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Uller, Variant A

I remembered today that a while back someone had wanted to see me draw an Uller mech from battletech. Pictured is the A. Variant of the uller, featuring a gauss rifle and 2 medium extended range lasers.
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I used this for Uller A Kit Fox [link]
lookie there its flying debris on DA. still loving your work man
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sweet, you remembered the comm masts, no one ever remembers to put the damn antenna on the Uller
Awesome stuff. Check out my page if you like battletech literature.
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So freaking amazing! So much detail, perfect shading, however, I think the right arm of the Uller is a little...thin....I mean, an arm that thin would never be able to support a hand like that! But otherwise, awesome job! :)
That Uller's what the Hollander dreamed to become when it was a kid.
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Ahhh..a lovely little package with a nice big 'Fuck You' waiting for someone's cockpit.
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Awesome. Love the Uller and the Mad Cat in the background. Great job.
A truly awesome picture. The only way it could be better would be if the dirty Clanners were losing.
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hey, those could be Wolf-in-exile guys ;) they're IS friendly
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You never disappoint, do you? A favorite mech, a favorite configuration of said mech? Fav'd.
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Battletech, huh? That looks like a Mad Cat in the background. It's simplistic, and visceral. Great work!
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God yes. I wish there was more mechwarrior in the world...
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i googled 'uller mech' and your picture was on the first page. congrats.
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and a mad cat in the background, very nice indeed
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I've never seen the Uller look as evil as it does in that picture.
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Holy... this is just totally cool, like one of the best battletech fanart I've ever seen in my whole life...

Could you please teach me how to do these things (well pencil lineart at least)?
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OMG! "Submitted: March 11, 2007" and i found it only now! Where were my eyes..

Excellent! One of my favorite lightweights!

Instant :+fav:

Btw, it bears Clan Wolf markings, so it should be called Kit Fox Alpha instead of Uller-A, quiaff?
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Yeah! My Favorite variant for my Favorite Clan! Awesome! Well Done!
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The Kit Fox has always been one of my favorite light 'mechs. And look at that, Clan Wolf markings. I could not be more pleased.
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