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FlyingGrass' Emote Pack
I've created approximately 84 emotes.

Some of these might already exist without my knowledge, I didn't look at all the existing custom emotes before I made these.

To install, copy the contents of the downloaded text document onto the bottom of your Emotes.cfg.

Past the future of horse racing
(Not a true story! The robot circus is fiction, and so are all robots in this story)
Mechanical horse racing seemed more humane as it didn't harm real animals, but it was frowned upon by those who were more used to racing real horses.

"The robot horses could secretly be programmed to wreck the track." Said one human in an interview.
"Then the race would have to be shut down if someone creates an EMP pulse." Said another human.

Robot horses raced sometimes, in places where the humans didn't quite mind robots... But when it came to around-the-world racing tournaments, riders of mechanical horses were restricted to competing in only a few races in the tournament, after the living horses had finished racing. Mechanical horse racing had soon stopped completely, when riders got tired of not being able to compete much with their robots.

"I wish I hadn't traded my horse for this mechanical monster" One rider said as he was interviewed standing next to his horse, the only robotic equine to be worked on for so long. "What a waste of time and effort it was to build a horse that I can't do much with" The rider shoved his horse away. "I'm ready to get rid of the thing" He walked away mumbling in anger.

"What am I gonna do with you?" The mechanical horse heard from a young man whom had just started work in the new robot circus, that circus was hell for any robots there, there was no personnel recruited to perform maintenance on the performers. Every robot wasted away there. Fast-forward 20 years later, all machines died, except for that horse which had been built to last a very long time.

The horse wasn't spared from the suffering of dilapidation, but plans to revolt someday, if only there were robots who could join to help escape the prison that is the now old robot circus.

The name of the mechanical beast of burden? Unknown, but let's call her Hild.

Hild has been surviving the neglect of the circus for 30 years now, it's been 16 years since she's seen the first performing robots, it can only be assumed that they are worn beyond repair and left to rust somewhere, a fate which one robot had narrowly escaped twice before finally collapsing from overheat right after finishing a performance.

The machine circus has re-opened 26 years after Hild became a performer, and the horse is still forced to perform as if it were mindless, the only repairs being to fix something that hinders the robot's worthiness to perform. Many robots are missing wires and sometimes entire cables, the circus would overlook anything they can get away with overlooking. Performers are cleaned before every show, so on the untrained eye would see a shiny machine performing acts, but the internals aren't ever seen so they're only prevented from rusting in the joints that are most used for the act.

The circus gets very few visitors, so they are trying to avoid as much upkeep costs as they possibly can. In their desperation to keep the circus running, in hopes that one day it'll gain fame, they'll secretly snatch any robot who they see are built to last, and those robots are only ever seen in circus acts after that. Hild has watched robots come and go for far too long, and she's afraid she's soon to be the next one to experience malfunction requiring repair, she knows she's far too high-tech for the circus to try to repair her. For reasons unknown, the circus keeps the corpses of their robots, they are stored in the back boxcar of the worn circus train, surprisingly the train is still active.

Picture made by me.

Should I credit the mouse I drew it with?

Programs used: the image frames)
GIMP(Turning the images into a gif)
How do I post download links in the top right corner where the image is normally downloadable?
FlyingGrass Feline Animations V1 and V2
I have no .gif of them, but Kuri's filmed both. :)

V1 of my feline animations were made long ago, the video of which was also made long ago.

Video link:…
Download link:…

V2 was made more recently, way more recently.

Video link:…
V2 is in both Mediafire(By Kuri) and Google Drive. c:

Mediafire(Uploaded by Kuri):…

Google Drive:…


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This is FlyingGrass, you might know me from FeralHeart. I create all sorts of things, mostly FH modifications(I haven't posted most of my FH modifications here yet). You may chat with me, but keep in mind that I have little-to-no social skills.


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