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Steampunk hardware.

a good guy robot, and evil robot, and an old timey steam powered bike
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could i use this as inspiration for a world I'm trying to build for a school project?

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Love that Bike! :D
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Do you wish you had an airship to?
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nice details and design!
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Neat designs man!
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Woooow... so cool!
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Out of curiosity, are they called robots if they don't have electricity, or are they called automatons?
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The terms robot and automatons have no correlation with their source of energy.  Rather a robot is defined by being able to do a task using AI, while an automaton is more basic as it can only go off of set instructions.  However, sSome people will incorrectly use these terms interchangeably.  Hope this helped! :)
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Badass design
I actually had a similar idea to use for game development
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metaphorically speaking. :D (Big Grin) 
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You just pushed R2-D2 out of a window and replaced him with a solid gold edition!
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that bike is such a cool idea Coot pepput 
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The amount of detail is mind-blowing! Also robot😃
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Amazing job, dude! Love it.Heart 
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Hi, these are great! Do you allow usage for artist trading cards? Nothing for sale, of course, just trading.
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