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battletech Marauder in swamp

a battletech marauder (Or Macross officer pod, whichever you prefer) deep in a swamp
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Reminds me a bit of the third chapter in Vic Milan's BT novel Close Quarters, where a mercenary scout tries to single-handedly stalk a Marauder in a swamp before being thwarted by some friendly artillery fire...
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Really cool image thnx
Wonderfully organic.
ScorpioPilot's avatar
The Marauder was always my favorite. I like the steady glow of the ppc's, there. Are those dragons in the sky?
Darkton93's avatar
Great to see more artwork of the unseen. We really could stand more of those.

UncleSickey's avatar
I sure hope he/she can get back to the dropship; but it seems it's another case of 'little lost Marauder' to me (don't cry, I've been there myself many times).
Steel-Raven's avatar
God, I love that mech!
Prefer Marauder (my favorite mech) - nice job
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Marauder (1 and 2) are my favorite BattleTech mechs.
Professor420's avatar
Great atmosphere you've created in this one. I feel like I'm trudging through the swamp as well!
ninj4s's avatar
wow... my favourite mech just got better...
Very impressive, great work.
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Dude I love Gal- uh.... I mean Marauders!!!

Cool lighting and everything in the swamp, 'specially with all the 'mech's lights and whatnot =]
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God, there's nothing I dislike about this piece. The color, the setting, it just works out great.
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the Marauder has always been one of my favs, way back since Mechwarrior 2 on Windows 98. especially since it had THREE PPCs attached to it! XD
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This is awesome! Superb work!
sub-zero-my-master's avatar
You defanitly know your 'Mechs!
Very very nice design approach. Clours are great and the scenery really fits.
Makes me wish FASA had let people like you make the drawings for their Battletech-Line.
ClawOfClanWolf's avatar
exelent job! looks great!
DoomGraphics's avatar
Damn this is great.
The lights coming from the marauder Just adds the pepper to the soup.
Awesome work
TRYCORP's avatar
Wow, if my firm ever needs art work. (Which we may in the future.) I'm coming back here.
holy shit that is a lot of nice detail
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