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Binary Clock

By FlyingHyrax
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Binary Clock

a Rainmeter clock skin

If you don't know binary, see this Wikipedia article for how to read the time using these skins: [link]

The package includes four versions - binary-coded decimal in HH/MM/SS or HH/MM, and binary-coded sexagecimal (base 60) in H/M/S or H/M. Because the skin is displayed using only Roundline meters (no static images), the sizes, spacing, and colors are all adjustable; use the file "...Skins\Binary_Clock\Appearance.txt" to change the settings.
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Super cool!

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Hey I uploaded your Clock to Wikipedia and I like it so much

Binary Clock by flyinghyrax in wiki  by Zarvis12  
And my desktop looks like this

Screenshot 2 by Zarvis12  

Can I your wallpaper ?

Is there anyway i can rotate it?
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This is soooo cool! Thank you so much =)
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Glad you like it!  :)
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Been looking for one of these for a while. Thanks Hyrax. It's awesome.
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How can i get this wallpaper? (left to the pink one)
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Unfortunately I cannot find the original artist - but you can grab that wallpaper here:
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For anyone wondering how to make it a 12hr clock, just replace %H with %I near the top of the .ini

Great skin. Seems a lot like mine [link] , but your coding is so much better, and the dots are populated programatically. I'd like to be able to do this, but rotated 90 degrees clockwise. Some Day.
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Thanks jadawgis. :)
I took the approach I did so that the skin would be more flexible - there were already several nice binary clocks available (like yours/helkin's), but using images is harder to customize.
It shouldn't be too hard to rotate it - it might even be easier than the original since the X starting position for all of the one's place circles will be the same. (If you want a little more insight into how my scaling calculations worked, scroll down to the Auto Scaling section in here: [link])
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Oh, wow! Thanks so much for documenting the creation of this skin. I always wonder how people find the time to be so helpful. I'm not sure I understand any better now, but I sure do appreciate it! Keep it up!
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this is pretty cool .... you are wonderful on this~!!! (sorry about my english) !!!
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Thanks srtaperez! :)
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nice...very nice
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Thanks very much. :)
how do you change the colors on it?
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Hi Anonymous57,
Use the file "...\Rainmeter\Skins\Binary_Clock\Appearance.txt" "Hour0" is the color for the hour dots when inactive, "Hour1" is the color for the hour dots when active, and so on for the minutes and seconds. The color codes work like this: Rainmeter Manual - Color Codes
So to change the color for the "lit" minutes, change "Min1=0,0,0,200" to "Min1=(whatever numbers you want)", save the file, and refresh the clock skin.
Hope that helps. :)
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Hi! I realy, realy loved the skin and idea and i decided to try to make few similar binnary widgets, but everything I`ve managed to do is date widget(on the left) [link]
So could anyone help me to make such a tho-lines widget for CPU or RAM?
The skin is fucking awesome
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Glad you like the skins. :)
I've been really busy recently and things will be pretty crammed for a few weeks with schoolwork, but if you haven't figured it out yet when I get some free time, I'll have a go at it and post some code. Should be pretty simple depending on how you want to represent the numbers.
That would be great. I`m totally confused with creating that skin cuz i have no idea how does the algorythm work. I just need e template. The suite witth various binnary widgets including, prohably, teperature otside etc. would look totally unusual and cool
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Back over thanksgiving break I wrote this up, including a fairly brief explanation of the math.
The semester is almost over for me, so in a week or two from now I can post a more thorough examination of the algorithm and some example code, but still busy right now.
Thanks for your patience. :)
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