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Scout Droid

Design I did for 2dArtist Magazine.

supposed to be a scout droid of some sort.
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This one is my favorite :-)
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incredible skills!
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love it!!! nice and gritty... love the sloped shoulders, and the radar dish/sonar pod looking attachments to the back... really conveys the 'scout' part of it... you can really see it scanning and transmitting the metrics of the battlefield....
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Totally love your work.
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That's awesome mate
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If thats the scout, I'd hate to meet the Juggernaut...
Your work is amazing!
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So... cool... >tear<
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woooaaahhhhh!!!! that is sweeet!
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Oh this would be awesome in a film to vaguely reminds me of a deception but better ;]
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that is bloody awesome
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Very impressive!
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Awesomeness. The gritty look reminds me of the art style from the first Ghost in The Shell movie. Also, I love the awkward shoulder joints. They seem very Cold War Russian in design.

One of the things I love about your style is your ability to make machinery look worn and battle-hardened. To me, hardware seems more reliable if it looks like it tumbled down a few cliffs.
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MAN!Whao do you draw this kind of stuff for?Game designers?Frackin' awesome!
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I love your design but what I like most is the kind of faded look that reminds me of old 70s and 80s magazine illustrations. Such a great effect, I hope you continue to use it.
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