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Published: October 3, 2016
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Design for Chris Ings
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Black-KnyghtHobbyist Digital Artist
LOVE quads, and this wee beastie is a BEAUTY!
TrainDodger's avatar
TrainDodgerHobbyist General Artist
That's amazing. You're amazing. Holy shit.

I love your stuff. I love the mech designs in MWO/BTech. Keep on truckin', good sir.
Hawk819's avatar
Hawk819Hobbyist Writer
If only. . . . 
Mechazoidfallen's avatar
Ive always wondered why there haven't been more quadruped mech designs like this. Its has a much lower profile then a biped, can easily crouch to have the profile of a traditional tank, and carry heavier weapons then any bipedal mech could on its back.
CommStar's avatar
Is this from BattleTech? I could swear there was a Mech in it with the same name.
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KhaledAlTurkHobbyist General Artist
i think its from mechwarrior
caspatrofaal's avatar
i think you might be confusing it with the kitfox. 
KhaledAlTurk's avatar
KhaledAlTurkHobbyist General Artist
it looks like a modified version of it
caspatrofaal's avatar
probably not, on a sidenote: mechwarrior and battletech share the same universe.
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TechShiftZeiroHobbyist Traditional Artist
Just beautiful
Stargazzer811's avatar
Stargazzer811Hobbyist Artist
That looks like a Large Laser and pair of Guass rifles for armament.
LoricTheMad's avatar
And a pair of mediums under the chin.
Stargazzer811's avatar
Stargazzer811Hobbyist Artist
I noticed. I actually am working on a TRO style entry for this one.
Elven-Avenger's avatar
There is an IS version of it, I made it an 85 ton assault mech.

Then here is the IIC version of it

Not sure if you made something similar to it or not.
Stargazzer811's avatar
Stargazzer811Hobbyist Artist
Not quite as detailed as I lay my entries out a bit different from actual TRO style (mostly just rough data in a list with a description). That said the assault weight of 85 tons is right on the mark for what I chose.

Its not too heavy, but with dual Gauss as a quad, which already have smaller pod space, higher tonnage made more since, as higher tonnage = more space generally. Not always the case of course. That said I didn't make it IS, I made it Clan, being as I am a Nova Cat at heart. So 2 M-7 Gauss Rifles. 2 ER Larges and 2 Medium pulses. Got a few different variants laying around as well
spacewolflord's avatar
This looks AWESOME. 
earchetype's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous work!  Now if only the Circus would open. Then some beauties like the Stalking Spider (or, for Juodas, the Scorpion) could see the sunlight for once. :\
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I saw this and I thought: "Quads coming to MWO!"

And them I saw the "Design for Chris Ings".. :(
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flyingdebrisProfessional Digital Artist
the problem with quads is that unlike bipedal mechs, the terrain would actually influence how high or low they could aim by virtue of their horizontal arrangement.  which would cause no shortage of complications
LoricTheMad's avatar
And here I was thinking of how the Swedish S-Tank could change the elevation of its gun by adjusting its tracks. Stable platform for artillery and missiles I guess.
Odanan's avatar
You are right. I didn't thought about that... :/
Heretic1311's avatar
That looks like a redesign for MWO, stylewise.
Since MWO does not have melee combat, they could do quadruped mechs...
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Hamano09Hobbyist Digital Artist
So cool!!
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thevampiredioProfessional Digital Artist
awesome doggo tank!!!:D
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