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TRO Prototypes Cover

Cover for the Battletech Technical Readout prototypes done for Catalyst Game Labs featuring a ultra ac10 sporting hunchback in a hangar.

Funny story
Cover links all the way back to that fan drawing i did many years back of the Hunchback in the snow in a round about way.

-Make hunchback fanart for shits and giggles.
-Years later starting doing official BT stuff, asked to repurpose fanart, make updated version.
-Art director, Brent Evans canonizes that specific appearance of the Hunchback with a new variant.
-End up making a cover featuring that variant.
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Incredible, as always.
Docterantuala's avatar
Wow! Your work is incredible! I am awestruck!! So inspirational!
Wonderful piece of work!!!!
NRGart7's avatar
I have this big motherf***er mecha as wallpaper on my laptop!!
INSANE DUDE!! :chainsaw:
raimenaken's avatar
Love your art...
Astonishing master piece of work. Did you take some inspiration from Gears of Wars...? Doesn't matter, this is wonderful.
archerapple's avatar
wizardofosmond's avatar
The road to success is paved with Hunchbacks!
shadow7128's avatar
I'm gonna guess 4 AC/2 as opposed to one AC/20.....if MW4 values are to be trusted then AC/2s are no less than 8 tons is there room for anything else in this thing?
prdarkfox's avatar
It is either an Ultra/AC or a Rotary Autocannon.
shadow7128's avatar
A:holy hell that is a username I did not expect to see
B:rotary makes sense to me, I hadn't considered it
prdarkfox's avatar
A: A username you did not expect to see? Do you know (of) me from somewhere?
B: In his concept art for the Cicada in MechWarrior Online, he did a similar weapon pod on the torso which is an Ultra AC/5. I wouldn't be surprised if this piece is an Ultra AC/10 or a Rotary AC/5.
shadow7128's avatar
A:waaaay old webcomic I found on TWC, was fairly good
B:also true, I generally wouldn't expect the barrels of a rotary to be arranged in a square though
prdarkfox's avatar
Heh. Still surprised to be recognised.
GODzillaGSPB's avatar
I LOVE the Hunchback (and especially its design) in MWO but this...THIS I WANT! :D Make it real, please! *g*
jdlr64's avatar
Very nice! Love the shading.
This is great! My favorite out of them all. Any chance this will be available for print, I would really love to adorn my wall with this beautiful artwork!?
Awesome story, It's nice to see a fanwork (even if modified) make it first and front of a cover.
Raoz-Spaz's avatar
BATTLETECH! Nice. It is always good to find another fan, even if it is randomly discovered.

Looks to me like that poor Hunchback is really needing those repairs. Even if they are just touch ups. And bite it, I'm curious. What weapon is that on the left arm. It looks like some sort of laser, maybe even a PPC. Care to tell OwO
fidgetlilmeg12's avatar
I'm teaching a friend in Romania to play Battletech TCG over skype, so I decided to modernize all of the cards. I used your art for Accelerated Turnaround here. :) [link]
dbxkilla's avatar
love the design the hunchback is a nice touch
Davidpoet30's avatar
may i use this in a story and a game
Awesome work there. Love it!
Radwulf1975's avatar
This is the first and only Hunchback I find beautiful !!!
Great work. ;)
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