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Skirmisher Mech



I wanted to design a relatively light mecha type vehicle that was thin and agile, armed with weapons that would allow it to effectively fight infantry, light vehicles, other mecha of around its size, and low atltitude VTOL craft.

The pilot rides in a detachable armored pod that is attached to the back.

The right pod has an armored missle launcher holding 3 missles ready and 12 more in reserve. The launcher is able to fire multiple types of missles depending on what it was loaded with prior to deployment

on the nose pod is a 25mm vulcan cannon and a drum of 2600 caseless rounds. In case of a fall or collision, the nose pod and some of the more sensitive sensor gear will retract, sliding backwards under the protuding fusilage.

on the left pod is an 85mm autocannon with 120 rounds

The long spindly arms are normally kept folded at the sides when not in combat. Their main use is prop up the rest of the mech in case of a fall, to prevent a fall, to pick up important objects, or for heavy lifting.

The legs are a unique in that they have two modes of operation. The midlegs can be locked under the thighs for a shorter profile and more stability at the cost of speed (as is evident in the picture) or they can be unfolded for greater agility and speed, but creating a taller target and causing less stability.

The entire setup is controlled by a mixture of artificial intelligences, pilot neural impulses, and manual controls.
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Very nice dude! Really gives out a light feel