

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Every time the cpu skin updates it lags the rest of my rainmeter any fixes?

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After a bit of testing, just remove the "[mTopProc]" section from the .ini and you're good to go. I suggest changing the "[subtext]" too!

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Super Cool.Like

richard127gm's avatar

Great skins, I have been using for years now. However, I find that, although I can adjust the width of the vertical background bar, I have never been able to change the height and it falls a good bit short of the screen depth, looking a bit odd. Am I missing something obvious? Or can someone advise? Thanks.

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Perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

parzival82's avatar

great work !!! - how can i add more hard drives?

TisBeABruhMoment's avatar

Any chance of adding GPU?

iscanore's avatar

Perfect tnx

Randal-fr's avatar

Thank you so much. It's perfect !

jhh69's avatar

Looks great! But Weather does not work.

richard127gm's avatar

Nobody's weather skins work at the moment as has been deprecated. Only weather skins I can find that work are those using Nova Weather.

exclamation-mark's avatar

Love it - thank you very much!

CyborgJesus16's avatar

I've searched through like every file but I can't seem to find out how to move the text over on the clock widget. I would like to move the time text and the date text over to the left/right more so its farther away from the circle. Anybody know how?

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Hey dude, i love the skin, but the download seems to be missing the " CPU (average load and top process)" skin.

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